The Promise

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Its been 7 years since Sasuke left Konoha, her, for Orochimaru and to kill his brother Uchiha Itachi.

The wind blowing her pink long hair while it was wet by the rain.

Sakura stood on the bridge where her team used to meet up back in the days.

She gave a big sigh remembering one certain memory.


"Sasuke-kun..." sasuke stopped walking and turn around and in a surprise it was Sakura.

"Sakura-san ….why?"

"Sasuke-kun…don't leave!"

"Sakura-san…you can't do anything to stopped me!"

"Yes I can Sasuke-kun…I will kill myself" Sasuke's eyes widened while Sakura pulled a kunai out and ready to kill herself but before she stab her self Sasuke quickly stopped her from her back.

"Sakura-san…if you kill yourself…there is no reason for me to come back…"

"I know I love u Sakura-san but I just can't show it …there's to much hatred inside me and when the

hatred is gone I know I will find my love for you."

"Sasuke-kun…I will wait for you"

Sasuke hit her in the neck and catched her when she fell down and placed her slowly onto the ground and said "I promised I will come back and I know that when I come back I will be able to show you my love for you."

xxxoooxxxEND OF FLASHBACKxxxoooxxx

"Sasuke-kun…when are you gonna comeback?" she complained loudly

"now…" Sakura heard a familiar voice and thought could it be….Sasuke?. Sakura turned around and saw a taller more handsome Sasuke. Sakura ran to him and hugged him. Than to push her away and to refuse sasuke hugged her back. Sakura broke the hug and said "saskue-kun…"


"I waited for u sasuke-kun…I LOVE YOU!"

"I know and after the hatred is gone I promised you that I will find my love for you and yes I have found it." "I LOVE YOU…sakura-san!"

Sasuke held her cheeks and wiped out the tears. "sasuke-kun…I LOVE YOU TOO!"

Sasuke kissed her very passionate. Sakura broke the kiss and said " thank you…for fulfilling your promise and sasuke said "and sakura-san thank you …for waiting for me"

Sasuke and Sakura continued kissing during the rain and on that very bridge.

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