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-They say that when you die it's like going home, that a bright light brings you to the other side and it's warm. But what if you never had a home? What if your home is only with another person? That, that person is your one and only home, what then? Then, where do you go?-


-The Beginning-

Tsuzuki looked up from the photo he was staring at as Watari came into his office.

"Looking at that photo again?" Watari asked, going and standing next to his friend.

Tsuzuki let out a small smile and looked up his fellow angel."Yea..." he replied, showing the picture to Watari. It was a photo of Hisoka Kurosaki- one of Tsuzuki's old cases- a particulary hard case. Tsuzuki had gotten attached to the boy- too attached. He was suppose to ensure the child's future- but it was a horrid one. The boy was to be raped and cursed by a man- and Tsuzuki was suppose to make sure it happened.

Since the case has been over Tsuzuki hasn't been the same. Sure he still smiled and tried to act like nothing changed but he wasn't the same. The angel would normally be seen actually doing work at his desk- that in itself was strange. He seems more closed off, not interacting with everyone as much as before. His smile wasn't as bright as it once was, but no one said anything.

The chief became worried and started to assign Tsuzuki partners, to make sure that he was alright- that way someone was always watching couldn't let Tsuzuki know about this of course.

Tsuzuki knew all of this but he really didn't want anyone to worry, that and it was rather annoying not being left alone. He resorted to driving his partners away, trying to show everyone that he was fine on his own, but he wasn't.

Tsuzuki had lost a part of himself when he left Hisoka. He could see it when ever he looked at the photo of Hisoka smiling. Tsuzuki had lost a part of himself, one that could never be replaced.

"Tsuzuki you in there?" Watari asked.

"Oh! Sorry about that. I guess I was spacing out again." Tsuzuki replied.

"Aren't you suppose to be getting a new partner today?" Watari questioned.

"Yes, but I don't know who it is yet." Tsuzuki said, looking back down at the photo.

"How long has it been?" Watari asked sadly.

"Three years..." Tsuzuki mumbled out.

Watari nodded.

"Tsuzuki can you do us all a favor and give this one a chance?"


"I'm serious Tsuzuki. We're all worried about you and you know that you can't keep rejecting all of your partners."

"Why not?"

Watari sighed. "Tsuzuki, the chiefs wants you to have someone to be with you. Someone that can help you. Please just give this new one a chance."

"I'll try Watari. And do you know who it's going to be?" Tsuzuki asked.

"As long as it's not me again I don't really care. And no Tsuzuki I don't know. Wakaba is going to come by and tell us who it's going to be sometime today. Oh! And I got to get going! Tatsumi will kill me if I'm not in the lab working. Bye Tsuzuki!" Watari called as he left.

"Bye!" Tsuzuki said as he started to look at the picture again. He was lost in another daydream when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Tsuzuki called.

Wakaba came into the room. "I have your new partner assignment." she said.

"Who is it this time?" Tsuzuki asked, uninterested, still looking at the picture of Hisoka.

"His name is Hisoka Kurosaki." she said, not knowing what she had said.

"What!" Tsuzuki yelled, unsure he heard correctly.

"Hisoka Kurosaki is your new partner."

-End The Beginning-

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