Chapter III: Battle for the Destiny Islands

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All four awoke in the second they left. The cloaked figure brought his swords down to the ground with a crashed that blew them back. Reyna groaned and picked herself up. Where was she before? What was that mysterious power she had there?

"Guys," she said "I was transported to a different world. There were these platforms with the princesses of heart and strange shadows-"

"Wait, you were there too?" said Tyson.

"So was I!" said Namé.

"Kai, were you there?" Reyna asked. Kai looked reluctant to reply.

"Yes…." He finally said.

"We all faced the shadows and took on this really big shadow at the last platform. Did you face the shadows?" asked Reyna.

"No…." replied Kai.

"Then what happened to you?" said Tyson.

"I-" said Kai, but the stranger interrupted by bringing his stone swords down into another shockwave. This time they managed to dodge it.

"Okay, guys!" Tyson said "Let's take this creep down!" Tyson was suddenly startled by the fact that he was holding a large key in his hand. He looked over and saw Namé with staff, its handle was gold and the shaft was silver, with a blue crystal orb at the end.

"Hey! These must be the weapons we got from the Other Place," said Tyson.

"Let's make the best of them!" said Namé. Tyson nodded. He jumped up and brought his Keyblade down on the unknown, who swiftly blocked it with his swords. While he was distracted, Namé cast a thunder spell at the unknown. He jumped out of the way as the bolt scorched the ground, but kicked in the stomach by Tyson. Meanwhile, Reyna concentrated and began to glow a soft light. Feathers blew around her and her Whip of Light formed. She lashed out at the unknown, who recovered just in time to dodge it.

"That whip...she must be the Angel of Heart. But how? I didn't sense this power a few moments ago! But no matter. This is my chance to prove my worth to the Superior and perhaps move up in rank!"

Kai just stood there, not knowing what to do. Could he attack this unknown? Would the stranger he met in that Other Place be mad at him if he did? The unknown turned his attention to Reyna. He brought his swords across and tried to slash at her. That did it. Kai summoned his Soul Eater and jumped in front of Reyna, protecting her from the unknown's attack. The unknown backed away and stopped. Reyna eyed Kai's Soul Eater sword. Why didn't he tell them about it? But what bothered her most is that it had the same kind of aura that the Heartless had, even more powerful, in fact. But she had little time to think of it then.

The stranger's stone started to glow and the strange seal appeared on his forehead. Then he said, "Heartless! Come forth! I command you with the power of the Kronos Stone!"

The Shadow Heartless appeared and a strange red seal appeared on their foreheads, the Seal of Kronos. The Heartless attacked them. Tyson ran into them, slashing through all the Heartless he could manage.

"Wow! Those were a lot harder than the ones in that Other Place!" he remarked.

"Blizzard!" Namé said, freezing the Heartless coming up behind Tyson. She soon realized that she was surrounded. Thinking quickly, she combined her fire magic with Spell Impact to do Flaming Spell Impact, which burned up all the Heartless near her.

Reyna's whip instantly destroyed any Heartless that ventured close enough, since most seemed terrified of her light. But the stranger used another Shockwave to knock her off her feet. With her concentration lost, her whip disappeared.

"Heartless!" said the unknown "Feed on her Heart!" Kai ran up at put out his hand.

"Don't you touch her!" he said. The Heartless cowered away from him.

"What! He has a greater control over the Heartless than I!" the unknown bellowed. Kai helped Reyna up. She was almost hesitant to recieve his help.

"What's going on? Why did those Heartless listen to Kai? And what about that sword?"

The unknown quivered and he gripped the blades of his swords tightly. "I see. That's what this about. How could he do this? Betraying me! But I won't be undone. I'll prove his mistake!"

The unknown made ready to attack when Tyson attacked him from behind. He slashed the keyblade down his back. The unknown fell to his knees, the pain hindering his movement.

"Reyna, use your whip while he's distracted!" said Kai. Reyna nodded. She stood up and summoned her whip. She lashed out at the stranger, striking him directly in the heart.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" he yelled. He sank to his knees. Reyna, Namé, Tyson, and Kai stood around him.

Suddenly he yelled out, "No, master! Please do not be displeased with me!" Suddenly his stone glowed and the Seal of Kronos appeared around him. The seal all around him started to glow and he screamed out in pain. A red light shot from the seal and into the sky. The seal disappeared and the stranger fell on his face. His body seemed to grow shadowy, and then it faded into nothingness. The ground lurched and threw them to the ground.

"The storm! It's still here!" Namé said.

"I have to get rid of it," said Reyna. She closed her eyes and she rose into the air. Her heart started to glow, and the storm faded away. She fell to the ground where the others ran to her. Kai looked over and saw the unknown's black stone.

"The Kronos Stone, right? This is what he said to get."

He walked over and picked it up. Shadow seemed to come forth from it. It swallowed up Kai, then Reyna, Namé, and Tyson. Reyna felt her mind slipping, then she fell into unconsciousness.


Sora and Kairi's fourteen year old daughter, who looks identical to her mother when she was younger. She is friendly and is the most balanced and well liked of her friends. She was chosen to be the Angel of Heart, the ultimate light. She has only begun to awaken her power.


The elder son of Roxas and Naminé, who is outgoing and a little too headstrong, though he means well. He was chosen to wield the keyblade and help Reyna seal the keyholes.


The younger sister of Tyson, who tries her best to keep her brother in check. She is the smartest and most reserved of her friends, though she always has a cheery attitude. She excels in magic and is always there to support the others.


The eldest of his friends, Kai is most calm and collected. He is good friends with Tyson and has a certain fondness for Reyna. Though he has a strong sense of justice, he also has a strong draw towards power, like his father once did. As it's said, darkness is in the blood...


The lowest ranking member of the new Organization, this unknown was sent to the Destiny Islands to release the keyhole, an "easy" mission. He longed to show his worth to the Superior and move up in rank. He met his demise at the combined efforts of Reyna, Tyson, Namé, and Kai. He fought with two swords made of gray stone, and his element and appearance are unknown.

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