Naruto the Gundam container

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Pairing Naruto x Kin x Temari and Kida and Hinata.


As the seiling of the demon was about finished something went wrong an interdimensional portal opened up and destroyed the creatures soul which would be a good thing but it also brought something new to that world that would be seald instead of the demon it brought the abandoned Wing Zero Gundam to that world. Now Naruto has Zero inside of him but people still think he has the demon fox inside of him. How will Naruto's life change now that he has Wing Zero inside of him?

Chapter 1

The power of Wing Zero and leaving the village.

Naruto is a seven-year-old boy he has blond hair that is very spiky and dark blue eyes that have just a hint of green in them. He also has a green jewel in the center of his chest. He is currently running for his life from his own villagers. As he was running he could hear the villagers yell at him.

"Get back here demon."

"Today's the day we kill you."

'Yeah prepare to die."

As he is running the villagers are joined by local shnodi.

They start throwing various implements at him some are missing but the majority of them are heating him in his back only to bounce off harmlessly off of his skin which is tougher than any steel.

He soon runs down alleyway and finds himself at a dead end. Turning around he sees the villagers and ninjas closing in on him. As their closing he closes his eyes and gets ready to accept his fate. After he closed his eyes his mind is flooded by hundreds of images and information. The images and information are of possible ways to defend himself or escape routes. Soon it becomes too much for him and he lets out a bloodcurdling scream. He then opened his eyes which are now completely green and are glowing and people could see his chest the green jewel on it would also be glowing green. He then starts to concentrate then out of nowhere appears a large double barreled rifle grabbing hold of a weapon Naruto takes aim at the crowd and prepares to open fire.

The weapons barrels start to glow with energy as it is charging up. As it is charging Naruto addresses the crowd.

"I don't know what I ever did wrong to you people but I'm not going to take it anymore." He said as he continues to point the weapon at them he then shouts at them."NOW DIE YOU BASTARDS"

He then pulls the weapons trigger. A large column of yellow energy races out of the gun and towards the crowd. The yellow pillar of energy hits the crowd and begins to vaporized them all. After it was finished with them the column of energy continues until it hits several buildings that were behind the crowd and destroys them all completely there then is a loud explosion a long with a bright flash of light.

After the light dies down there is no sign of the mod or the buildings.

Naruto after he was finished let go of the weapon which then vanished into thin air. After it was gone he once again closed his eyes and was once again bombarded by information this time it was about what to do after he did what he did. After a while he decided he would follow the path that would lead him from the village.

Opening his eyes he makes his way out of the village and into the world.

End of Chapter.