Beyond Words


Golden Lass

Okay everyone sorry I have been so still in my updating lately. I may be able to update all my stories that I have this week at least that's what I like to do. Anyways you all know that I do not own Numb3rs if I did I would be filthy rich which I am not. This story has been in my mind for the past couple of days.

Dwayne Carter was pissed. No forget that he was beyond pissed. He had just been apprehended for crimes against the United States. He was not happy when he saw his friend Colby Granger arrested inside of an FBI SUV.

"Why did you do that, Granger?" Carter said.

"Because I had no other choice Dwayne." Colby said.

"You shouldn't have done this." He said.

"Bite me Carter." Was all Colby could say to him.

They finally reached the van that would take them to the prison where they would be held till their court date to decide their fate. Dwayne was not and would never be happy about this. Colby had sold him to the Feds and there was no way Dwayne was going to let Colby get away with this.

Three months later and it was finally time for their trial they walk into the courtroom Dwayne looking straight ahead and Colby looking to his former teammates and the love of his life sitting in the courtroom. Colby hung his head down ashamed of what he had become.

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