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Everyone was wearing black and it was too depressing for Brian to handle. So he went to Justin's funeral wearing blue. It was still dark, to show his respect, but he wore blue to remember Justin's eyes. As everyone filed in, he just sat and stared at the casket. Why had i dragged Justin to my car? Why couldn't I just leave Justin with Daphne and go home. Or I could have stayed with him and Daphne and had fun. But no, instead I had to take sunshine to the parking lot, Brian scolded himself

The preacher went on about loving and losing, but Brian wasn't paying attention. When everyone went to his body to say goodbye, he couldn't move, but when Daphne Chanders got up and started singing, he listened, and as he listened to the words, he cried.

Daphne's POV

When Justin didn't get back from the parking lot after Prom, I'd assumed that he's gone home with brain, so I shrugged it off and kept on dancing all-alone, When I got home at 1 AM I didn't bother to call Justin because I figured that he had spent the whole night with Brian. But when he didn't answer his cell the next morning, I started to get worried. He always answered his cell. So I called Brian's Loft, nobody picked up there. So I stopped, figuring that they were just ignoring me. So I left it alone for a while. But later that night I got a call from Michael surprisingly; he gave me the bad news. Justin was gone. Chris Hobbs took it a bit too far with his baseball Bat.

So here I am at Justin's funeral, about to sing a song that he knew that I knew he loved, even though he said he hated it.


Daphne walked through the rows of Pews up to the Altar. She stood at the stand.

"Hi, Justin Taylor was my Best friend. At school we were outcasts, at home we were practically brother and sister. He helped me when people made fun of me because I am Black, and I helped him when people picked on him because he was gay. We were like the Two Musketeers. We went everywhere together, and we told each other everything, he even told me about his first time, sorry Brian, and he knew that I knew that he loved this song, even if he said he hated it. Whenever we were sad we would sit in his room and just listen to this song together on repeat." With that she took a step back and nodded at the pianist. He started a slow tune and Daphne started.

"Playground school bell rings again

Rain clouds come to play again

Has no one told you he's not breathing?

Hello I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

Hello" tears were streaming down her face, but she kept going

"If I smile and don't believe

Soon I know I'll wake from this dream

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken" Her voice wavered, but still she plowed through

"Hello I'm the lie living for you so you can hide

Don't cry"

By this point there wasn't a dry face in the entire church.

"Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping

Hello, I'm still here

All that's left of yesterday"

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