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Chapter 3: The Solution

"N-Naruto?" Sakura said. Naruto said nothing. For five strait minutes everyone stared at him.

Naruto sighed and said, "you can stop staring now" he said slightly annoyed.

"What happened?" someone said (I don't know or care who I assume Kakashi sensei) they all were eager to hear the answer so they quietly waited.

He sighed and said, "I just woke up like this and I don't know how."

Sasuke sensed a flashback coming on and remembered at the chunin exam when Naruto saved him from the snake lady (Orochimaru the snake bastard). That is what Naruto looked like.

"We have to go to tsunade-sama" both Kakashi and Sakura said.

"I can't go not like this! I do have to live here you know" He retorted.

"Then grab a cape or something" Sasuke retorted. Naruto scowled and said fine.

They then left. One blond ninja under a cape covering his face. Then they reached the Hokage Tower. Tsunade said enter. She heard their footsteps. She then looked up to see a masked figure. "Who's this?" she questioned. Kakashi answered "Unfortunately, its Naruto. "Wh-What!?" Naruto removed his hood.

Tsunade's eyes widened when she saw the blond ninja. She said "Huh, so it's that time again." "Last time that happened you were chibi and had a tail and ears." "So what do you suppose I do?" "There's nothing much/more you can do" tsunade replied. "I suggest you stay with someone so if the condition goes to phase 2 then you wont have to be held in your room." "I volunteer …".(a certain gay bastard saidshiftseyesI wonder who?)Everyone stared shocked. "besides I'm curious" he continued.

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