Eugene sat alone in his the pond. It was a pretty humiliating sight. A random duck swam over to him. "I hate you," Eugene hissed at the waterfowl.

A shadow loomed over to him. Eugene looked up, but couldn't make out who it was. Was it security?

"Nice work," said the figure, "but you need a little tightening up. I could help you, you know."

"Who are you?" asked Eugene.

"My card. You show true potential."

Eugene took the stranger's card and was astonished to read the name. "Gannondorf? THE Gannondorf?! This is amazing!"

"Call me," said Gannondorf, who began to stroll away.

"Wait a second!" called Eugene. "Aren't you going to help me out?"

"Of course not. I'm a villain. Get out on your own." And with that, Gannondorf was gone.

"SO immature," grumbled Eugene, as a couple more ducks swam by.

Meanwhile, the others finally arrived back at camp. Charlie Brown ran up a second later, panting. He collapsed.

"Man," said Jason, "you're out of shape. I could have calculated how far you ran in miles, but being chased by Kankers really takes a lot out of you! That's probably gonna scar us for life!"

"Hey, Calvin, what did you want to apologize for, anyway?" asked Marcus.


Back in the main room, most of the other kids were still hiding from the "Night Beast" that may not have existed.

The Eds, however, were still waiting for the cheerleaders, who had suffered recent volleyball-related injuries.

"Got the note?" asked Eddy.

Ed held up a note that said "Get well soon, pretty cheerleaders!".

"Crude, but sweet," commented Double D. "Well done."

Before they could deliver the note, the Eds turned around to see the Kankers standing right behind them.

"SO!" growled Lee. "Lookin' at other girls, are ya?"

"Run, boys," Eddy said wearily.

"That was fun, Eddy," said Ed, as they dashed down the hall. "Let's do it again sometime!"

"If only!" cried Double D.

Calvin watched the poor Eds from a safe distance and turned to Hobbes. "Well, our problems are solved, Hobbes. Everything is in its natural swing again."

Hobbes looked uncomfortable. "I suppose, but it's not really fair that you got off scot free, not even having to apologize."

"Hey, we all get lucky sometimes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear my treehouse calling."

Jason and Marcus ran by. "Guess what!" called Jason. "Being free of those pests put Marcus and me in the mood for our OWN scam! We took the treehouse again. Bye."

Calvin fainted.

"Karma strikes again," smiled Hobbes.

And so ends another bizarre saga in camp. Stay tuned for yet another one!