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Summary: Orochimaru is mysteriously reseructed and a new Sound 5 is formed, lead by Sasuke Uchiha. The old members of the Sound 5 are brought back, but Kimimaro doesn't want to be a pawn anymore and gets the others out of there. Now, with the help of Naruto, they will battle against Orochimaru and his new Sound 5. Along with the help of Kakashi, Shikamaru, Kiba, Lee, Choji, and Neji, will they be able to pull it off. And Jiraiya leads his own team on a search to find and stop Itachi and Kisame, how will they fare? And what is Tobi, aka Madara Uchihas, ultimate plan. You'll have to read to find out. Pairings: TayuyaxNaruto, OCxSasuke, LeexSakura, NejixTen, ChojixIno, GaaraxHinata, and ShikamaruxTemari. Might add a few more later. Hope you like this new story.

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Chapter 1

Battle for Time! Kimimaro vs. Sasuke!

Itachi walked slowly forward, his dark eyes glancing around the hallway, before landing on the door in front of him. He glanced back slightly to see that Kisame was almost there as well. "What do you think leader-sama wants?" the shark faced man asked.

"Not sure," Itachi answered. He opened the doors slightly to see the dark silhouette of the leader standing in the darkness.

"Aw, Kisame and Itachi, so glad you could make it," the Akatsuki leader said.

"Is there something you would like for us to do leader-sama?" Itachi asked simply.

"We have word of where the Kyuubi brat is," the leader replied.

"Oh, really?" Itachi questioned.

"Yes, he is in a village outside of sound territory," the leader said. "And we have reason to believe that Sasuke is currently in the sound, so I can see that the brat will go after his friend."

"You have a point," Kisame nodded. "That little brat always cares about others besides himself."

"I want you two to go after him," the leader commanded.

"Do we have to," Kisame whined. "I thought we would get a break."

"Remember, there are only 6 of us left," the leader commented. "We have to all pitch in."

"Leader-sama has a point," Itachi agreed. "Fine, we'll go after the brat."

"Why don't you send Zetsu, and that annoying Tobi?" Kisame asked.

"They have...other plans," the leader answered.

"Fine, let's go," Kisame grunted. The two did a single hand seal and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Was it wise sending them," a voice spoke softly from behind the leader.

"Zetsu doesn't fight as much as we do," the leader said. "And I don't want to send you out into the battle, it would end too quickly for my taste." He turned around and came face to face with the weird design of Tobi's mask.

"Aw, you care about me," Tobi said with a child like voice.

"Yeah, yeah," the leader sighed. "Why do you wear that mask anyway?"

"Simple, don't want people to know who I am, isn't that why we wear masks?" Tobi asked.

"Whatever, so, what do we do about Orochimaru?" the leader asked.

"You mean the newly resurrected Orochimaru?" Tobi clarified.

"Yes, that' what I mean Madara," the leader said shortly. Tobi lifted up his hand and removed the mask, revealing eyes that poses the Sharingan. He had black hair, and eyes that looked like Sasuke's own. The rest of his body was covered by his Akatsuki cloak.

"My dear Pein, I say we don't even worry about him," Madara said.

"Why, he could become a thorn in our plan," Pein growled.

"Our plan? If I'm not mistaken, this is my organization, and this is my plan," Madara growled, his Sharingan eyes glaring at the man.

"By all accounts, they think I'm the leader," Pein began.

"And I give a rat's ass why?" Madara asked, his eyes turning away from the man. "Besides, I'm sure that little kid will get rid of Orochimaru for good this time. He's got the Kyuubi after all."

"Maybe your right," Pein conceited.

"I'm always right," Madara grinned. He lifted his mask back up onto his face before doing a hand seal. "So long Pein, I have some business else well. I sure hope you can get the brat, it would mean so much to me." Tobi then disappeared from the room leaving a nervous Pein behind.

"Don't worry leader, I'll make sure we get the Kyuubi brat," Pein said softly. He walked over to his desk, which was littered by nine cards, eight of which had red "X"'s marked on them. He lifted up the only card which wasn't marked, and grinned slightly. The picture was of Naruto. "You'll soon be ours...Naruto-kun."


"It's good to be alive," Orochimaru said softly. His eyes glanced down at his newly revived body, and a snake like grin formed. "This is fucking awesome."

"Calm down Orochimaru," Kabuto said simply.

"Don't tell me what to do Kabuto," Orochimaru growled. "Besides, are the 3 new recruits for the sound 5 here yet?"

"Yes they are. I sent them back to see Sasuke-kun," Kabuto replied.

"Good, I hope Sasuke gets rid of that team he has," Orochimaru said as he walked forward a little bit.

"I'm sure he will, by the way, what's with the corpses?" Kabuto asked.

"I want the Sound 5 to be able to train with someone," Orochimaru answered. "Why not the original members?"

"Guess that will be as good as any," Kabuto agreed.

"I knew it would be," Orochimaru grinned. "Now, get everything ready, and once you've done that, bring Sasuke and the other three here, I would like them to start right away."

"Right Orochimaru-sama, I'll get on it," Kabuto bowed. He quickly began to move around the room, and prepared the center for the jutsu that was about to be used. Once he was done, he left the room and headed to find Sasuke. Orochimaru grinned as he began to do the hand seals with his new body.

"Time for some fun," Orochimaru grinned as he slapped his hands together. "Forbidden Jutsu! Reanimation!" he commanded. Five coffin looking things began to rise, the corpses disappearing. "Time to awaken my ninja." He let out a soft laugh, as the jutsu continued, his chakra exiting his body at a rapid pace, hoping to complete the jutsu in a few seconds.


Kabuto stopped in the doorway as he saw the backs of the three members of Sasuke's recent team. "I'm sorry to say team, but this is the end," Sasuke said simply.

"What!" Juugo yelled. What do you mean?! There is still stuff to do!"

"I know, but you guys won't be apart of it," Sasuke smirked.

"I don't get it Sasuke-kun," Karin commented.

"This," was Sasuke's simple answer. He snapped his fingers, and the three members turned when they heard footsteps. When Juugo turned fully around a hand was closing around his face, and lifting him into the air.

"One down," the mysterious figure said. He brought his knee up and smashed Juugo's ribs, and then threw him into the wall with so much force, that it left a huge crater. Juugo was dead on impact.

"The fuck!" Suigetsu cried once he saw Juugo beaten so easily. He then glanced to see another figure standing before him. This figure had long black hair, and dark eyes. His shit was ripped in places, and he had some weird bumps on his hands. "Who the fuck are you?!"

"My name is Bladeno," the small figure replied. He then lifted a hand to point at the larger figure, who had short red hair, and huge muscles, a curse seal was visible on his neck, just like Bladeno. "He is Bullern." Bladeno then lifted up his arms, and a huge amount of blades extended from different parts of the arms. "And this is the end." He then charged forward, and decapitated Suigetsu before he even knew what was happening. Karin saw all this and fell down onto the floor, her eyes wide with fear. She could feel their chakra, and knew that they had a lot of it. These guys were no push overs, and she was scared.

"My, are you scared little one," a voice said mockingly. She glanced to the side to see a female girl with pale skin and purple lips. Her hair was colored blue, and she reminded Karin of Sakon/Ukon. Karin then glanced at Sasuke fear in her eyes.

"W-Why? I thought you loved me?" Karin questioned. Sasuke gave a short laugh as he began to walk pass the pale girl.

"Love you? I only love those who are strong, just like this girl right here. Right, Meakon?" Sasuke asked the pale girl.

"Of course Sasuke-kun," Meakon smiled. She then lifted a vial, which had a purple substance filled inside, and threw it into the air, "Puppet Summoning Jutsu!" The vial broke into smoke, and after a while it was replaced by a puppet with two simple arms, and some holes around its body. There were a set of chakra strings that went to Meakon's fingers. She smiled slightly as she moved two of her fingers, and in a second the puppet was holding two long swords. "So long dork face." She then moved her hand in a fast motion and the puppet shot at Karin with so much speed. "Puppet Kenjutsu! Two Hit Strike!" The puppet slashed Karin, before heading back to its master. When the others gazed at the body, it had two long and bloody gashes on her body. Blood littered the ground, as well as some of her intestines. "Well, that's that."

"Good work as always," Sasuke smiled as he walked up to Meakon and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. He then glanced to the side to see Kabuto standing in the doorway. "Is everything ready?"

"Yes Sasuke-kun, Orochimaru-sama would like for you four to come immediately," Kabuto said.

"Very well," Sasuke nodded. "Shall we team."

"Hai!" the new recruits chanted as they walked out of the room. Bullern followed Kabuto, while Bladeno trailed behind the big man. Sasuke had his arm around Meakon, who was busy fiddling with a small puppet. A few minutes later they entered they large circular room which Orochimaru was in. They five ninja looked at the center to see another five figures, looking around with confusion. The fiery red head was the first to speak.

"How the fuck did we get here?!" she yelled.

"Easy now Tayuya, no need to get violent," Orochimaru chuckled.

"Orochimaru-sama," the tall white headed boy whispered. He had his chest bare, revealing his pale skin.

"Kimimaro-kun, I welcome you back," Orochimaru smirked.

"What do you want?" the blue haired pale boy asked. Coming out of his neck was another wad of blue hair, which symbolized his brother, Ukon. Sakon, the one who was awake, glanced around the room, his eyes widening when he saw Meakon looking at him with a wide smirk. "Sister," he whispered, which woke up Ukon.

"You mean Meakon?" Ukon asked. He moved his body a little bit out of his brother's body, his eyes turning toward the girl. "It is sister."

"I see you guys know each other," Kabuto commented.

"Yeah," was Sakon's simple reply.

"So, can we get down to why you have brought us back to life?" Kidomaru, the spider like ninja, asked.

"Sure, I want you five to be simple sparring partners for the new Sound 5," Orochimaru answered. Kimimaro tensed at this, and his mind flooded with what Gaara of the desert said back during their fight.


"So, you are nothing more than a brainwashed boy," Gaara commented, his eyes focusing on the weapon that was pushing its way through his shield.

"Shut up, you know nothing about Orochimaru-sama!" Kimimaro yelled.

"He's just using you," Gaara spoke calmly. Kimimaro gritted his teeth as he began to push harder against the shield, trying to get to the red head before him.

"Shut the fuck up! You know nothing!" Kimimaro continued to scream. The weapon, known as the flower, the hardened form of the strongest bone in the body, finally broke. Leaving a giant crater in the Shukaku Shield that Gaara was using. "That's strong."

End Flashback

Kimimaro remembered the outcome and shuddered at the memory. He almost killed Gaara, if it wasn't for his damn illness, he would have killed that fucker. "So, you are just using us?" Jirobo, the largest member of the previous Sound 5, questioned.

"Ah, don't you trust me," Orochimaru chuckled. Kimimaro growled slightly as a sharp bone formed out of his left shoulder blade. He then ripped it out, creating a hard bone type sword. He then aimed it at Orochimaru, an evil look on his face.

"Gaara was right, you were just using me, you don't care about any of us," Kimimaro continued to snarl.

"My dear Kimimaro-kun, what's gotten into you?" Orochimaru asked, a small smile on his face.

"I won't listen to your lies anymore," Kimimaro snarled. He then glanced to the other members of his team who had wide eyes. "Sakon, get the others out of here." Sakon broke out of his stupor and turned to the last survivor of the Kaguya clan.

"What? What about you?" Sakon questioned.

"Just go, I'll hold them off," Kimimaro commanded. "We won't be Orochimaru's pawns any longer.

"You heard the bone freak," Tayuya said. "Let's get out of here. For once I agree with the bone freak." Tayuya then turned and began to move. "Come on fatass, spider freak, and two headed freak." The others sighed, but reluctantly followed after her running at top speed. Sakon turned back briefly. 'I hope you'll be behind us.' Kimimaro watched them go before turning back to the ones in front of him.

"Now, who wants to die first?" Kimimaro asked. Meakon summoned one of her puppets, and glanced at where her brothers were heading.

"I rather kill my brothers," Meakon smirked. She then shot her hand out, making her puppet sail after the retreating ninja. The puppets arm turned into a giant blade and prepared to strike at them. Kimimaro saw this and began to harden his right hand's finer bones. He then aimed it at the puppet and smirked.

"Finer Bullet Drill!" Kimimaro commanded. The five finger bones shot out and pierced the puppet, destroying it.

"Damn you fucking bone wielding bastard!" Meakon cursed as she glared at Kimimaro with hatred. "I'll fucking kill you!" Before she could summon another puppet, Sasuke placed a hand on her arm.

"Allow me," Sasuke said. He got in front of Meakon, and got into a fighting stance.

"This should be interesting, I always wanted to fight you Sasuke Uchiha," Kimimaro grinned.

"Then bring it," Sasuke said simply. He charged forward and sent a kick at Kimimaro's stomach. Before the kick landed, Kimimaro's ribcage bones hardened and created a kind of shield that blocked the attack, and then sent the Uchiha flying backwards. Kimimaro smirked as he pulled another bone shaped sword out of his right shoulder.

"Dance of the Willow!" Kimimaro commanded. He ran forward and jumped at Sasuke, slashing downward, hoping to end the battle. Sasuke drew his own sword and blocked the attack. Kimimaro landed on the ground and rolled to the side to dodge another attack from Sasuke. He then did a roll backwards before jumping back up and doing a front flip forward, slashing to the side with his left hand weapon. Sasuke blocked it with his sword, and then ducked to dodge a kick from the bone user. Kimimaro growled as he twisted around, and kicked Sasuke's feet from under him. Sasuke caught himself and quickly skid backwards to dodge the two blades as they smashed into the ground.

"You're pretty skilled," Sasuke commented as he sheathed his sword and got ready for the next round.

"So are you," Kimimaro grinned. He placed his two swords back into his shoulders and readied his hands. Sasuke ran forward and did a few hand seals.

"Fire Style! Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" Sasuke commanded. He shot a wave of fireballs at Kimimaro, who dodged them barely, his eyes focusing on Sasuke. In mid doge he aimed his left hand at Sasuke.

"Finer Bullet Drill!" Kimimaro commanded. The attack shot at Sasuke who barely dodged it, not noticing that Kimimaro shot another round at him. Sasuke rolled to the side and jumped backwards, avoiding the onslaught. Kimimaro panted heavily as he glared at Sasuke. "I'm going to end this! Dance of Seedling Fern!" Kimimaro placed his hands on the ground and in an instant a giant forest of bone spikes that began to fill around the area and head towards Sasuke. Sasuke jumped into the air to dodge the spikes, landing on an untouched ground before jumping onto the wall, and sticking there. He ran to where the bone spikes didn't appear and jumped onto that small piece of ground.

"That was close," Sasuke said with a grunt. Kimimaro glared at him, anger in his eyes. He then coughed up blood, which made his eyes grow wide.

"W-What, it can't be," Kimimaro muttered.

"It seems that when I brought you back, I brought you back with your illness," Orochimaru laughed. Kimimaro watched Sasuke closely as the Uchiha did a few hand signs.

"Fire Style! Fire Ball Jutsu!" Sasuke commanded. The fire attack shot forward and began to melt the bone on impact. Kimimaro lifted his arms in defense, and felt the fire attack collide into him with so much force. The rest of the bone forest then disappeared as Kimimaro was shot across the ground. "Time to finish this," Sasuke smiled. Kimimaro got into a kneeling position and began to breathe heavily. He glanced at Sasuke, and saw him do a few hand signs. A few seconds later the Uchiha was holding a ball of electricity in his left hand. Kimimaro backed up slightly as Sasuke charged at him, his left hand ready to finish the battle. Kimimaro closed his eyes as he waited for the inevitable.

'I hope you guys got out of here all right,' Kimimaro whispered in his mind. 'I hope you all find a better life now that you aren't tied to Orochimaru.' Kimimaro stopped his talking in his mind, and waited for the inevitable attack. Blood splattered the ground as the room fell silent, the sound of the Chidori ending as well.

Sakon: We must escape the sound, just like Kimimaro wanted. But with all the people chasing us, it'll be a wonder if we escape.

Kidomaru: Don't worry, we'll get out of here, we are the Sound 5 after all.

Ukon: Used to be the Sound 5, now were nothing but ordinary ninja's idiot.

Tayuya: Shut the fuck up and let's just get out of here.

Naruto: Next time: "Escape the Sound!"

Sakon: I hope Kimimaro catches up.

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