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The next day at lunch, Newt walked over to Meena. "Hey, Meena. So, have you been hanging with that Lilly girl?"

"Yeah. She sort of hangs out with me grudgingly, and she doesn't really want to be friends. I try to talk to her, but whenever I ask her how she is, she seems upset. I think her home in Malibu is a touchy subject."

Newt just came right out and said it. 'So, she doesn't want friends, huh? Do you think she wants a boyfriend?"

"A boyfriend? I don't-" Then it hit her. "But Newt, you're dating Jessica! And you hardly even know Lilly!"

"I know, and I'd like to. So do you think she'd want to hang out sometime?"

"Well, she's over there," Meena said, pointing to a nearby table. "Why don't you go ask her yourself?"

And Newt did just that. But this time he wasn't as direct. "Hi, Lilly," he said. Lilly waved.

"So, what are you doing this weekend," Newt asked.

Lilly's heart fluttered. Is he asking me out?

"Oh, nothing. I can talk to my friends Miley and Oliver, but only for half-hour each." She looked down at the table.

"So, do you want to go to a movie sometime?" Newt asked, and immediately regretted it. He knew that he should have taken a less direct approach. But to his relief Lilly nodded eagerly.

"Great! So, when are you free?"

"Oh, how about Saturday afternoon?" Lilly said, barely controlling herself. She was so excited.

Newt was barely controlling himself as well. "So, I'll pick you up at three?"

Lilly nodded. "That sounds good." The bell rang just then, so they had to leave.


In science, Newt gave Meena a thumbs-up, and she knew what it meant. She was a little surprised. She couldn't quite realize why Lilly would want to hang out with Newt and not her. But especially why she would not want to hang out with her. When they sat together at lunch the day before, Lilly wouldn't talk about her home, but she did talk a lot about her friends, particularly a lot of special times they had. She got the point; Lilly had friends, she missed her friends, and she didn't want new friends. But no one could survive a public school without friends who are actually there, and Lilly had yet to learn that.

But none of that explained why she wanted to hang with Newt. Newt was just as nice and friendly. There was no reason why she should favor Newt to her. But then Meena remembered something Lilly told her once. She said she'd had five boyfriends in the past two years. Obviously she was boy crazy.

Meena began fitting the pieces together. Lilly didn't want friends because she already had them, but she had a crush on Newt, and apparently she didn't have a boyfriend when she left Malibu. Newt had a crush on Lilly, but couldn't date her because he was already dating Jessica. Meena knew that Newt would have to solve his problem on his own, but she might be able to help Lilly out.


Later that night, Lilly opened up her webcam. "Miley!" she said.

"Hey there, Lilly. So what's going on in Washington?"

"Well," Lilly began. "A girl is trying to be my friend, but I won't let her." Miley smiled. "I've got a lot of homework to do, and the hottest guy in the world invited me to the mall on Saturday! What about you?"

"Well, aren't you a lucky duck. And boy, do I have great news for you! Hannah's having a concert in Washington DC in three weeks, and I've got tickets and backstage passes for you!" She held them up.

"Wow, how many times have I told you I'm so happy you're my best friend?" Lilly asked.

"Oh, only a thousand times a week," Lilly grinned. "But I never get sick of hearing it. So, tell me more about this boy!"

"Well, his name is Newt Livingston. He's really nice and sweet, and no smarter than I am. He's got short, blond hair, but he looks like a girl from behind. I'm really excited to go out with him!"

"I bet you are! He sounds great! I'll see you in three weeks! Oliver's coming, too!"

"Well, then I'll see both of you. "Bye for now." They turned off their webcams.

Lilly lay down on her bed and looked at her ceiling, glad she could still keep in touch with Miley. Miley was her best friend, and this Meena girl could not change that in a million years. Lilly was set on the fact that she would not try to make friends. She would not take the risk that someone would be her new best friend, and she and Miley would drift apart. No, she would never let that happen.

Newt was another story. Lilly had no boyfriend when she left Malibu. And there was something special about Newt that her other five boyfriends didn't. He was nice. All her other boyfriends were just cute. There was Lucas, who cheated on her, and Matt, who stood her up, at least at first. She knew Newt would never cheat on her or stand her up, she just knew it. She could tell by the way he acted around her that he really, truly cared about her.


On Saturday afternoon at three on the nose, Newt rang Lilly's doorbell. And he's punctual, too, she thought. Her mother answered the door.

"Lilly, your boyfriend is here!" she called teasingly.

"Augghh!" she cried as she went downstairs.

"Don't sweat it. Every parent, mom or dad, in the world is embarrassing." Newt said when they were outside.

"So, what do you like to do for fun?" Newt asked Lilly.

"Well, I do a lot of sports, but I especially like skateboarding and surfing. My friend Oliver and I spent a lot of time at the skate park, in the eleven years we've known each other." Lilly said, but felt kind of bad. When she was with Meena, she did it to make her feel bad. When she was with Newt, she didn't have a reason to. She felt guilty, and Newt could see that.

"Hey, it's okay." Newt patted her shoulder. "I moved here from Maryland when I was six. I talked about my friends in front of others, too."

"Well, let's just forget about that. So what do you like to do?" Lilly asked. She was eager to get to know him.

"Me? I mostly like video games and just chilling out and doing nothing."

"I like video games. I'm really good at them. Are you?" Lilly asked. They had reached the mall.

"Of course I'm good them! Was that some sort of challenge?" Newt said.

Lilly laughed. "If you want, we could stop by your house after the mall. How does that sound?"

"That sounds cool. Hey, do you mind if I stopped at the sports store for a while? I mean, I don't want to bore you."

"It's okay. I like clothes and sports. I'm not like most girls. Besides, I need a new helmet."

"Well, that makes you very unique." Lilly smiled. So they went into the sports store.

After they bought their stuff, Newt let Lilly go into the earring store.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "I mean, we both like sports, but, um, you like jewelry?"

"Well, no, but I just wanted to be nice because you kept glancing at the window."

"Oh, that." Lilly said. I was just looking at those skateboard earrings. But it looks like I can't afford them."

"Well, you can buy something else, if you want." Newt said. Lilly shrugged and went inside.

Once inside, Lilly finally decided on some purple flower studs (after looking for ten minutes) while Newt lounged by the door.

"Thanks for being so patient." Lilly said apologetically.

"It's cool. I had my own way of staying busy. Hey, do you want to go to the food court? I'm getting hungry myself."

"Okay, maybe we could have an early dinner. It's only four-thirty." Lilly said. So they got some spaghetti at the new Italian joint.

"So, do you like spaghetti?" asked Newt. What kind of a question was that? He asked himself.

"Mmm-hmm. I like pasta. Spaghetti is my favorite."

Both were at a loss for conversation. They ate their entire meal silently.

Lilly thought about Newt. He was patient, comforting, flexible, and all-around cute! But something told her that she didn't like him as more than a friend. Maybe it was just because she had only known him for a few days. Also, they had really good friendship chemistry that shouldn't be wasted. But he was also good boyfriend material, and she felt that shouldn't be wasted, either.

Newt thought about Lilly, and he felt the exact same way. Was it really possible to be someone's friend and boyfriend? It was clear to both Lilly and Newt that they had to choose between one or the other. Newt still had some thinking to do, as did Lilly.

"Hey, want to go to my house and play video games now?" Newt asked. He felt like he needed a distraction.

"Sure, that sounds fine. Let's go." Lilly needed a distraction, too.

On the way to Newt's house, Newt asked, "So, do you mind if I ask about your life in Malibu?" He knew it was a touchy subject, but it would tell him something if she trusted him enough to tell him, and he needed all the signs he could to see if she could be his girlfriend. And Lilly did, in fact trust him.

She thought about it first. She didn't mind talking about Miley and Oliver, but her five boyfriends were another story. She had no idea how Newt would react, because she didn't know how he felt about her. But she decided to risk it.

"Well, you already know about Miley and Oliver. Let me tell you a bit about my love life, if that' okay." Oh, this could mean something! Thought Newt. I better start looking for signs!

"That's okay," he said. "Go on."

"Well, I've had five boyfriends: Lucas, Matt, Tom, Alex, and Sam. Tom moved away, Lucas cheated on me, Matt stood me up on the first date, Alex dumped me because I was a grade below him, and Sam dumped me because I wasn't cool enough for him. That one hurt the most. So my love life hasn't been very good. But you're not like that, I can tell." Lilly panicked. Did I actually say that?

Newt let it slide. But he learned something else: Lilly was, in fact boy crazy. Newt was certain now that he wanted Lilly as his girlfriend, and he wanted to dump Jessica. Then he started to wonder if he was being greedy or fickle. So he decided to make pros and cons for each girl. The pros were exactly the same; both girls were sensitive, funny and beautiful. Jessica was annoyed by his boy behavior, unlike Lilly, and Jessica was also smart, and left him still feeling intimidated a lot, unlike Lilly. And Jessica didn't always let Newt do what he wanted, while Lilly was flexible and went with the flow. Finally, Lilly seemed to feel like she could tell him anything, while Jessica usually kept more things private. And what were Lilly's flaws? Well, she was…you know…and…okay, Lilly was the perfect girlfriend. But that wouldn't make dumping Jessica any easier.

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