A/N: Hello everyone! I am letting anyone know who has alerted this story or who is checking it out that IT IS BEING SLIGHTLY DISCONTINUED. But not really. I have, after not touching it for a long time, looked over it again and there are a LOT of things I don't like and I can't bring myself to work with. So, in an effort to only half way abandon my story, I am making another version.

Don't fear, because almost everything will be the same. I will be adding more description and changing some details of Meera's background, but since none of you knew about all of her background yet, it won't affect you much. One of the things I am editing, however, changes a lot in the chapters I've written, if only a little. This story has gotten me so much confidence in myself, however, that I can't bring myself to delete it!

So please, alerters and reviewers, in probably… a month? Look for The Tale of the Lost on my profile page, (or author alert me) and read it. Tell me what you think of the changes. I have awful writer's block because I lost my love for parts of this fic, so I have changed it in order to regain said love. Of course, if you are a fan of Riku and Meera's spats, I probably won't change them. Add more description? Definitely. Change some background info? Yep! But most things you know and (hopefully) love will remain the same. So please… check it out? And don't hate me! It won't be THAT different.

Thank you for your attention and please keep in mind all that I said! (This author's note will be deleted and replaced by some silly bloopers of my original version once I have the new version up.)