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Sky High: The New Year and The New Breed


The 2nd year for those who saw the rebirth of Royal Pain and her capture and the near destruction of the school by Gwen evil plan only to be stopped by Will Stronghold.

With a new year, a new breed of Superbeing has arrived for there the first year of Sky High.


The original characters and their families belong to me, so do the powers. The movie Sky High and its characters, anything owned by Marvel or DC, and anything else that I happen to mention that is copyrighted is not mine.

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Original characters:

Name: Powers: Class Year: School Rank:

Marcus Cain Telepathic and Reality Warp Freshmen Hero

Rai (Gwen Grayson) Enhanced Technopath Freshmen Hero

Draco Sylvan Resistance to physical injury and Superhuman Strength Freshmen Hero

Rage designation Touch Freshmen Hero

Anna Hawk Enhanced Teleported Freshmen Hero

Inferno Enhanced Pyrokinetic Freshmen Hero