Title: Dirty Little Secret

Summary: When John's best friend Maria becomes involved with Shane McMahon, John senses that even though she's happy, something just isn't right. But is it jealousy or something else? WARNING: later chapters contain issues of rape. John, Maria, Trish, Randy, Shane

Chapter 1

"John!" Maria called as she ran up to the WWW Champion.

Before John could even turn around he found him jumping in his arms for a hug.

"What?" He asked smiling, but confused by her over excited behavior.

"I saw Shane." Maria said, smiling ear to ear.

John rolled his eyes.

"Great, you spoke to Helms, calm down girl." He said now starting to find her behavior amusing.

"No, Shane McMahon. You know, co-owner, heir apparent, Vince's son." She said going on and on.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Money bags, spoiled rich kid, wrestler wannbe. Yeah, I know the guy." John said as he teased Maria.

Maria slapped John in the arm.

"John, stop it. He's a nice guy." Maria insisted.

Again, John had to roll his eyes.

"I suppose. If you got breasts that is." He replied, getting one more dig in on the self proclaimed Boy Wonder.

John had known Maria for many years now and the two had developed a very close relationship. A friendly one that is. It was obvious both of them were extremely attractive and their friends never understood why the two never hooked up. For them, it was more the fear of losing what they had. Sex wasn't always a good thing between friends. It can kill a relationship and has on many occasions. That didn't change the fact though that John didn't necessarily want to hear about how smitten Maria was becoming over a guy like Shane McMahon.

"John stop it. You're just jealous." Maria said now turning her back to him and folding her arms across her chest.

"Jealous? Yeah, you're right, I do wish I had his money, but come on, have you seen the way this guy makes a ring entrance? 'Here comes the money, money, money. money, money'!" John sang as he mocked the offbeat gyrations of the owner's son.

Maria couldn't help but to laugh. John continued.

"Okay, so what happened between you and Shane that's got you all crazy?" He asked. He had to, even though he knew what her answer would be.

"He wants to have drinks with me after the show." Maria said and then standing on her tippy toes and get close to John's ear, she whispered. "He also gave me a kiss on the cheek."

John raised his eyebrow. He was glad to see that Maria was so happy, but he just wasn't sure about Shane. Not that he knew the guy beyond their boss/employee interactions backstage, but he did know he had slept with one or two of the other divas. One still on the roster and one who had left the company.

Melina and Shane had been sleeping together on and off for over a year. Everyone knew about it because Melina loved bragging about banging the boss's son. As soon as Shane heard the rumors though he quickly ended their little affair. That was only two months ago. John wondered if Shane was just trying to find another fuck toy to occupy his time while he was on the road.

The other was Trish Stratus. According to his buddy Randy, who somehow always seemed to be in on the backstage dirt, Trish had fallen head over heels for Shane when she first entered the WWE. The two did a good job of keeping their affair secret, but as soon as Trish left the company, people started wondering if maybe it had something to do with Shane. John for his part tried to ignore all the backstage drama, but now that Maria seemed to be getting involved with Shane, he thought maybe he should do some investigating on the guy. Just to make sure Maria didn't end up having her heart broken.

"Wow, that's great Maria." John said sarcastically. He'd rather she have drinks with a guy like Randy Orton.

Sure, Randy had a reputation, but John and Randy went way back. He knew Randy would never take advantage of someone like Maria. She was sweet, innocent and beautiful. He didn't want a guy like Shane getting into her pants and taking all that away.

John moved in closer to Maria now turning serious as he could tell she was a little disappointed in his reaction. She loved telling John everything and hoped that he would be happy for her. He of all people knew she needed someone after her last relationship. John was the whole reason she was actually able to get out of her relationship with Johnny, formerly known as Nitro. John was the one she spoke to for hours on the phone while he listened to her cry about how Johnny kept cheating on her. Johnny made her feel like a cheap whore and Cena didn't want to see that happen again. But Shane McMahon was nothing like Johnny in Maria's mind. He was intelligent, refined and charming. Why couldn't John see that and just be happy?

"Listen girl, I'm sorry. Just be careful. Shane has a lot of money and is used to getting his way. It's not good to mix business with pleasure." John warned.

Maria looked up at John and slowly let a smile creep through her lips. The man was absolutely gorgeous. She was lucky to have such a great friend in him.

"Thanks John." She said and then kissed him on the cheek before heading off down the hall with a huge smile on her face.

As John watched her leave he let his eyes roam over her frame. He shook his head thinking about how much he hated being the nice guy. Sure, he'd slept and used a lot of women in his time like any other superstar backstage, but Maria something special. She would never become just a cheap fuck for him, regardless of how much it killed him.

"Off to take another cold shower." He said to himself and then walked away, making a mental note to talk to Randy regarding everything he knew about Shane McMahon and Trish Stratus' relationship.

A/N: Well that's the first chapter. I'll try to make the others longer. Please let me know what you think so far. Thank you!