My second fanfic. I could use a beta if some one's interested. This is what you get when you mix insomnia, boredness, writers-block, homework, and too many crack-fics in one day. Naruto was in the training grounds alone. Then he put on a cat costume. He sang " let buy you a cat" Nine tail fox

What's your name?

Let me talk to you

Let me buy you a cat.

Then he stops and said 'I got that out my system now for some training'

He then did the summoning jutsu and jumped on the big toad's back.

The toad said, "Get off me"


'I'll give you sake'


Then the toad disappeared and Naruto downed the drink and walked to his house.

He then sang unfaithful very off key while doing 1,2,step.

Then the door was bust open by Kakashi and a girl (me). Kakashi grabbed Naruto and grabbed him and brought him to sasuke's house.

Sasuke glanced up and said 'Lee-Ann that was quick' Sasuke grabbed Naruto who was doing the robot. And dragged him to the room filled with shinobi. The nine genin, Gai's group, the sand siblings' and the jonins along with Tsunade' and Jiraya. They were playing truth or dare.

Tsunade looked up and said 'Naruto why do you look drunk?'

Naruto: '…'

Tsunade" 'who gave him sake'

Naruto: 'Toad man'

Jiraya: 'I think he was training, did the summoning jutsu, made the toad mad, and the toad wanted to get away so he gave Naruto sake, right'

Naruto: hic, 'yups!' Heehee. Then he started to leave the jonins tries to stop him he stared and said just because im drunk don't mean im stupid

Sasuke" maybe when he's drunk he smart

Naruto-damn right!

Naruto: turned into chibi naru-chan

Ladies bust into sasuke's house and say: cuuute

Naru: "help kidnapers!"

Ladies: " no one takes naru-chan but us " then they beat the crap out of the ninjas

Naru: you can go now

One of the fan woman:' okay' then they left and Naruto did they robot while the others twitched and said he is actually smart.

Naruto said: 'Sorry Hinata. Not sorry to any body else because your not nice'. Then stuck out his tongue and fainted for too much alcohol

Kakashi – 'Well that's over' Then everybody said goodbye.

"Bye and review for tinkey"

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