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This story picks up from manga chapter 355 and 356…where the nin dogs who are accompanying Sakura picks up on Sasuke's scent….after that its all me


You are the antidote that gets me by

Something strong

Like a drug that gets me high

What I really meant to say

Is I'm sorry for the way I am

I never meant to be so cold to you

What is this feeling?...anxiety? what?...

I've waited so long...why why do i feel like this is slipping away from me?...i've waited so long...we've waited so long...

This time...this time...i will bring him back with my own strength...

Sakura had learned to hide her deepest feelings over the years, so no one really noticed what has been going on with her lately. She let more of her inner Sakura shine through as a way to hide herself from those who seem to know her best. Sure enough both Naruto and herself made it clear that they will bring him back...afterall he was their team mate..their friend...

but she never really got over him...i guess its true what they say...absense makes the heart grow fonder...

Everone knew that sheloved him...but what they didn't know was that she still did...even more so now...

Putting her thoughts aside she turned to face one of the nin dogs who were accompanying her...

did I...did I hear him right?

"What are you sure?" Sakura couldn't believe what the nin dog just told her…Sasuke? Is he here?

"It's faint but the ground here has Uchiha Sasuke's scent," he told her whilst taking another whiff.

This is it….I have been waiting for this moment. This time I am going to bring Sasuke back with my own strength. I will prove to him that I am no longer a hindrance, that I am strong and no longer that weak pathetic kuniochi.

I looked down to the nin dog once more to confirm if there was anything else that he should tell me.

"The scent isn't clear but we are getting closer and closer"

"Really close!"

I crossed my fingers hoping we will not lose the only lead we had. We have finally found him…

"Dammit the scent's moving away now" he looked at me and growled.

"What? I thought you had it. How could you lose it?"


Just then, the other nin dog turned to me

"Sakura! I got it! It's coming from over there"

Almost immediately, I become overwhelmed at the idea that Sasuke was just a few feet away from me. … I turned around expecting to come face to face with Sasuke but instead...instead... I saw a girl….a girl about my age with long red and umm uneven hair just a few mere meters away from me. She was purchasing something from a stall. Her back was to me so I could not see her face.

I turned back around somewhat confused. That was not Sasuke….it was just some random girl...did he make a mistake?

"Are you sure its Sasuke's scent?" I inquired

"Yes I'm sure, its faint but its definitely coming from her"

How could she have Sasuke's scent on her? That means…no that cannot be…..he would never….no time to think about stuff like that I berated myself.

If this girl did indeed have a trace of Sasuke's scent on her then that means, she might know where Sasuke is.

I turned around to face her only to realize that she was gone.

"Dammit! Where did she go?"

Not again! How could I be so dumb? She was right there and I let her slip away.

I looked around frantically trying to locate her… this can't be happening….I can't let this slip away …just as the thought entered my mind I noticed her turn down the street threatening to disappear from my line of sight yet again … Oh no you won'tI thought to my self as I took chase after her. Not when I'm this close….

When I reached within range of which I knew she would hear me I shouted out to her


The marketplace was a bustle...all the vendors were out early bartering their way from the crack of dawn to dusk trying to earn an honest buck whilst trying to fend off the little prying hands of young thieves who seek them out daily.

The evening sun was harsh as it beat down on the little village having little or no effect on the poor village folk who ran amock trying to gather up ingredients for the evenings supper.

Amidst them a girl pushed her way through the crowds trying to get back to her tea house for the night deep in thought as she absentmindedly ran into a few of them...each throwing her a dirty look before scurrying away.

Karin was musing to herself. Trying to think of ways, she could get Sasuke alone. Away from those two idiots Suigetsu and Juugo. Her mind wandered to the time when Sasuke first sought her out.

She was thrilled that he wanted her in his acknowledged her, he knew that she would be a powerful ally….and an aggressive lover!…..she giggled inwardly at this thought.

Hmm..What it feel be like to be in Sasuke's arms…to have him touch her…caress her…what it would feel like to have him run his tongue along her naked bod….

Someone who was yelling in her direction suddenly rudely interrupted her thoughts….

Karin looked around to see whom the person was yelling at only to realize that she was the only one on that particular street.

"What now? Didn't I pay the old lady for her elixir?"

Irritated she turned around to face a young woman of her same age with incredibly bright pink hair glaring at her intensely.

She had no time to deal with some stupid girl...especially some stupid girl with pink hair...that can't be natural!

She turned around and began to walk away from the girl when she heard her shout at her again.

This time it stopped Karin dead in her tracks.

"Where's Sasuke?" Sakura yelled after her.

At that, the girl stopped dead in her tracks. She saw her stiffen at the very mention of Sasuke's name. Therefore, this girl does know something about Sasuke.

I knew it...she does know something..

She turned around to face Sakura; the look of shock in her eyes was unmistakable.

"Where's Sasuke? Tell me now!" this time she said it more menacingly as she took a step towards the girl

The girl did not attempt to answer Sakura. She just stared at her almost dumbfounded.

"Where the hell is Sasuke!?" Sakura was getting angry.

Why didn't this girl say something?

Sakura balled up her fist ready to beat it out of her if she had to.

There was no way she was letting this girl leave...she needed to restrain her

She was about to attack the girl when suddenly the ground shook violently underneath her.

"What the?"

She looked up in time to see what looked like a small atom bomb explode rite in the direction of the woods.

That can't be good...

"Oh god, Naruto! He's in that area!"

Just as the thought entered her mind, she turned around to see that the woman had vanished.

"Fuck not again"

Whipping around wildly she turned towards her companions...

"Did you see where she went?" She yelled at them

"No..sorry Sakura...but i still have a trace of her scent...and from what i can tell she's headed towards the area that blast occured."

"Then we should head out there, our men might have got caught in that blast and I'm almost quite certain Naruto and his team is scouting in that area, they might be hurt"

With that, she leapt toward the nearest building making her way to the area where the blast took place. Afterall she was the only medical nin on this mission...if they were indeed hurt she had to be first on the scene.

This is it..."Hold on Naruto, Sasuke, I'm coming"

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