"Sasuke" the man drawled as he leaned forward to meet his gaze

"Is this what you've been up to? Have you already forgotten about your revenge? Or are you getting a head start on that whole reviving your clan bit first?"

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke snapped back ignoring him

"WelI I came to check on you. Perhaps deliver some news about a certain village ninja's crawling all over this place and a certain orange clad ninja heading your way but it looks to me like you have already started your little reunion with your old team 7 pals" he snickered as he peered over sasuke's shoulder at the pinkette laying on the bed behind him.

On cue as he said it sasuke heard a shift behind him. Tensing up he quickly looked over his shoulder to see sakura turn to lay on her stomach. Her right hand reaching out to pull the blanket that sasuke has previously tossed over her tighter. Satisfied that she was still out he quickly turned back to the man. With his left hand he reached forward and grabbed him by the collar pulling him forward.

"Heyyy..what the fuc.." he managed to get out before sasuke cut him off

"Listen I don't care what the fuck you have to say to me. I never asked you for anything nor do I intend to listen to anything you have to say. I already told you I want nothing to do with you and I don't need your help with disposing of my brother" he sneered as he shoved him backwards.

"Sasuke…are you really sure about that?" he said

"Fuck Off" he bit out as he slammed the window shut and turned around and walked towards the bed. Bending over he grabbed his shirt and without a backwards glance headed straight for the door. He needed to get out of here. Needed to get away from this room, away from her. He needed to clear his head.

His hand just about to turn the handle on the door when he heard a faint voice behind him


He stiffened at the sound of his name hoping that she had whispered it in her sleep. Like the many times she did on missions when they were younger. No, this sound was more coherent, she was calling out to him. He could be wrong. Wait no he was never wrong, but he could be.

"Sasuke" she said again

He turned around half expecting, half wanting to see her still fast asleep so that he can make his escape. But no, there she was sitting up in the bed with the sheets pulled up over her breasts. Her eyes glistening.

"Are you leaving?" she whispered. It sounded to him more like a statement than an actual question.

He looked at her not saying anything. Anything he said now will not change the fact that she caught him trying to sneak out the room.

Her eyes slowly slid away from his face as she sucked in a deep breath and tilted her head upwards towards the ceiling. Her hands pulling the blanket around her tighter as she fought to keep her tears in check.

"You need to rest" he heard him say.


"Sakura don't do this"

"Do what sasuke?" She bit back as she dropped her gaze from the ceiling back to him

"Don't ask you why you did this? Why you toyed with my feelings? Why you felt the need to sneak out after we…after we…." She shouted at him

"Sakura, you need to rest"

"No! What I need is for you to give me answers. For once in your life I need you to just answer me. No Hn no thank you. What I need is a solid answer sasuke". She said as the tears that had been threatening to fall started cascading down her cheeks. She angrily swiped at them hoping that he didn't see. This was frustrating. Here she was trying to get answers from him and she couldn't keep from hysterically crying in front of him. She pulled the bedsheets up to her face and began to wipe at her face trying to stop the barrage of tears that was now streaming down her cheeks

"Just forget it sasuke" she managed to choke out after a few minutes. This time he didn't say anything, and she didn't further try to provoke a response. How could she be so stupid? How could she let him do this to her again? After a few minutes she was sure that she had composed herself enough to face him again. Pulling the sheets away from her face she looked back up at the door. Her eyes instantly widened when she realised he was gone. She didn't hear him leave.

Her heart immediately sank. How could he? How could he do this? She berated herself.

"Bastard" she whispered as new tears began forming. No! No, she was not going to let him get to her. Tossing the sheets to the side she moved to grab the last of her dignity that lay on the floor. As her hands reached out for her robe she realised that it was gone.

Looking up she felt the cool fabric of her robe being gently placed on her shoulders. Turning her head to the side she realised that he had never left the room. He had instead moved to grab her robe off the floor and was now placing it over her shoulders. She gasped as he pulled her towards him. Her back colliding with his chest and with his arms he encircled her pulling the belt of the robe tight around her naked form. His hands lingered there momentarily before sliding up over her stomach, over her breasts to her chin. With his thumb and fore finger he tilted her face upwards.

"Like I said sakura. You need to rest" he whispered before he dipped his lips to meet hers. Tasting the saltiness of the fresh onslaught of tears that had once again broken its barriers