Sarah Gibson was once an ordinary person, like you or me. She went to high school, had aspirations to be a doctor, and indulged in the occasional starburst binge, so like any other teenager you might know.

But Sarah was never going to become a doctor, or even finish high school. One night, after a particularly horrendous starburst binge, under the guise of a familiar nightmare she was pulled into the world of Tortall, a world where mages, knights and medieval kings weren't just the stuff of fairy tales. There, she was told she was to become the 'Messenger for the Gods', a warrior that set about to do the gods bidding.

Her first mission? Defeat the Three Sorrows, Slaughter, Starvation and Malady. It was a success, but only just barely.

The second mission, to protect a boy named Harry Potter and help him defeat an evil dark wizard, went scarcely better as her existence in his universe was strife with killing curses and battles on broomsticks.

Her third mission is looming, though she doesn't know it, and presents itself with an entirely new kind of evil and new challenges for her to faceā€¦