The Tale of the Lost


Thank You, Cloud

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Flashback or dream




A young, fifteen year old red-head looked over the balcony in Radiant Garden, debating on her choice. She looked down, seeing the water of the small lake shimmering in the moonlight. It wasn't a large lake, no, but it was deep enough to drown in.

She turned away from the stone railing and lifted her pale left hand to her right shoulder, wincing at the memory… grieving at the promise… She began pacing, wondering if she was, or wasn't doing the right thing. She looked back into her room from the balcony, thinking of how the warm, soft carpet had felt underneath her feet only a few minutes ago… thinking on if she was willing to give up that feeling forever.

The girl quickly turned back around, tears now streaming down her face. She knew what she had to do. If she didn't, no one would be safe.

She walked over to the edge of the balcony again, looking up in the stars…

"Shamira, NO!" The girl yelled, staring wide-eyed as her friend, her very first friend, fell before her, bleeding from a large wound in her stomach. The girl fell to the ground, clutching the grass, tears mercilessly falling to the ground. She heard a horrible chuckle…

"Hehehe, don't you know girl? All that will ever happen to anyone near you is death. They'll try to protect you from me, and they will die. It will always be your fault. I will kill everyone close to you, and then I WILL kill you. Remember my promise. I never break a promise, girl," The voice said, causing even more tears to flow down her face.

As the boy disappeared, the girl looked to her friend… and Guardian. Shamira turned her head to the girl.

"Come here," Shamira whispered weakly. The girl crawled her way over to her Guardian, the Star Guardian, and Shamira gently placed a hand on the girl's right shoulder. "Don't you ever listen to him. You will always have someone to love you, and you will always have someone to protect you. Never give up… I.. believe in y-you…"

"Shamira? Shamira? Don't leave me here! No! You can't leave me!" The girl cried, hugging her older, silver haired friend, tears streaming down her face. She held the lifeless body in her arms, just crying through the night, wishing for her mother, her father, anyone to come and help her.

No one ever came…

She knew she had to do it. She couldn't cause anymore deaths, and she couldn't allow him the satisfaction of taking her life. She knew, all of those times, she could have healed them. But she forgot her power… whenever he was near her.

When the girl looked down into the lake again, she had made her final decision. She carefully lifted her long, black dress and heaved herself over the railing, so that she was now standing on the ledge, her knuckles whitening from her death grip on the stone railing. She squeezed her eyes shut and slowly let go of the railing.

And she fell.

As she fell, the air rushed around her, and she could feel feathers on her face and arms, but didn't move to brush away the birds around her.

As she fell, she thought about everything. She thought about how she didn't have any purpose to this world. She thought about her empty heart. She thought about how she was going to die.

And she waited for the pain of her body hitting the water at such a high speed…

But it never came.

There was no splash, no pain, no water, no lack of breathing… only a pair of strong, warm arms around her, keeping her from hitting the water.

"Meera… my god, what the hell were you thinking?"

The girl slowly opened her gray eyes to look up into a face with a mixed expression of worry, confusion, and disappointment. She looked away, not being able to take it.

"…Just drop me, will you?" The girl, Meera, asked her savior.

"Meera, why would you do this? Is it because of-"

"Don't say his name…" Meera whispered. "Just drop me, and don't try and save me again. I have no purpose in this world. All I'll ever do is destroy. I cause pain, death… nothing more, and nothing less. The world would be a better place if I was gone," Meera told the man weakly.

He didn't let go of her though. He carried her out of the water and back into her room in the castle of Radiant Garden. He sat her down in her red chair and walked in front of her, taking her hands in his. Meera just stared at her lap, not looking at the man.

"Meera, how could you say that, let alone think it? You know how much we all care about you! You know what it would have done to us if I hadn't of been there to catch you!"

"Cloud… that's why I can't stay here anymore… and anyway, you're the only one who really cares about me… no one else does… but I won't let you die because of me Cloud. I just won't…" Meera explained to the man she could consider an older brother to her.

"Meera, you won't cause my death by being here, but you own death could cause mine. I would be grieving so much that Sephiroth would probably take it as a perfect moment to come back again, and then what would I do? Stay Meera… don't do this to yourself…" Cloud explained.

Meera looked up before jumping into Clouds arms, crying her eyes out. Cloud held her for a while before noticing her crying had stopped and her breathing was even. She was asleep.

Cloud picked her up and carried her over to her bed, tucked her in, and looking at the time. It was almost morning. Cloud quickly closed Meera's thick, black curtains and left her room, telling everyone in the castle not to bother the girl… and that's when he saw them…


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