After Power Placement, the students paired off into their groups and headed to their homerooms. But first, they saw their counselors where they received schedules. Will notice Rai was looking back at him with almost a bedroom gaze as she leaned against Marcus' shoulder. For a moment it gave him a small thrill, but he didn't know why but those thoughts dissipated as he felt Layla's hand clasp his and the two-new student vanishes around the corner.

Marcus said under his breath so only Rai could hear his words since she was so close. "If I were a jealous man when it came to you my dear Rai young Will would have problems. But If your extra fun here interferes with my plans I don't have to remind you of what my real power does I?"

Rai (Gwen) Shivered at the thought of what Marcus could do if he were displeased and the only fact he was acting as a student was to gain access to the school and not to cause destruction now. He even altered member of his legion ever so normal telepaths couldn't read their minds. So, underline threats like this were never a real worry for him.

As the hero group came to the counselor's office, Rai knocked at the door. The door slid open, and a creature with a fish bowl for a head on a reptilian female body draped in metallic cloth appeared. She was a former hero from Atlantis who retired after an injury during a battle with a villain. She gave everyone a smile and then produced a scanner and proceeds to scan each of the student id cards before their personal school PDA started to beep as their schedules loaded onto them. Each student looked at their PDA to see that unlike previous years that heroes and sidekick had classes were being run together. But also based off their powers the schedules were more tailored towards to achieving the maximum amount of control over one's powers.

Marcus and Rai both saw that most of their power related classes were in different areas of the school as their powers were so different, so they made plans to update one another when they did have class. The other also made a note of when they saw each other so they could pass along the information that they gathered. Once everything was in order, everyone went to their homeroom where they met with Professor Medulla. This was a surprise to one re-enrolling student, and that was evident by the look on her face for Marcus as he took his seat.

Most of the students took out notebooks and jotted down the few things that Medulla went over from telling the students rules, ideas and helpful things to keep in mind as they moved ahead in their hero or side kick careers and how he would be happy to give anyone one consoling. After about thirty minutes of students talking among each other's while some others spoke with Medulla the students all got up and began to file out of the classroom and move on to their next classes. For the first day, everything was pretty easy going for the freshmen, but of course, people talked about what had happened near the end of the previous last year and how the school had changed because of it. Marcus and his crew gathered at lunch the six of them sat down on the grass to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. Marcus opened his paper bag and pulled out a can of RC cola and tapped it with his nail as the other ate their lunches. He then cracks open his can and took a sip before saying to the group. "Did any of you see what I'm looking for?"

There was a pause in the eating as the others looked at their leader; they all shook their heads no and return to eating so to not draw any undue attention. Marcus didn't expect much on their first day and as long as his people kept with their acts and didn't let their true nature show they have all time they needed to get the artifact hidden inside of the school and maybe even recruit a few more members from the student body. After their lunches were eaten the group lounge for a few moments.

Rai laid her head-on Marcus lap; she closed her eyes and begun to relax as she felt his hand begin to stroke her hair as he watched Anna, Draco, Beth (Rage), and Zack (Inferno) play a game of keep away with something that belongs to Anna. It was fun to watch as Anna used a basic level of teleporting skills to try to get the item back from the other members. While this was going on Will and Layla approach assuming what they were seeing was some type of bullying until they saw that Anna tackle Draco and kiss him as she grabbed her belonging from him. Everyone was silent for a moment as they saw what she did than Zack, Beth and even Will had to laugh as he said. "Interesting way to get the upper hand!"

The group stopped laughing and looked at Will and Layla; there was a moment of silence before Anna spoke first!

"Well seeing as Draco and I have been dating since middle school … less a way of getting the upper hand and more trying to share a moment while getting my stuff back is that okay?"

She adds a little snarky to last bit but saw a slight bit of displeasure in Marcus' eyes from her attitude so she knew to cool down and not just blurt out an apology which would seem out of place for a teen. Most of the people there could sense the change in the air and isn't surprised when Will being the noble boy hero offered the olive branch.

"I guess not, But be careful with the public display of affection the staff and teachers can be harsh holding hand even laying on each other is pushing the envelope but full on kissing in the open and you might find your way into a detention cell for a few hours just thought I warn you."

Anna looked at Will for a while as everyone watched her; she could feel their eyes cutting into her so she knew her answer would determine if she is praised or punished later, so she decided to play nice and took Will hand.