"I can help with that," said Scorpius, walking into the room and undoing the latch on the window, which allowed a gust of cool air to circulate in the room.

"Thanks, I didn't think I'd ever rea-" she began, pausing dead in her tracks when she turned around to look up at the person who had helped her. "Oh. Um… what are you doing here?"

"I, er, came to talk to you, actually… are you busy?"

Lily looked over at the patient who she was attending, who was fast asleep and snoring away. She felt somewhat awkward seeing him again, but there weren't many chances of making an excuse not to talk to him. Part of her had been hoping he would come to talk to her, but now that he had surfaced she wished she'd had some notice to prepare herself. "No, of course not… what is it?"

"Well… before I left Hogwarts, I never gave you the chance to talk to me, or tried to talk to you about what happened between you and... I've talked to a couple of people – family members of yours – and they both told me that I was wrong about what I thought had happened. I don't know exactly what happened, but I want to know the truth… and the only way to find out is to ask you. I hope – I know that you won't lie to me. So, truthfully… what happened?"

Lily sighed, turning around to look out the window. "It was all of a piece to you a couple of months ago… but very well. Saunders asked me if I could help him with his sister's potions assignment, and I said yes. He thought we had broken up over the holidays and that I was interested in him, but that I didn't want to make the first move… so he did. He kissed me and then you showed up, simple as that."

"And you were never attracted to him in the first place?"

"Of course not. I told you that, but you wouldn't listen to me, you just walked off. Not that I'm one to talk, I suppose," she replied, remembering how she had hexed Saunders before he had a chance to explain; this just further proved the similarity between the two of them.

"So…" he began, stepping forward to take hold of one of her hands, "would you go back?"

"Hmm?" she questioned, turning around to look at him in bemusement.

"I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance to explain yourself. When I saw you two kissing I jumped to the conclusion that you wanted to, that you wanted him over me… After everything, I just couldn't believe it… I didn't want to talk to you. It hurt because you mean so much to me. And that night on patrol duty, I lashed out without knowing the full story. And for the horrible things I said – or the things I should have said, or done... I'm sorry, Lily. Would you go back to the way things were? Will you forgive me?"

Lily threw her arms around his shoulders in a tight embrace, grinning madly. "Of course I forgive you," she replied happily. "Not that you should have to apologize. You weren't to blame for what happened… I should have tried harder to make things right, talked to you after you left. But I thought it would be hopeless … I'm sorry. I should have at least tried to talk to you."

Scorpius hugged her tightly in return, lifting Lily off the floor before putting her back down; he smiled when he heard that girlish giggle he'd been missing for the past three months or so. "I forgive you too. I just can't believe it took me almost making the biggest mistake of my life just to come and talk to you… turns out my stubborn streak is almost as bad as yours."

Lily snickered. "Hey, it makes me what I am… don't pretend you don't love it," she replied, grinning cheekily.

"Of course I do," he grinned back, tucking a lock of black hair behind her ear without taking his eyes off hers. "I love you, Lily."

"I love you too, Scorpius,"

Lily stood up on her tiptoes and caressed his lips with hers, one hand tangled in his hair. She smiled into his lips as he lifted her off her feet once again, enjoying the warmth of his arms. Lily wished she'd never have to leave them. After what seemed like only seconds, but in reality had been much longer, they broke apart.

"Scorpius… before anything happens between us, I have a question for you," Lily asked, looking up at him with a grin on her face.


"Why are you wearing wedding robes?"

That day, the two of them spent Lily's lunch hour filling each other in on what they had missed out on in the past three months.

Scorpius had missed out on a lot, including her new job; Lily made sure to describe all the attractive, single Healers she had resisted in the hopes that he would come back to her. Lily had missed out on knowing about the argument Scorpius had had with her brother ("That reminds me… I'm sorry for calling you a slut, Lily… Oh, James didn't tell you? I was sure he would have… er, never mind."), the ins and outs of his job, moving back in with his parents, and his potential marriage to Aubrey.

Despite the hardships they had endured, and those still to come, both Lily and Scorpius were both ecstatic with their lives; through their troubles, either fluke or fate had brought them together again.


It was a sight he thought he'd never see, but to Scorpius' immense surprise and amusement, his father had actually consented to attend the engagement party. He had never seen his father more out of his depth than he did now at the Potters' house, surrounded by all of Lily's relatives. It was probably, Scorpius reflected, Draco's worst nightmare. But at the moment he didn't particularly care; he'd spent a life attending those irritating pureblood events and dinners with his grandparents, the only consolation for which was the exquisite food and the fact that they ended. Draco Malfoy could live through one night with the Potters and Weasleys, as far as he was concerned.

They had spent the first hour of the party inside where it was warm, sitting in chairs near the fire where Lily and Scorpius had shared their first kiss. Part of him, perhaps, had never expected them to reach this point, and he was all the more ecstatic for it. Before he had met Lily, Scorpius had never thought he would find someone to spend the next five minutes with him, let alone the rest of his life. He had changed so much as a person, and their situations had changed, but their love remained the same.

Now it was time for dinner, and all the occupants of the room were evacuating to the backyard to sit at the table that continued to grow larger with the addition of himself, his mother and father, and Teddy and Victoire's baby daughter, Marise. But before he could join them, there was a question Scorpius had been burning to ask for a long time. "Hold on a second, Rose. I need to talk to you about something,"

She nodded at him, and the others filtered out into the backyard to join their companions in raucous laughter.

"There's something I've been wondering for ages… that day when you came to see me at my office. Why did you tell me to go and say goodbye to Lily?" he questioned curiously. "Surely you knew things would have really been final if I did that."

Rose smirked mischievously. "You clearly still loved Lily. I knew you wouldn't be able to say goodbye. My suspicions were that it would in fact have the opposite effect, and I was correct."

Scorpius snickered. "I should have known you had some kind of sinister ulterior motive. But for the record, thanks for sorting me out. If it weren't for you..."

"Don't worry about it," Rose interjected, the two of them exchanging grins. "Just remember this when you two are deciding the godparents of your children, okay?"

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "I'll keep that in mind, Rose. We better get outside, just in case our fathers are at each others' throats again."

"I suppose you're right. I've already lost count of the thinly-veiled insults… and that was just the greeting."

They rejoined the rest of the group to find Draco's father looking very uncomfortable indeed. He had a very sour-looking Ron on one side (Who arranged the seating plan?, Lily wondered) and Astoria, who looked positively delighted to be there and was chatting animatedly to Ginny, on the other.

"Did you hear?" Lily was asking her cousin Lucy as Scorpius sat down next to her. "Albus is finally introducing us to his new girlfriend. He's been so secretive about it all, either she's a vampire or he's trying to keep her away from James. I'm so happy for him… but it's too late for him to win that bet we made as kids. I told him I'd get married before him." She turned to grin at her fiancée, who rolled his eyes playfully at the usual gossip-mongering of his soon-to-be-wife and in-laws.

Lily heard her mother's voice from the lounge room. "Albus, you're finally here! And here's the girl I've heard so much about. It's lovely to finally meet you."

"Albus is here! Come with me and meet his girlfriend," she said animatedly, dragging Scorpius out of his chair. "I hope she's nice."

Once they reached the entryway, both stopped dead in their tracks.

"Aubrey? What are you…? Albus?" Scorpius' jaw dropped. He'd thought about Aubrey running away with Albus, but only as a joke. How could he have been so… right? He resisted the powerful urge to rub his eyes to ensure he wasn't dreaming. They seemed to like each other when they spoke at Flourish and Blotts, and Aubrey mentioned going there often, but had they been together all this time?

"Wait a second, Aubrey was your mystery woman? The one you were sending owls to at Christmas?" Lily questioned, gob-smacked.

Albus nodded. "Her parents are very strict, so we had to keep it secret… when your parents decided to set you up," he nodded from his girlfriend to his soon to be brother-in-law, grinning, "I was sure it would be the end of things. Funny how things worked out, isn't it?"

Lily and Scorpius were both too shocked to think of something coherent to say, and luckily they were saved by James, who had come to meet Aubrey. Albus eyed his older brother suspiciously as James kissed his girlfriend on the hand, to which Lily grinned and attempted to restrain a laugh; some things just never changed. She took Scorpius' hand and led him back to their seats as the others settled into conversation with Aubrey.

"Well, I never thought I'd be seeing her again," Scorpius admitted.

Lily grinned. "I think we'll be seeing a lot more of her now. And now that she's not dating you, I don't have to hate her."

Scorpius snickered, smiling at her. He tucked a tendril of auburn hair behind her ear. "You never had anything to worry about, Lily. I love you,"

"I love you too." Lily took his hand in hers, closing her eyes as Scorpius leaned forward to captivate her with a tender kiss.

Even though the past fifteen months had inexorably lead them back to the start, Lily and Scorpius had a newfound understanding, a greater appreciation of the other that could never have been gained from what had been a perfect relationship. It was odd for them to believe that the imperfections had taught them to love each other more, but one thing was for sure; now they knew that the smallest things often have the biggest consequences, neither Lily, nor Scorpius, was willing to let a simple thing threaten their love again.

Author's Note 1: In the absence of a sequel, here is some random trivia!

Both Scorpius' grandparents passed away before Scorpius and Lily got engaged, a fact that was secretly relieving to both Scorpius and his mother, because he would surely have been disowned if they were alive.

While Draco never became fully accustomed or even accepting of his new in-laws, he learned to tolerate (and dread) Christmas dinner with them. Unfortunately he and Ron haven't stopped insulting each other, but they've become more subtle. Harry is a little more accepting of Draco than Ron is, and is very accommodating toward his son-in-law.

Lily and her mother have a monthly outing with Astoria, who had always wanted a daughter herself, but conceded that a daughter-in-law is practically the same. Lily was secretly terrified of her mother-in-law at first, believing her to be disapproving of their relationship, but a couple of questions to Scorpius proved this far from true.

James doesn't antagonize Scorpius anymore, or vice versa. While they mumbled apologies for their respective behavior, they prefer to stay out of each other's way. Albus was quite delighted with the way things turned out, but Scorpius will never get used to having Aubrey as a sister-in-law. Rose smirked the whole way through the ceremony, and constantly reminds them that things may not have turned out this way if not for her.

Scorpius finally broke the Malfoy family one-son tradition, a fact that his mother was ecstatic about, as were his mother and father in law. Draco never said it, but for him, Lily and Scorpius' two daughters signified the inevitable death of the Malfoy line. Despite this fact, along with the impure heritage further up the family tree and their trademark Weasley hair and freckles, he did learn to love his two granddaughters very dearly, even though the mental image of 'Draco Malfoy – doting grandfather' fails to materialize.

As for Lily and Scorpius, their first fight was not the last. But despite the imperfections married life, in a wizarding world where the statement 'death do us part' no longer stands forever, Lily and Scorpius were one of the couples that managed to make it work, remaining together until their last breaths.

Author's Note 2: I can't believe it's finally over. – sniff sniff. blows nose on hanky - I had a lot of fun writing this story, so I'm writing another Lily/Scorpius (first chapter now posted). I hope you'll check it out. / end shameless self-promotion

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