Title: Of Vampires and Bones

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader:pussycatadamah

Pairs: Buffy/Angel, Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth, Willow/Oz, Spike/Angela

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' or 'Bones'.

CHAPTER 8 Our Date

Jeffersonian Institute…

Buffy smiled as the group greeted Brennan back from her recovery. The anthropologist was still pale but her wounds had healed and only faint lines of scratches remained; those about to be healed as well. She was back in the lab and the group had thrown a small party for her. The woman smiled at the attention and received the 'special' cup of coffee from her FBI partner for years, Booth. Buffy, Willow and Oz observed the scene with half smiles.

"It's good to be so carefree," Willow said wistfully.

"Yeah," Buffy replied. "Did you settle in well?"

"Yes," her friend smiled. "It was a good idea to purchase flats instead of houses or apartments. I like having the space." She stole a peek at Oz. "We both do."

"I bet you are," Buffy teased.

The pair blushed and the Slayer went to congratulate Brennan on her recovery.

Sewer System…

Spike cursed as he felt the dirty water on his trench coat.

"I told you we were going under the city," Angel reminded him.

"Shut it," the blond vampire hissed.

Angel rolled his eyes. "We are near."

"We are?"

The dark haired vampire pointed at the skulls of demons that littered the floor.

They both got out their weapons, Angel an axe and Spike a sword.

"Remind me again why blondie would not join us?"

"She has a day job," Angel replied.

"So do we…Most of the time."

"Yes, but our day job starts after sundown."

"You have an answer for everything," Spike grumbled, hating how smug Angel sounded. He bypassed what looked like a dead rat and tried to think of something to talk about with the older Vampire. "So how are things going between the two of you? You and Buffy I mean." He hoped he sounded nonchalant

Silence from the other end.

"That bad?" Spike teased.

"It's not bad," Angel contested. "We're just taking it slow."

The younger vampire snorted. "Right…"

"We are. Even if Willow assured us of the nullifying of the clause in my curse, we decided we are not going to rush this."

Spike started laughing. "You are house trained!"

"I'm not a dog."

"You act like one. If I were you I would grab her and show her who the boss is."

The older Vampire threw a glare his way but Spike just smiled cheekily.

"It's Buffy," Angel said, defending his past and future girlfriend, a bit too defensively, because he recalled that his Childe had at one point been with the blonde Slayer. He tried to suppress the rage that wanted to take over at the mere reminder. That was all in the past, after all. "She's always the boss."

"Woof," Spike leered and ducked at the punch the dark haired Vampire sent his way.

"I can do without your commentary," Angel told him.

The peroxide blond snorted. "I can't. So what's this whole 'going slow' approach entail?"

"A date."

Spike stopped walking. "You and Buffy are going on a date?"

"Yes," Angel replied.

"I better call the troops; we have an apocalypse coming. You lot can't go on a simple date without something going wrong," Spike told him and walked in front of Angel, the older vampire following with a sigh.

End of the day, Jeffersonian…

Booth noticed Buffy rushing to leave for the night.

"Aren't we in a hurry?" he asked casually.

"Are you going anywhere?" Angela asked

"I have a date," Buffy replied. She could not help it. She was excited.

Angela smiled, happy about the blonde woman and a tad curious. "Date? Anyone I know? Preferably hot and studly?"

"Ladies," Booth groaned. "Spare me the details."

"Like you don't want to know," Hodgins piped up as he walked past them. He grinned Buffy's way. "I wanna hear."

The Slayer rolled her eyes. "No, I'll keep this one to myself," she tells them and turns an apologetic look at Angela. She would have loved to discuss this with a girl. Considering Willow was too busy, Angela was the next best thing since Brennan, for all her brains was not what one would call a social person. She waved goodbye at them all and walked out of the labs and towards the parking lot.

Angel was already there, waiting for her, a bouquet of roses and daisies clutched in his hands. The Vampire was nervous and he was smiling at her tenderly. Buffy's face broke into a grin.

"Hey," Angel greeted her when she was close enough.

"Hey to you too, mister tall guy. Are those for me?"

He nodded, kissing her lips chastely and then handing her the flowers. Buffy cannot help herself and takes a whiff.

"Mm," she hums and he chuckles.

"Ready for tonight?" Angel asks and she grins.

He offers a hand and she accepts.

"Where to?" she asks.

"Don't worry, I have everything planned," Angel assures her.

And he has, from the play he takes them, to the restaurant and later to the club and much later when he is all over her, kissing her and caressing her, Buffy thinks this is the best date ever and it was well worth waiting so many years to get it.

The next morning…

Willow stumbles into the kitchen, Oz not far behind her, both groping around for coffee until they actually find the pot and pour some for each other.

"Who knew Hodgins is so … chatty," the werewolf sighs into his cup.

The Wicca is practically nursing her cup of caffeine; she has already inhaled more than half of her mug and considering refilling it.

"Remind me to sit down with Buffy and tell her he knows a few things as well," Willow tells her boyfriend. "We need to keep track of them."

"Made a list yet?" Oz teases her, enjoying how she blushes.

"Um, might have," she tells him.

He is about to kiss her when the door to Buffy's room opens and the blond Slayer stumbles out, doing everything she can to look like a zombie, dressed in a shirt that reaches mid thigh and is so obviously not hers. What makes the werewolf and the witch to stop and stare is the tall form of the Vampire known as Angel that came out of the room, in his boxers and looking more lively than all of them, non nocturnal species.

"Morning," Buffy greets, taking some coffee and retreating back to the bedroom.

Angel heads for the fridge warms some blood and follows after Buffy, after nodding at them.

For a while Oz and Willow just sit there.

"Okay," the werewolf mutters. "All's fine on that front."

Willow giggles. "I'm glad."

"Just to make sure though, his soul is …"

"Just fine," Willow assures Oz who nods and kisses her on the lips. "If you say so love."

End of chapter.