I Want An Adventure!

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean or its characters what-so-ever.
Summary: A reflection on Sophia's thoughts about the same old, same old.

Sophia laid her head on her arms, looking out the window made of glass too thick and metal frames too hard.

She spotted a dog and a lady walking down the street pass whisking hover cars. It was so rare that anyone would bother to take a walk anymore..

Sophia felt so tired of the same old same old. The same old white, shiny, metal everywhere. The same boring, metal walls. The same hard, fake voice of electronics…

Sophia liked the pictures of real things back in the 18th century. Beautiful dresses, knights, castles, natural scenery..


Everything was just…..made out of lifeless metal now.

Sophia was tired of holographs of fishes and animals.

Sophia was tired of "realistic" fantasy worlds and games too – Sophia was so sure that nothing would replace real things.

I've made a decision.

I'm going on a long trip somewhere.

Sophia didn't know where she was going, all she knew was one thing: she was getting off this planet made of steel.

I want something more exciting than this! Something real! I want an adventure.


Elicoor II is just perfect.
I'm going back to where I belong.
Back to him.