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Chapter 1: New Look

One day Naruto was waking up and yawned. He thought 'I have to meet Kakashi-sensei and the others at the training ground'.

He stumbled out of bed and went to the then noticed something odd in the mirror. He looked like he had when he got the power rush of chakra in the battle with Haku.

His eyes were slits and his hair had gotten red hinges in its tips. His lines on his cheeks had gotten deeper as if there was another layer and the top was just fur.

He checked for a tail. He Thanked kami (God) that he didn't.

He asked the Kyuubi what happened .The Kyuubi said, "Dunno I guess it's that time"'What time' Naruto asked confused?

My" kyuubi" (kitsune) period where your body gets an enormous flow of chakra. You see you look like that because of my chakera. Then when my chakera recedes your body will have less chakra than usual and you will probably act like the emo Sasuke if he got high off sugar. So when the stage is almost over you will act hyper and chibi.


Oh okay' Naruto said. 'But how am I supposed to go to training looking like this?

So he did the only thing he could.

He put on make-up.