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Scorpius cautiously followed his friends out of the train, there were more young witches and wizards then he had ever seen before in his life, it excited him and frightened him at the same time. The little bit of confidence he had had on the train with only Rose, Albus, and Sophia seemed to have faded away. Scorpius hadn't realized how many people would be at the school, he was a shy person because he had not been with many people his age, and the numbers of young people here almost overwhelmed him. Standing timidly next to Sophia, he watched students walk past him, laughing and talking. As he was taking everything in, Scorpius noticed that Albus and Rose were waving to a very large man. This man was taller and wider then any other that he had ever seen.

"Firs' years, over here, firs' years," he heard him call out, so Scorpius and Sophia followed Albus and Rose over to the man. When they got there the man was talking excitedly to Albus and Rose, mostly asking about their families from what Scorpius could here. When Rose saw Scorpius and Sophia, she turned around, and pulled them next to her.

"This is Hagrid, he's the gamekeeper here, and he teaches Care of Magical creatures," She said, pointing to Hagrid "and Hagrid, this is Scorpius and Sophia, they are new friends of Al and I, we met them on the train."

Hagrid's eyes first traveled to Sophia's face, and he smiled at her, but he stopped when he saw Scorpius, and frowned, almost looking confused. Scorpious looked down at his feet, and shifted nervously, he knew what was coming, and his heart sank, he just wanted this friend of Albus and Rose to like him.

"Are you a Malfoy?" he asked, curiously, and Scorpius looked up nodded, not meeting his eyes, but Hagrid shrugged and said "Well, nice to meet yeh both," before calling out for all the first years to come near him. The crowd around them was thinning out, and it seemed like most of the first years were present, so Hagrid began down a narrow path.

"All righ', keep up" he said, glancing back at the group of eleven year olds following him. Scorpius walked down the path next to Sophia, Rose and Albus were in front of him talking to Hagrid.

"This is really exciting, isn't it?" Sophia asked, turning towards him slightly, "I still can't believe that this all real. I've never been this lucky before, it just seems too good to be true."

"Well it isn't," Scorpius said "we are going to Hogwarts and we will be there very soon now."

Sophia laughed shakily, and Scorpious looked over at her, noticing that she actually looked scared, "I know, but it still seems like when we get there, someone will tell me that there was some sort of mistake, and send me back home, and that would be the worst thing of all."

"Don't worry," Scorpius reassured "it will be great, my parents have told me all sorts of stories about their time at Hogwarts, we are really going to have a lot of fun here."

Sophia smiled, but there wasn't time to say anything else because the path opened into a wider area, and Hogwarts came into view. Scorpius couldn't help himself from whispering wow, and he heard Sophia gasp. Hogwarts was a castle with many towers and windows; it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. Already, Scorpius knew that he would like Hogwarts.

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