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Summery- What if at the end of Titans Together Robin didn't get the chance to help the Titans. Instead the Brotherhood of Evil grabbed him and ran off before anyone found out he was gone. Do they want him for ransom or maybe a deal? Will the Titan's find him before its too late? Why am I asking so many Questions?

Mas and Menos just unfroze all the frozen Titans. They jumped into battle except for Robin. He was looking for Starfire to help him down. He spotted her quickly and was just about to call for her when a black hand wrapped around his mouth and another black hand grabbed his middle, pulling him away. He didn't have to look to know that the person pulling him back was Madam Rouge. When the hands were the average length of a normal person, Robin was let go of and then quickly tied up and gagged. He looked up to see Madam Rouge, Monsieur Mallah, General Immortus, and the Brain all staring down at him.

"Brain vhat are ve going to do vith him?"

"Patience. Madam. Rouge. An. Old. Friend. Wants. To. See. Him. Again. He. Has. Asked. Us. To. Meet. Him. So. He. May. See. Robin."

Robin having no idea what was going on suddenly looked freaked out. Who is this old friend of mine that the Brotherhood of Evil would take me to? Robin's thoughts were interrupted when something hard hit him in the head. He blacked out glaring up and the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile with the Titans-

The Titans had just finished taking down the villains. All except for the Brotherhood of Evil. They split up to search the remote area for them but had no luck. When they met back at the old lair, Starfire rushed over looking on the brink of tears. Raven was the first to notice her.

"Starfire what's wrong?" Raven asked trying to comfort her.

"I can not find friend Robin anywhere. And I did not see him in battle."

Realization suddenly hit the Titans as they looked among each other. Cyborg pulled out his communicator then smashed it to the ground.

"Should have remembered that the communication was terminated. Now how are we going to find him and the Brotherhood of Evil?" Cyborg mumbled pacing.

"Is it possible that the Brotherhood of Evil took Robin and we were to busy fighting to notice their disappearance?" Beastboy offered.

Everyone looked at Beastboy like he said something incredibly smart. Which he did.

"How could we have been so stupid?!" Speedy exclaimed.

"But what does the Brotherhood of Evil want with Robin?" Aqualad questioned.

Everybody was being so loud in all the commotion that Raven actually screamed for everyone to shout up. Every left to Titans Tower to help search for Robin and the Brotherhood.