Two days before school starts here in Miami, Florida. Just to enjoy the last days of summer, I stayed locked up in my room at the computer and typed this up. Yay, summer. I think you'll like this.

The leaves drifted down to the snow-covered ground when he landed on the branch. He quickly checked the bag to make sure it was secure in his grip, then jumped over the gate and walked all the way to his car... four blocks away. His skin-tight all black outfit hid him well in the night. He was too busy handling his findings to be worried about the cold.

He smirked when he dropped the load in the sack onto the seat next to him. Gold jewelry, plenty of cash, dvds, a silver serving platter, a box of granola bars (he was hungry), and other things that just looked valuable.

No, none of that was his. Duh. His name is Uchiha Sasuke, and he is the famous thief that no one knows.

For the past 12 years, he has been an official thief. Official, as in, not the kind that shoplifts a key chain or something. He aims high because, well, he can. Ever since he was eleven, he learned to steal for himself. He had to. It wasn't like his brother would actually help him.

Now at the age of 23, he sneaks through this gated community reserved for millionaires and spies on houses until he understands it inside and out, then moves in for the kill when a weak spot is revealed. Yes, this is kind of stalkerish, but hey! Money makes people do crazy things, y'know.

With the goods jingling in the sack, he drove off at a leisurely pace. He was inspecting the other mansions he was yet to explore. All of them had intimidating, yet gorgeous gates and guards on the lookout for any "suspicious behavior in the surrounding area".

He scoffed at the men in their tacky uniforms, barely awake or standing. An alien invasion wouldn't even draw their attention. At least not with them in this state and in this freezing weather.

Ever since he took a fancy to the riches in this neighborhood, no one wasted any time at all on hiring extra layers of security. From bodyguards, to cameras, to even robotic guards with cameras, he's seen it all. And nothing has stopped him yet. Yet, because he knows better than to get too cocky and ahead of himself or his abilities.

For some reason, a certain mansion no different than the rest caught his attention and made him bring his car to a halt. Till the ends of his days, he will never be able to figure out why it stood out, but regardless, it did.

Security didn't seem too heavy in terms of guards, but he already spotted several cameras monitoring the lawn. God knows how many other cameras there were hidden. He squinted at the family name engraved on the detailed brick wall protecting the well kept garden: Yamanaka.

His smirk reappeared, and this time it was even bigger. He recognized that name. Very easily, actually. Yamanaka Ino. Heiress to the Yamanaka clan that will forever be drowning in their fortunes.

You see, Sasuke isn't stupid. He's been to high school and passed just as easily as everyone else. Of course, he wasn't what one would title a genius, but he was no class clown. CoughcoughNarutocoughcough.

Ino had flirting marathons with Sasuke. He'd never respond, though. No, he had no time for girlfriends. He was too busy devising close-as-it'll-get-to-fool-proof plans and then putting them into action to get the money he needed to support himself. His brother, being the gambler and druggie that he is, had abandoned Sasuke after his parents had simply abandoned them, too.

So anyways, Sasuke had work to do for the next week. And since most of what he did for the next seven to nine days would drag on for loooonngg periods of time, I'll give you a short, sweet and to the point summarization.

He'd ride his bike to the mansion and stash it in a thick, snowy bush. He'd stay perched up in a tree and spy on the daily activities using a bulky pair of binoculars. Ino would always be out on dates around seven or eight everyday, different guys every time.

One reason Sasuke was never into Ino was because he was disgusted with her. She had a very specific taste in guys: Hot well-kept guys with all the latest clothes from the mall and preppy outfits. Abercrombie gods, to be precise.

Sasuke wasn't, and never will be an Abercrombie god. He'd get caught stealing before that were to ever happen. Uchiha Sasuke was one of guys you'd hear being called a "fag" by everyone in the "it" crowd. He wore skinny jeans, bangs in his face and tight shirts. Yep, a true emo. No, he's not gay. Seriously, what kind of Sasusaku fic would this be if he was gay?

So, Ino saw him as, and I quote from the blonde royalty's mouth, "..raw hottie material waiting to be molded into an Ino-approved babe." Yuck.

His week of spying also included research and tapping into their phones. Finally, he heard the one word that could make any thief sing and click his heels: vacation. The Yamanaka clan had a two-week vacation to Hawaii for the winter planned in three days. Meaning, Sasuke had three days to figure out all their security and all possible ways to get around it or simply crash it. Three days to learn the floor plan of this maze-like structure and the location of the most valuable stuff. Three days..three days too many.

A spotless white limousine pulled up to the large doors that enclosed the mansion and blended in with the blinding snow. Hired hands loaded the vehicle up with suitcases of all shapes, sizes and colors. Today was the day the Yamanaka family would be heading off to Hawaii, leaving the mother-of-all weak spots for Sasuke to attack.

The entire staff, which included the maids, chefs, personal trainers and doctors all waved as the limo drove off to the airport. Once they were around the corner, everyone excitedly scattered, happy their vacations had officially started.

All of them poured down the driveway and to the property next door, which was the Yamanaka parking lot where all their cars were parked. In a blink of an eye, they were all gone, too.

It wasn't like him to start during the day, but no one would suspect it. No one was home. And he had three days to haul it all out.

He shook all the snowflakes that seemed to bleach his raven locks off, and made a dash for the second story window, carefully avoiding the cameras by timing his jumps and runs from here to there. Using a slick knife, he snapped specific wires on the main box to the security system hidden against the wall up there, then snapped open the window before leaping in.

Again, that habitual smirk graced his features when it finally sank in: he was in.

His black leather gloves protected his hands from the cold outside, but now were kind of toasty in here. 'I guess they're too rich to even turn off the heater while on vacation. Idiots.'

Seeing as he had plenty of time, gave himself a little tour of the place. The wind began to pick up a bit and carried even more snow to the ground. It would be hard to move the first batch of stuff to his car with the small storm blowing, so he plopped down on the sofa and decided to take a nap.

When he awoke, it had been about two hours. The storm had gotten worse, which only annoyed him. It was time to check out the fridge and eat. His stomach demanded it. Just as he was about to swing around the corner into the kitchen, he heard feet shuffling around in there.

'Shit! Someone's still here!?' He pulled out an injection needle from his jacket pocket. In it was a drug that would make anyone pass out in seconds and not remember too much before the instant they fell unconscious. He kept it handy in case he were to run into situations like this.

Slowly, he peaked into the kitchen and saw what seemed to be a young maid, judging by her little black dress with the frilly apron. She was dressed just like a french maid. Probably Mr. Yamanaka's idea, so he could peak up their skirts or something. What really caught his attention was her pink hair. Pretty familiar, actually..

Still, she was busy making a sandwich and didn't notice him. As soon as she turned her back to him, he swooped in and got right behind her. Just as he was about to inject her, she turned around and screamed bloody hell.

"Who hell are you!?" She yelled, backing into a corner.

Sasuke put the needle on the counter and put his hands in front of him. "I won't hurt you. Just calm down."

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