"Ok, Boys. Wish me luck!" Sirius called out, the latest plan was initiating, and Sirius was scared, walking out of the dormitory, he thought of all the things that he had wanted to do before he died, and how he wished he had a will set up….

"I'm so sorry Sirius!" Peter cried back, Lupin rolled his eyes; this was just everybody overreacting, wasn't it?

"Sirius, it's simple, just keep her calm, and whatever you do, don't flirt with her! You'll be attacked by her, and slaughtered by James…" Lupin shuddered at the thought of what happens when James' rage got the better of him.

This was operation number 1. Talking to her, it's simple, thought Sirius, ignoring the butterflies flickering in his stomach, I find Lily, inform her of James' love, she then realizes that she loves James too, she runs into the castle, finds him, big smooch, get married, has a kid, live happily ever after, all thanks to the great Sirius Black… yep, he motioned, that is what I shall be known as: Sirius Black: Sex God, Genius in every aspect, and a great matchmaker….

"Will you watch where you're going, you prick!" Sirius shook out his thoughts and looked down, in front of him, was Lily Evans, the sexy, smart and incredibly… angered, crazy madwoman! This was the person James fancied, what was actually snarling away in front of him, was blazing, and roaring lunatic!

"Well say your bloody sorry then!" she glared at him with piercing green eyes, Sirius looked around him, praying for an escape route, but no, he was cornered,

"Lily!" He smiled cheerily "Just the person I was looking for…sort of…"

"What are you blithering on about?" Why the hell isn't she blinking? Thought Sirius, her eyes were really starting to scare him; they never looked away, or blinked for that matter…

"I have the most amazing offer to give you, trust me, you'll love it! Walk with me won't you?" Lily stared at him for a moment, and before she could reply, Sirius grabbed her arm, and started striding down towards the lake; Lily pushed him away, and then started patting his chest, moving lower and lower…

"What in Merlins name are you doing woman?" She still didn't stop, but instead muttered something under her breath

"I'm searching you, I know you're up to something, so I'm checking if your wired, or holding dangerous equipment…." She continued to pat his stomach, and then moved onto his legs

"Ohhh… Lily, I didn't know you could be so kinky!" In less than a second she stood upright and had slapped him

"Sweet Merlin woman!" Sirius exclaimed, but once again grabbed her arm and tugged her towards the lake

"Now, kind, sweet, smart Lily, I have an offer for you to take" Sirius smiled, teeth still clenched "You have the fantastic chance to get your reputation as a teachers pet… Totally removed!" Lily looked blank

"I'm not following you… And I'm not a teachers pet, I just happen to work harder than others!" Sirius ignored her, and carried on speaking

"Lily, If you go out with James, you shall be making a man… or boy, very happy, no seriously think about it, you,a great student, fun loving… sort of, and probably fantastic in bed, with James Potter, the child of whom all the girls, and boys fall for, of whom, I've heard is also great in bed… not as great as me of course, but still fairly average!"

Lily sighed and rolled her eyes,

"First of all, Never, ever, say that I might be great in bed, don't even imagine it, or you shall have no brain! And I will never, repeat: NEVER go out with James, never!"

She stormed of, and Sirius groaned and hit his head against a tree, muttering curses under his breath…

"Plan 2 it is then, Force…"