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Chapter 6

I'm Not Weak! Jirobo's Determination!

"So? Are we going to fight, or have a staring contest?" Bullern chuckled as he asked those questions.

"What's a matter with you?" Jirobo asked as he moved slightly to the left, his eyes never leaving Bullern.

"Oh, just bored that's all," Bullern answered. "I think I'll kill you now."

"I don't think so," Jirobo growled. At the same time, the two ninja ran at each other and sent a hard punch to the others face. Bullern caught Jirobo's fist with ease, and landing a punch of his own. Bullern then lifted Jirobo up by the arm and tossed him over his shoulder, hard into the rocky ground. "Man, that hurt," the big ninja grumbled.

"You're so light on your feet," Bullern laughed. He then did a few hand seals and touched the ground. "Earth Style! Underground Dragon Jutsu!" Jirobo heard some rumbling shortly after that was said, and glanced down to see the earth part way, and a mouth belonging to what resembled a stone dragon shot out of the ground.

"Fuck," Jirobo grunted. He was standing on a lone pillar as the mouth began to rapidly encase him. The cursed seal on his body began to activate, and he was covered in black markings. He then lifted up his arms to either side, and stopped the mouth from moving forward.

"Damn," Bullern growled as Jirobo shattered the dragon's mouth. "I didn't know your 1st level of the cursed seal would give you that much strength."

"You'll be surprised," Jirobo laughed.

"I guess I am," Bullern nodded to himself. "I mean, Orochimaru-sama said you were the weakest member of the Sound 4, that anyone could defeat you." Jirobo growled at that and glared hard at the big man.

"You better shut the hell up, I'm not weak!" Jirobo exclaimed.

"Whatever," Bullern muttered. "Why don't you prove it then?"

"I will," Jirobo challenged. He put his hands together and began to gather chakra. He then shoved his hands into the earth, and pulled up a huge part of the landmass, which he formed into a giant boulder. Bullern took a step back as he stared at the boulder.

"That looks like it could hurt," Bullern commented.

"Well, you tell me," Jirobo smirked. "Mud Cannonball!" He then tossed the boulder at the big man.

"Bring it on!" Bullern screamed. His cursed seal began to glow, right as the boulder made contact, sending up a huge cloud of dust.


Jiraiya stopped outside the hotel, and took a quick look around. "I wonder if anyone has seen them come through here?" he wondered to himself.

"Well, should we ask someone?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, maybe," Jiraiya grunted. "I just don't want to really start a stampede so soon. Everyone knows about the Akatsuki, especially Itachi."

"You may be right," Sakura nodded.

"I say we check into the hotel, and then ask around," Ino commented.

"At least it's a plan," Shino nodded in a monotone sounding voice. Hinata ran her hand through her long violet hair and pondered slightly.

"The tower is somewhere that way, right?" Hinata asked as she pointed into a general direction. The other members of the Konoha 11 still thought it weird that she can talk without stuttering now.

"What's the point?" Ino asked.

"If I remember right, an old friend of the Hyuuga clan is somewhere in that direction, not to far from this village," Hinata replied.

"Point?" Shino wondered.

"Well, if they went that way, maybe they saw which direction they were heading from this point," Hinata said. "And since they are a friend of ours, we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room."

"Good plan," Jiraiya nodded. "Okay Hinata, lead us to this friend of yours."

"Hai," Hinata said with a nod. The group then began to walk through the village, hoping they would close in on Itachi and Kisame's trail eventually.


Jirobo waited for the smoke to clear, and when it did, he was surprised to see Bullern standing in the middle of a huge crater, his fist in the air. Surrounding the fist was an aura of dark chakra. "That was close," Bullern mumbled as he lowered his arm. The man now had black markings all over his body, giving him a demonic look.

"Damn, I can't believe you stopped that," Jirobo grumbled. "Well, no matter, try stopping this." He did a few hand seals before touching the ground. "Earth Release Barrier: Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness!" A dome of earth began to surround Bullern, and encase him in the confines. "I'm a little hungry for your chakra." Jirobo smirked as the dome began to glow blue and enter into this arms that were connected to the prison. Bullern sighed as he did a few hand seals.

"I'll show you right now how weak you are," Bullern hissed. "Earth Style! Stone Cannon Shot!" A giant boulder of stone lifted out of the ground and aimed at one particular point in the prison. It then shot out, and created a huge explosion of dust. When the smoke cleared, Jirobo was on his side, blood pouring down his body.

"That…can't…be," Jirobo breathed as he got into a standing position.

"I told you, you are weak," Bullern laughed.

"Take that back!" Jirobo yelled in frustration. He got into his Achiever of Nirvana Fist fighting style and prepared to attack. He then ran forward and thrusted his palm at the big ninja. Bullern grinned slightly as he grabbed Jirobo's arm, stopping the attack. Jirobo growled as he prepared to lift his knee to kick Bullern in the ribs. The big ninja saw this, and lifted up his own foot and slammed it into Jirobo's knee. He let out a grunt of pain as the bones broke slightly. Bullern then lifted him up into the air, so that Jirobo was over himself. Bullern then turned him horizontal, and then put his other hand onto his legs, so it looked like he was about to break the orange haired ninja.

"Now, time to have a little fall," Bullern laughed. He then took Jirobo back and tossed him into the biggest boulder in the room, making it collapse around him. "I'm a little tired from all the chakra I've been exerting in countering your every attack." He then did some hand seals as he walked forward towards the rubble. "Mind if I eat some of yours." He touched the ground, and a dome began to form around the pile of earth. "Earth Release Barrier: Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness!" Once the dome was finished, Bullern wasted no time in absorbing the chakra, a small smile forming on his lips. He had won.


Hinata ran ahead of the group as she saw the small hut near the first major hill outside the village. "There it is," she said excitedly.

"Well, let's go see the verdict," Jiraiya said. The group headed up the hill and towards the hut. On the front porch was an old man with light grey hair, reaching at little under his shoulders. He had a neatly trimmed beard, and was currently rocking in the rocking chair.

"Old man Jesbian!" Hinata called as she ran over to the man. He got up slowly, a grin spreading over his face.

"If it isn't little Hinata-chan," the man spoke in a raspy voice. "My how you've grown." He bent forward and gave her a warm hug. He then turned to the others. "Are these friends of yours?"

"Yes, we are currently on a mission," Hinata told the man.

"Oh, so you would need a place to rest, well, our house is always open," Jesbian smiled. He motioned for the others to go inside, which they obliged. He then followed shortly after.

"Man, you're looking pretty Hinata-chan," an old woman said happily.

"Thank you Lilian," Hinata said with a grin.

"So, what can we do to help out with your mission?" Jesbian asked.

"We are looking for two missing ninja who were heading this way," Jiraiya replied.

"Hmm…what did they look like?" Jesbian asked again. Jiraiya fumbled in his pockets for a brief second, before handing the old man a picture of the two ninja.

"They are Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki," Jiraiya explained.

"I do remember seeing the shark faced man, and I'm guessing the other one was the deadly Itachi Uchiha, killer of the Uchiha clan," Jesbian groaned.

"So, you saw them old man Jesbian?" Hinata asked.

"Yes, they were heading a little northeast from here," Jesbian mused.

"I see," Jiraiya nodded.

"They must be planning to attack the tower from the mountain side," Shino mused.

"Yes, you're right about that Shino," Jiraiya nodded.

"Well, we can't move again until morning, and I bet they will stop for the night as well," Sakura suggested.

"Yeah, Sakura is right," Tenten nodded in agreement.

"I know," Jiraiya sighed. "Okay, we will stay here for the night, if that isn't a problem Jesbian and Lilian?"

"No problem, just make your self at home," Lilian smiled.

"Don't worry," Ino said. Jiraiya got up slowly and headed for the door.

"Where are you going Jiraiya-sama?" Tenten asked, trying to be polite to one of the legendary sannin.

"I'm going to do some research back in the town," Jiraiya answered truthfully.

"Research for what?" Tenten asked.

"Oh, uh…a book," Jiraiya muttered. Before Jiraiya could make it out the door, a chakra enhanced punch smashed him in the head, sending him straight through the door and onto the porch.

"Sakura!" Tenten cried in shock.

"That was one of the sannin!" Ino and Hinata shrieked.

"Hn," was all Shino could think to say, as he kind of figured why Sakura punched the daylights out of the old man.

"I don't care, I'm not going to stand for his perverted antics," Sakura huffed. She turned quickly around and marched farther into the house. The others turned to Jiraiya as he struggled to get up. Jiraiya then dashed down the hill, hoping to not summon the wrath of the deadly Sakura. Hell hath no fury like a woman who hates perverts.

"Why did Tsunade have to train her," Jiraiya groaned as he ran into the village.


Jirobo opened his eyes slowly as he felt his chakra leaving his body. "Damn it all," he muttered as he glanced around the dome. "I wonder, was he right, were they all right?" Jirobo closed his eyes again, as memories of the past began to flood his mind.


A young Jirobo stood in the middle of the rain, his fist clenched tightly into fists. "Why?" he mumbled. "Why am I so weak?" He began to walk again, until he heard soft laughter, he glanced up to see a pale faced man with yellow slits for eyes, similar to a snakes. "W-Who are you?" Jirobo asked nervously.

"I'm the answer to your prayers," the weird looking man replied. "I know how you are always picked on by the others, calling you weak and pathetic. That you shouldn't even try to be a ninja."

"You were spying on me!" Jirobo yelled. The man laughed as he took a step forward.

"Don't worry little one, I can make you truly strong, and you'll be able to make those kids who tormented you pay," the man chuckled. "The name is Orochimaru by the way."

"O-Orochimaru…sama," Jirobo breathed. "My name is Jirobo, and I want to become strong, really strong."

"Then come with me," Orochimaru suggested. He extended his hand, which Jirobo took, and the tall man guided him out of the hell whole from where he was born.


Jirobo grunted as he was pounded into the ground by two different fists. He gazed up to see Sakon and Ukon leering down at him. "Man, I thought Orochimaru-sama said you would be worth a challenge."

"Stop patronizing the weak fucker," Tayuya commented from her position on the wall.

"Ladies shouldn't speak like that," Jirobo grumbled.

"Hahaha!" Kidomaru laughed as he walked into the room. "Someone actually commented on that. He has more guts than you thought Sakon, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess you are all right then if you are brave enough to speak to Tayuya like that," Sakon laughed as he helped the big boy off the floor. "If you want, I can give you some pointers in taijutsu."

"Sure Sakon," Jirobo grinned. Tayuya was fuming at how they were talking about her.

"I'm sick and tired of you fuckers, I'm going to go train by myself," Tayuya growled as she stomped away. "I'll also kick your ass next time I see you! You fucking weakling!" Jirobo sighed as he sat on the ground slowly.

"She's right," Jirobo mumbled.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we could make you strong enough to prove Tayuya wrong," Sakon said. Jirobo nodded as they began to train.


Kimimaro turned around quickly, and gazed up at the 4 people on the balcony. "What is your choice? To obey or die?"

"You're going to be the one to die!" Sakon exclaimed.

"Yeah!" the others shouted in unison as they jumped at the white haired teen. A few seconds later, Jirobo and Kidomaru were knocked out, while Tayuya and Sakon were on their knees, breathing heavily. All of their cursed seals activated.

"Last chance," Kimimaro said softly. "Obey or die?" Sakon and Tayuya glanced at each other before bowing to the superior being.

'I can't believe I lost,' Jirobo grumbled into his mind, unaware of what was happening outside. 'Why can't I ever beat anyone?' Kimimaro nodded to himself as his cursed seal disappeared completely. He then left the room, leaving the battered ninja behind him.


Jirobo breathed heavily as he glanced up at the boy hovering above him. Said ninja was currently in his cursed seal level 2 form. The other boy in question was fat, and had brown hair, his headband having blown off sometime ago. He had blue chakra extending from his body, giving him the look of a butterfly to some extent. This particular boy had punched him over and over, counting down everything that Jirobo has done to hurt him. "This is bad," Jirobo mumbled. "Anything else you need to growl at me about?"

"You ate the last chip," Choji grumbled. He lifted his fist in the front of him, and had chakra flowing around him. "This fist is heavier than life!" He then punched Jirobo hard into the chest, creating a huge crater. Jirobo coughed up blood as he died right their, under the power of the new and approved Choji, the supposed weakest of the group.


"You're weak!" the villagers exclaimed as their image came into focus.

"Do us a favor and die weakling!" Tayuya exclaimed, the other members of the Sound 4 also voicing their agreement.

"Obey or die you weaklings," Kimimaro muttered as he came into focus.

"I'll prove to you I'm not weak! You are weak!" Choji roared.

"Die you fucking Weakling!" Bullern muttered, his image coming into focus last. Jirobo growled as he saw the different images.

"I'm not weak…I'm not weak…I'M NOT WEAK!" Jirobo roared. He closed his eyes and expanded his chakra to destroy everyone around him. "I'LL PROVE YOU ALL WRONG!"

End Flashback

Jirobo snapped open his eyes as he felt more chakra enter into his body, he slowly got up and panted, his eyes turning into slits as he activated the last level of his cursed seal. His skin turned from pale to light red, his mohawk growing out, and becoming something like a mane down his back. He grunted as he got back into his Achiever of Nirvana Fist fighting style. He ran forward and began to thrust his palms into one single point, making it start to crack. With one final thrust, he pushed out of the dome, making it collapse behind him. "What! How can you get that much energy to break the dome?"

"I'll prove it to everyone! I'm not weak!" Jirobo roared. He charged forward and thrusted his palm out, which was too quick for Bullern to block. He got hit several times by different palm thrusts, as well as a few knee shots. Bullern spit out blood as he backed up slowly.

"Too fast," Bullern mumbled. Jirobo then put his hands together and slammed his right fist into the ground.

"Earth Barrier: Raging Wave!" Jirobo commanded. The ground under Bullern exploded with chakra, and sent the big man flying backwards to the middle of the room. Jirobo laughed as he began to walk towards him, not noticing the slight smirk on Bullern's face. "Done yet?" Jirobo asked with amusement as he approached the downed man. "I think I'll kill you anyway though."

"I don't think so," Bullern hissed. "I'm done playing around with you." The rest of the cursed seal began to surround the man as he began to change. His skin became a dark brown color, as his short hair became a little wild as it grey all around his head, giving him the look of a mop head. His muscles bulged, and his size grew to at least 3 times his normal size. "I feel fucking great!" Jirobo backed up slightly as he stared at the new Bullern in front of him. "Now, I think I'll kill you instead." He moved so fast that Jirobo couldn't even see, and before the red skinned ninja could react, Bullern was holding him up by the neck.

"Damn," Jirobo grumbled as his eyes darted down to stare at the ninja that was holding him.

"There are some things I should explain to you before I kill you," Bullern laughed. "First, the style I've been using so far has been a defense and counter type style. It's called Achiever of Nirvana Defense." Jirobo's eyes widened as he heard that name. "Yes, it's the brother of the fighting style you use. But, unlike you, I can switch between the two different fighting styles quickly." He took his right fist back, the one not holding Jirobo's neck, and began to use the chakra to cover his fist in stone. "Now, I'll kill you with one of my strongest moves. Stone Fist of Nirvana!" Bullern swung his fist, and Jirobo closed his eyes, waiting for the end to come.

"Meat Tank!" a voice exclaimed from somewhere to the right of Bullern. He stopped the attack, and turned to see a giant light red and grey armored boulder rolling towards him.

"Damn," Bullern muttered. He threw Jirobo to the side and flexed his fingers together.

"Limited Strength of Nirvana!" Bullern commanded. His muscles grew instantly, and he was able to stop the giant boulder in its tracks. "Still strong."

"You left your guard open!" Jirobo exclaimed as he charged towards Bullern. He glanced to the side briefly as he saw a palm thrust into his face. He then let go of the boulder as he was sent flying through the room, smashing into the boulder a few feet in front of the wall. The ball then turned into its normal form. Choji now had wild brown hair, and wore a light red shirt, he also wore some grey knee guars, arm guards, shoulder guards, and even a chest type guard, which didn't cover his entire stomach. The Akamichi symbol in the center of the grey chest armor. "Thanks for the assistance," Jirobo said with a bow.

"Don't mention it, Kakashi said that you were helping Naruto, so it's only natural," Choji said.

"Where is the rest of your team?" Jirobo asked.

"Going to help the others," Choji replied.

"Then, we should try to become friends so we can take this guy down once and for all, and then go help the others," Jirobo suggested.

"Sure, we can get to know each other after we kill this guy as well," Choji smirked.

"Right," Jirobo said in agreement. They turned to see Bullern get himself off the ground. Blood was dripping down from the spot where Jirobo had hit him. His hands were also bruised, as well as his muscles being normal again.

"I won't lose, not to fuckers like yourselves!" Bullern shouted. All humor and amusement gone from his personality. The true battle had begun.

Choji: You can't defeat us, so don't try.

Bullern: I'll kill both of you fatasses!

Choji: What did you call me! No one calls me fat! I'm going to tear you to shreds!

Naruto: Next time: Who You Calling Fat?! Choji's Assault!

Choji: Get ready to die!