Rating: M

Pairings: Ianto/Toshiko

Summary: On this particular nightshift, something changes in the ordered lives of Toshiko and Ianto.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: I like to be different with my pairings, there's not enough Tosh/Ianto out there, so here is my offering. Also this might become a series of different pairings, I don't know yet, tell me what you think.

Toshiko Sato didn't mind taking the nightshift now she was partnered with Ianto Jones, she'd always liked the quiet Welshman and he was no Owen Harper thank goodness. Recently, she'd gone to Jack to complain about Owen after one grope too many one night and he had promised her he would move her nights so she could work with Ianto instead, he also reassured her that no-one would find out who'd complained. It was a shame everyone else just saw him as the 'tea boy', but Tosh knew his incredible computer skills rivalled her own and had spoken to Jack several times about moving him away from his duties as a 'butler' but Jack wanted him to remain where he was. She knew Ianto's past was a little murky and wondered what he could have done that had seen him demoted so far so quickly, when she started working with him she'd decided that she'd make the coffee and show him at least one person cared.

Ianto Jones didn't mind sharing the nightshift with Toshiko Sato so much now; sure, he'd been annoyed at first when Jack had told him he was switching Gwen and Tosh's nights. He liked Gwen Cooper, not in a romantic way Gwen had Rhys, but it was nice to be able to speak in his own language to someone else and laugh about things that were uniquely Welsh. At first Tosh was a little shy and nervous, she always looked at him like he was going to throw snowball with stones in them at her but she gradually began to unwind a little, he especially liked the way she always made the first cup of coffee for him, something no-one else bothered with.
As they'd managed to work together so well they'd started getting most of the computer work done in the first couple of hours of the shift. Recently they'd started spending the rest of the evening reading, listening to music or just talking about anything that wasn't to do with work, it was their little secret and Tosh looked forward to it most of all. It was probably during these times that she'd fallen head over heels in love, not that she'd ever let him know, she couldn't bare it if he found out because that would lead to all kinds of awkwardness, anyway she was used to unrequited love. Ianto had started to look out for Tosh lately, remonstrating with Jack and Owen if their teasing looked like it was getting out of hand, not that he thought she was vulnerable, well not that vulnerable but working with her so closely he'd seen cracks in the mask of control she wore. A few weeks ago he'd had Owen pinned to the wall by his throat when he'd discovered why Jack had switched Gwen and Tosh's shifts, he'd quietly told the doctor that if he valued certain parts of his anatomy he'd leave Tosh alone. Owen had sneered about how sweet it was that the 'tea boy' was in love with the 'geek' and had received a few new bruises for his efforts. Ianto hadn't considered himself in love with Tosh then but recently he'd found his mind wandering into fantasies when he was alone at night, not that he'd ever make a move on her. She'd had enough of that from Owen and he didn't want to be tarred with the same brush, so he kept his feelings to himself but it was becoming difficult to ignore them. Tosh heard his footsteps coming down the stairs, she looked up at him and noted that he'd taken his tie off and rolled his shirt sleeves up, he wasn't so 'Over starched', as Grandmother would say, at night. She watched him settle down in front of his computer and smiled in satisfaction when he switched his music player on, he was playing the Jazz CD she'd given him on his birthday,

"You don't mind the music do you Tosh?" he asked

"No not at all, I rather like it now" she replied. He smiled as he looked over his shoulder at her

"Are you still reading Casino Royale?" he said, he was the only one that knew Tosh had a love of spy fiction and had complete sets of novels by Ian Fleming, Len Deighton and John Le Carre.

"I finished that last night I'm on Live and Let Die now" she replied, Ianto chuckled

"What would you do to keep your reading habits a secret?" he asked. Tosh smirked

"Ooh I don't know, tell Owen your medical is due soon and you need a full medical," she said innocently, he laughed

"I didn't realise you could be so ruthless" he replied, Tosh giggled, they'd been flirting like this for a couple of days now and she was rather enjoying it.

A couple of hours into their shift and Tosh was beginning to feel a little stiff, she straightened up and a dull pain shot through her shoulders,

"Ow" she said as she began to rub her shoulder

"Are you alright?" Ianto asked

"Yes, I think, I've been sitting still for too long that's all" Tosh replied. She heard him wheel his chair over to where she was sitting; she gave an involuntary squeak as he ran his hands over her shoulders and began to massage them

"Sorry" he said, thinking he'd hurt her he removed his hands

"No it's ok, it was a bit of a surprise that's all" she took a breath "please carry on, it was nice" she replied. Ianto began to massage her shoulders again

"Relax Tosh, please, I'm not going to hurt you" he said, she looked down and realised that she was gripping the seat of her chair. She wasn't worried about him she was more worried about what she might do if she didn't keep her hands still; she put her hands in her lap and closed her eyes, letting the feelings wash over her. Ianto was having a battle with himself, was he doing this because she was suffering or was it because he wanted to touch her? When she re-acted to his touch the first time, he'd almost turned tail and fled thinking she'd go to Jack and he'd be out of a job, now she was more relaxed he was wondering how far he could go. He moved in closer and Tosh sighed as she felt his breath on her cheek, her hands clutched at the material of her trousers in an effort not to reach for him. Ianto was still battling with his conscious, all sorts of clich├ęs were running through his head, 'faint heart never won fair maiden' 'take your courage in both hands' and all that, it was now or never so he slowly let out the breath he was holding and gently pressed his lips to the back of her neck. Tosh opened her eyes in surprise then closed them again as the breath she had taken now came out as a sigh of contentment

"Mmm do that again," she murmured, her mouth dropped open a little as she realised she'd said it out loud. He kissed the spot where her neck met her collarbone, relishing the sighs that came from her, Tosh squirmed a little in her chair, reached behind and slid her hand into his hair as he buried his face in her neck with a groan. Reluctantly, Ianto pulled himself away from her, pushed her chair around so she faced him and kissed her, Tosh responded to his kiss with a passion that increased with her confidence, her tongue hesitantly touched his lips which parted as he groaned, her tongue caressed his, savouring the taste of him. He reached over and pulled her from the chair onto his lap deepening the kiss as he went, her grip on his hair tightened as his hand slipped between her thighs, just enough to be intimate but not invasive. Tosh let her instincts take over; this was one of her fantasies coming true and she didn't want anything to spoil it, who knew when it would happen again. Their kiss intensified as her fingers moved up his chest, as she undid the button on his shirt an alarm sounded on the computer, Ianto cursed quite colourfully and Tosh groaned.

"Bloody Weevils, they have no sense of timing," she growled as she untangled herself from Ianto's arms and slid off his lap.