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I know Stranded in a Closet was supposed to come before this, but I've had no inspiration for it, whereas I've already got the rough outline for Love Me for Who I Am. I guess the gods of fanfiction are just willing me to write a cliché high school story.

Too bad I'm not going to make it cliché. Honestly, I'm getting tired of all these clichéd stories too. So… if I'm starting to do what others are doing, please, please flame me or something to bring me back to my senses.

Oh, and there is going to be shinobi stuff here, just because I think Naruto really wouldn't be Naruto with the cool moves and stuff. Even though, coming from me, that would be totally hypocritical, seeing how I didn't really put shinobi stuff in Father Figure. But forgive me, just this once, please?


Summary: Uchiha Sasuke and the guys, the royalty of Konoha Academy. Haruno Sakura and co., the misunderstood beauties. When the teachers decide to do a little matchmaking with the school, chaos ensues, especially among these 8 students. SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaIno, NaruHina

Rating: T (PG-13)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Standard disclaimer applied.

Chapter 1: Un-touchable

There were two types of untouchables in the elite Konohagakure Academy for the Gifted, also known as Konoha Academy.

There was untouchable type one, or U1s, consisting of four male students who practically ruled Konoha Academy. They were known for their strength in the ninja arts, their brains, their talents, and their looks.

Uchiha Sasuke was the unofficial leader of the U1s. Being the 2nd son to one of the most wealthy and successful businesspeople, he had all the money he wanted in his disposal. He was smart and very, very good-looking (according to his fangirls). Girls were drawn to his cold attitude and… uh… unusual (chicken-butt) hair.

Hyuuga Neji was a year older than his fellow U1s. (However, being next in line for the Hyuuga fortune, he also had much power and was allowed to take classes for his fellow U1s.) His pupil-less eyes, a family trait, could literally see through anything. Like Sasuke, he possessed a holier-than-thou kind of attitude, also making him a favorite among the girls.

Nara Shikamaru was (supposedly) a genius with an IQ of over 200. However, he was also very lazy, so he got the lowest grades in his classes. Although he didn't have the cold, cocky attitude of Sasuke and Neji, he possessed a sort of laid-back, aloof personality that drove fangirls crazy. His family owned a large deer ranch, and since he was an only child, it made him next in line for the large Nara fortune.

Uzumaki Naruto was the only U1 that really wasn't some sort of genius. However, his bright blue eyes and bouncy, hyper attitude made him a favorite among many girls. He wasn't wealthy like his fellow U1s; however, he was a student of Jiraiya, a… writer (and a perverted one at that) and a successful shinobi, one of the three legendary sannin (Sasuke had been a student of another sannin, Orochimaru).

And then there was untouchable type two, or U2s, consisting of four girls who were practically shunned by Konoha Academy society. No one really knew of their performance in classes since they never bothered to see.

Haruno Sakura was the most extreme of U2s. Her odd, pink hair was always up in a tight bun, making her wide forehead look even wider. She was also probably the only girl, aside from her other U2 friend, that wore the knee-length school skirt. It was almost impossible to see what her body looked like, too, because the school blouse was too large and was always hanging off her body like another appendage. She seemed to have no talent in school or the shinobi arts, but the well informed knew that she was the student of the third sannin, Tsunade.

Tenten really didn't have a second name because her birth records showed that there wasn't a last name, so she just used her first name as her last name. She always kept her chestnut-brown hair in two buns and she was probably the only girl who wore sweatpants under her skirt and got away with it (probably because Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were the three directors of Konoha Academy and Sakura was close to Tsunade). Tenten was deemed a U2 the day after she had been accepted into Konoha Academy from Konoha High (The Academy and High schools were different – the Academy was for shinobi and kunoichi-in-training while the High school was for people who didn't decide to be shinobi), when it was revealed that she had a… small fixation with weapons. No one really seemed to accept her tomboyish attitude, either.

Yamanaka Ino wasn't always a U2. In fact, she used to be one of the most popular girls in middle school, when social class did matter. In elementary school, she had been friends with the future U2s but in middle school she turned over to what Sakura called "the dark side". After a while, however, Ino regained her senses and faithfully abandoned her high social status in Konoha Academy for her friends at the price of being considered a U2. However, she was one of the best-looking girls in both Konoha Academy and Konoha High, so people who didn't know she was a U2 would occasionally ask her out in the streets because like most of her family, she often modeled.

Hyuuga Hinata, obviously, was Hyuuga Neji's cousin and the first heir to the vast Hyuuga fortune. However, she did not live with the rest of her large family (more like clan) in the Hyuuga Estates because she had been considered a disgrace and a weakling to her clan. However, a couple of years after she had started as a sophomore in Konoha Academy, she had stood up for herself to her father and decided to move out. Her father, (although a bit shocked by a new, confident her) respected her wish and bought her a large suite in the Konoha Towers, where her fellow U2s also lived. Hinata was their source of money to pay their bills and other things since she still got monthly checks from her family.

Of course, there were populars, losers, wannabes, and all those cliques. But the untouchables were the most extremes – two very different extremes. They were what all the students of Konoha Academy looked up (or down, in the U2s' cases) to. The two groups of untouchables were worlds apart from each other, and everyone expected it to stay that way. It had been like that for decades of years, since Konoha Academy had first been opened up to prospective shinobi.

But no one had expected for those polar opposites to… fall in love…?

The violet-haired woman sighed and dumped some more sugar in her coffee. "Well, summer vacation was good while it lasted."

A gray haired man, already sipping his coffee, affably replied, "Yes, well… We teachers aren't ourselves without our students, Anko. Besides, I can already feel the destruction… er, joy… the students are going to bring."


A crimson-eyed woman frowned slightly and placed a hand on her bloated stomach. "Gai, shut up. Personally, Kakashi, I think Konoha Academy takes the untouchable thing pretty seriously. I mean, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata seem like really nice girls."

The teacher with gray hair, Kakashi, smiled underneath his mask. "Kurenai, you wouldn't understand since you've only been teaching here for three years. The untouchable status was made by the First himself, when he planned this school."

"But why?" Kurenai asked, when her husband answered.

"We personally think that he wanted to unite the school by making them learn that we shinobi are the same, and that we shouldn't judge," Asuma said in his deep voice. "But the students have yet to figure it out. It really depends on the two groups' choices if they want change or not."

Then, Anko smirked. "I have an idea…"

Kakashi sighed. "Just don't include me in your crazy schemes…"

"Oh, c'mon, Kakashi. I don't see how a little matchmaking could bring so much chaos to the students. Besides, it worked with Kurenai and Asuma. And Shizune and Genma."

Kakashi raised a brow. "They didn't like the purple ping pong balls, the kunai with pink hearts painted on them, the flock of vultures, and the two hours of someone narrating my book to their tied up selves; I doubt the students would like it either."

Anko scoffed. "I was naïve back then, I've got better ideas now. Besides, the sake of Konoha Academy depends on it."

Kakashi merely sighed again, looking dubious. "Whatever, just don't include me."

Kurenai remained silent for a moment, before saying, "It depends on what the plan is."

"Aa," Asuma said, agreeing with Kurenai.

"Tch, you doubt me too much." Anko whipped out a booklet from nowhere. "Look at this brilliant plan!"

The teachers gathered around to look, ignoring Gai (who was talking about youth or something).

"You know, that's not half bad," Asuma admitted.

"You didn't put purple ping pong balls, the kunai with pink hearts painted on them, the flock of vultures, and the two hours of someone narrating Kakashi's book to their tied up selves in this plan," Kurenai accused lightly.

"If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have gotten pregnant," Anko said smugly.

Asuma chuckled.

"True," Kakashi said dryly. "But you didn't have to take my whole collection."

"So… who's brave enough to wake her up?"

"You go."

"No, you go."

"A-ano… I w-will wake her if y-you guys don't w-want to…"

They spoke in whispers, afraid of angering the sleeping beast within.

"Really, Hinata-chan? You're the bravest person I've ever met." A pink haired teen practically squashed the stuttering Hyuuga heiress in a grateful hug. "I'll make breakfast."

"I'll… make sure to weapon-proof the place," A brown-haired teen in buns announced. "She's not really the sugar plum fairy when you wake her up."

The pink-haired teen rolled her eyes. "It's not our fault she stayed up all night trying to memorize her schedule."

"B-but… we all have almost the s-same schedules, even T-Tenten-chan…" Hinata took a small glance at the four fancy-looking papers tacked on the bulletin board. "F-Father made sure to a-arrange t-that…"

"I know," A nose crinkled up as the teen with buns snorted quietly. "But you know her."

"Good luck," Sakura told Hinata solemnly. "I'll make sure to heal you after the pig's done with you."

Hinata positively looked green as she slowly opened the door to the monster's lair.

A squeak of surprise.

A great, bull-like roar. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!"

"I-Ino-chan, calm d-down, y-y-you're g-going t-to b-be l-late f-for–" Did the pupil-less eyed girl stutter with almost every word?

"Don't think so hard, pig," the pink-haired youth muttered, flipping some pancakes. "Your head might explode."


A blonde ran out of her room, with a sputtering Hinata nursing her bruised neck following.

"Hm," Tenten observed. "I guess Ino is gentler with the gentle."

"Chill, porker, and have some egg," Sakura set four plates onto the countertop. "School doesn't start until an hour later, and school is practically next door."

"So…" hazy blue eyes stared at the eggs, bacon, and pancakes a bit hungrily. "I didn't have to wake up now…?"

Tenten quickly hid the kunai she had been twirling in between her fingers behind her back.

"Er… well–"


"Loser, wake up." A toe poked the head of a snoring blonde. Nearly colorless eyes narrowed considerably.

"He's not waking up?" The second teenager that entered the orange-splattered, messy room rolled his dark eyes. "Troublesome."

A dark-teen walked inside, inwardly grimacing at the posters of ramen shamelessly plastered on the walls. "Let me handle the dobe. Breakfast is ready."

"Good luck."

"What a troublesome idiot…"

The ebony-haired teen strolled over to the bed with the blonde on top, deftly avoiding the piles of empty ramen bowls, clothes, and God-knows-what. Ever so softly, he said clearly, "Dobe, they ran out of ramen… and you're late for the 1st day of school."

The reaction was immediate.


The blonde bolted out of his bed and ran out the door.

"Oh, you're finally up, Naruto."

"Where's the ramen?"

"Troublesome… I didn't know this was going to happen when Sasuke said that he was going to wake you up."

"Whaddaya mean, Shikamaru?"


"Wait… there's ramen in the cupboard. And there's some in a bowl on the countertop."

"What an idiot."


'Teme', the black-haired teenager that had tricked the blonde, walked in the kitchen with a bored look on his face. "Dobe, if I hadn't said that, you never would've woken up."

Naruto purpled in the face. "Why you…"

"Naruto," Neji said calmly. "Your ramen's going to get cold."


The four students walked down the vast halls of Konoha Academy together, weaving professionally through the throngs of students shouting greetings at each other.

"Well, being invisible sometimes can have its benefits," Tenten observed. "You don't really get interrupted by anyone."

"We have to go to the assembly," Sakura reminded her fellow U2s, hurrying forward while turning her head to look at the rest of her friends.

"S-Sakura-c-c-chan… I-in f-fro–!"

The whole school seemed to have stilled as the two people collided, and fell to the ground.


Hinata gasped, and turned red. "O-oh m-my…"

Sakura's spectacled eyes widened as she tried to speak, but her lips didn't move.

Because somehow, as they fell to the marble floor, she, a U2, and Uchiha Sasuke, a U1, had…

"SHE'S KISSING SASUKE-KUN!" A fangirl fainted.

Those words seemed to have snapped Sakura to her senses, because her eyes narrowed, and she lifted her hands…

And punched him in the face.

Sasuke stared at the girl that he had fallen on top of.


A thump. Hm. Someone must've fainted.

Odd. Even the ugly, odd ones would have started freaking out if he even touched them. After all, he was an Untouchable type 1.

But instead of trying to practically rape him, she… punched him.

In the face.

He heard the dobe laughing, and his whole fanclub gasping. He felt Neji's eyes laughing at him, and Shikamaru muttering something about trouble on the first day of school.

The pink-haired girl was gagging, still sprawled on the floor.

"S-Sakura-chan!" Another girl with blue-black hair and the same eyes as Neji's tripped forward and helped the pink-haired girl up.

A blonde girl came up too, laughing. "Good job, forehead. Your first kiss is a U1!"

'Forehead' scowled, smoothing out wrinkles on her knee-length skirt. His eyebrows rose. No one except the Hyuuga heiress wore a knee-length skirt. What hideous taste.

"Great job, Sakura," a brunette with her hair tied up in two buns said, repeating the blonde girl. "You get yourself in trouble already."

But there was something in those emerald green eyes, something about her…

The odd girl with pink hair turned and addressed Sasuke coolly. "Uchiha Sasuke, U1…"

He looked straight at her, daring her to say something to him. The Uchiha Sasuke.

"…that was the biggest mistake of your life."

Then she turned on her heel and stalked off to the auditorium. "Great. I work so hard to be invisible and this is what happens."

"Wait." His voice rang out, loud and clear. "Who are you?"

The four girls turned, and the pink-haired one, Sakura, wore a look of disbelief over her face.

Then the disbelief turned to bitterness, and then into a mocking look.

"I'm a no one. Just your average U2."

Now it was his turn to be surprised. He had… kissed… a U2. An Untouchable type 2.

Now the dobe was on the floor, pounding his fists on the ground, tears running down his face from laughing so hard.

"I hate this world," Sakura groaned. "I work so hard to be invisible but noooo. I just have to bump into a U1, and–"

"You lost your first kiss to Uchiha Sasuke!" Ino crowed.

"I-Ino-c-chan! T-That's not n-nice…" Hinata looked around consciously, as if they were talking too loud and disturbing the peace.

"C'mon, guys, I got seats." Tenten beckoned for her friends. "Come sit before others steal 'em."

Ino opened her mouth again, probably to tease Sakura again, but the three directors of Konoha Academy stepped up with the rest of the staff.

Everyone went silent.

"Welcome, everyone, to another year at Konoha Academy!" Orochimaru started, his yellow-gold eyes glinting. "This year, we've… twisted the Academy's curriculum a bit, at the suggestion of some of our staff."

He stepped down from the podium, and Tsunade stepped up. "I have a few announcements: Anyone wishing to take AP Medical ninjutsu II must come to my office and take a test. Ibiki-sensei has now prohibited the use of electrocution during AP Interrogation II, and he has requested that… 'take the mind games easy'." Tsunade seemed to look in a sadistically smirking Ino's direction. "And… Anko-sensei, our new Home Ec. teacher, has requested that I tell you… 'Be prepared'."

Everyone stared at the purple-haired teacher.

She grinned evilly, and everyone looked away.

Jiraiya butted in, a drunken kind of expression on his face. "And for any female student who wants to model for some very important books, please see me – YEOWCH!"

Tsunade had smacked him over the head, eyes twitching. "The female students here are underage!"

Naruto snickered. "Way to go, Ero-sennin!"

"Sakura-chan!" Tsunade got up from her desk and hugged her apprentice with a lot of vigor.

"T-Tsunade-sama… can't… breathe…" Sure, Sakura was glad to see her shishou but Tsunade's overly large chest was suffocating her.

"Whoops." Tsunade grinned, letting go. "How's my lovely apprentice doing?"

"Tsunade-sama, shh!" Sakura looked around in a paranoid manner. "We want the least amount of people to know that I'm your apprentice!"

Tsunade pouted like a child deprived of his cookies. "Sakura, I don't understand why you don't show off your full potential at school. Or why you don't want to dress properly and shine."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Shishou, you know I don't want all that. I just want to–"

"Live simply and invisibly," Tsunade finished for Sakura.

"But that didn't work out well," Sakura muttered bitterly.

Amber eyes lit up with curiosity. "Tell me everything. NOW."

So Sakura told her everything.

"Anyway," Sakura continued briskly, "I've come to see you for the AP Medical ninjutsu II. What do you want me to do?"

Tsunade dismissed Sakura's question, waving her perfectly manicured hands. "I don't need to know what you can do because I've seen it all firsthand. Besides, AP Med ninjutsu II curriculum – you've learned it all."

Sakura shrugged. "Practice makes perfect. Oh, and you have a whole horde of medic wannabes who want to learn AP Med ninjutsu II. Good luck, shishou!"

With a quick bow and goodbye, she bolted out of Tsunade's office, scared that her shishou might have a temper tantrum – Tsunade was lazy and hated to work.

But… the Fifth did not do what she usually would've done. Instead… she whistled for a courier bird that would go to the staff room.

She scrawled a sentence on a small scrap of paper and tied it to the bird's leg.

The bird took flight.

Kakashi sighed and downed the rest of his coffee. "Well, I'd better get to class. I'm later than usual."

"Sucker," Anko snickered. "I don't have a class right now."

Then a courier bird flew in the open window and sat on top of the coffee machine.

"It's for you, Kakashi. And me, too. Tsunade-sama must've known that you're always about thirty to forty minutes late."

"Just read it," Kakashi drawled. "Naruto will be louder than usual in accusing me of lying."

"Aren't you?" Anko retorted lazily, but she took the burden off the bird and gave it some water.

Kakashi, Anko:

Phase 1 complete. She told me everything.

U2 has made contact with U1.

"It worked?" Kakashi sounded incredulous.

"It worked!" Anko crowed. "I am a genius. Admit it. I predicted everything, and everything happened, like I predicted!"

This is what Kakashi described as getting 'lost on the road of life'.

Mind you, this was just like… a prologue. It's a really different beginning compared to all the rest of my stories… I wanted to try something new.

I hope you liked this chapter! I think I'm going to enjoy writing this high school story.