Wingardium Levio–-sa?

Word Count: 162

The Charms classroom, so usually full of the Crack!s Bang!s, and Snap!s of backfired spells and sketchy wandwork, fell abruptly silent.

All heads were turned toward the third row, eyes fixated on the same thing, or to be more accurate, the same person.

Professor Flitwick, perched, as usual on his stack of three or four precariously set books, turned his head, not at the commotion but at the weighing silence. When he saw what the object of the class's curiosity was, he toppled over in complete surprise, managing a squeak as he fell.

When he reemerged, for once not aided by his students because of the fact that they were all still staring in wonder at the head resting on the desk, he gestured vaguely at the seated figure, a look of incredulity still present on his wizened face.

Taking his cue, some ventured forth uncertainly still not believing their eyes.

For the first time ever, Hermione had fallen asleep in class.