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The blond haired boy sighed as he hung the sheets up to dry. This was where he was ending it, turning over a new leaf. It was only four A.M., their mission starting at eight A.M., he had some time. Humming softly to himself, he stepped into his bathroom. He quickly relieved himself before discarding his clothing and turning on the shower water, then staring blankly as it rained down from the showerhead nozzle. Snapping out of his momentary trance he stepped in, not bothering to check, or notice, the temperature of the water. Thankfully it was decent.

He gently washed his hair, ridding it of any dirt or grime. Washing it off and moving under the water's spray again. His mind wandered as he finished his shower. Instantly he began thinking about Sasuke. Sasuke, who he had done everything in his power to save until he finally had. Who, despite some protest (from the two sannins and others) the council had agreed that he would get off with no punishment for betraying Konoha.

Naruto was forced to watch people pretending like everything was the same as it had been two years ago, before the Akatsuki were a huge problem, before Sasuke left, before Naruto grew up. But no one has noticed, or so he thought, how strained his mask was now a days.

Naruto has saved Sasuke, but all he got as thanks were even more sneers and insults. But it didn't matter anymore. He had waited for Sasuke to return his feelings of love - anything. The fact that Sasuke had used his body for his own pleasure, repeatedly, didn't matter. He was starting over. Everything would be alright. He washed off the remaining soap off his body, before turning off the water. The blond also known as Uzumaki Naruto, wrapped a towel around his waist. Grabbed another, dried his hair, before placing it on his shoulders. He stepped out of the bathroom, humming again, this time a happier tune.

"Dobe," The cold drawl came from his bed.

Shit. Naruto froze, he knew that voice. The unmistakable cold, low, and dangerously sweet voice that belonged to none other than Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto mentally rolled his eyes. Of course Sasuke would pick now of all times to come and 'play' with Naruto.

"Teme," was the curt reply. He was over this, all attraction to Sasuke gone. How odd, that it had disappeared so quickly. Eh, no longer any of his concern. He turned to look at the dark haired boy. Nothing, except a slight twinge of resentment.

'No,' came the growl from Kyuubi No Kitsune, "Not here, not where you are alone. Wait, and for now just play along, Kit."

"What do you want, Teme?" It was said in his fake cheerful Naruto voice, Naruto was pleased to see Sasuke flinch, and he knew that Sasuke hated him when he put his mask on. Not that Sasuke had any clue of his mask, only few people did.

"You know what I want, Naruto-kun." And with that he stalked toward Naruto, who gulped. Uzumaki Naruto probably the best actor in Konoha.


Naruto leaned over the rail on the bridge. The one they would always meet up in. Their sensei was late, as always. But this time Naruto didn't care, because their mission was to go to Suna.

"Sorry I'm late," he waited for the yell, and sure enough it came.

"You're late," but Naruto didn't even look up, only Sakura had yelled.

They all turned to stare at Naruto, who pretended not to notice.


No response-


No response-


No response-

And then suddenly after and awkward silence he looked up. "Ah, Hatake-sensei, when did you get here?"

They stared at him in shock. Not one of them had called their sensei by his clan name. But more over Naruto's eyes had hints of blood red in them. And just like that the red was gone, but the cold look didn't fade.

"Shall we go?" he asked, staring straight at his sensei.

The silver haired shinobi merely nodded and with that Naruto began to walk towards the gates. The other three followed quietly behind, wondering what was wrong with the usually energetic blond.

Inside his mind the blond was cheering; he managed to keep his emotions at bay, and he was getting to see his Gaara.

'Shukaku,' Kyuubi helpfully added.