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Summary : What's this? Something is wrong with Yumi...and than Sachiko, something is quiet odd between them. Let's read and find out how the small mistake can mess every thing! Written by Korean fanfiction writer, [Ronya] and translated by Guardian Korea into English. The best Korean Marimite fanfiction ever I have read in many years

Ronya-sama's Fanfiction!

Rosa Chinensis Scandal


"Good Day."

"Good Day."

The sky was beautiful as well as greetings from those studnets

The madiens who assemble in the Virgin Mary's garden pass through the tall gate, as always with angelic smiles on their faces. Their pure bodies and minds are wrapped in dark-colored school uniforms. The pleats on their skirts shouldn't be disorderly and their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here.

Lillian Private Girls' Acadmey

Lillian Private Girls' Acadmey was founded in Mei 11 34(around 1910). It was originally created for the daughters of nobles and is a traditional Catholic school for girls from high-class families. It has classes for kindergarten through college. Since then, this became the home of the girls attending here.

As time passes, everything changes. Even today, it's easy to see the changes. However, the Seour and such systems in Lillian has not been changed over for 18 years or more. It still plays the most important role in History of Japan.

As Valentine Day event, which took our mind for much trouble, has passed eventually, it was only a month before the third grades' graduation. Nobody had expected something would happen in such a beautiful day like today.

Becoming Yumi's petite soeur, Touko had joined the Yamayurikai. seven people in the Yamayurikai had make sure themselves that they are having a good day.

A few days have passed after the new semester began. That was the time when a serious problem had happened. Of course, some were busy for preparing the graduation while the good weather kept them good. It seemed like that Maria-sama was thinking about something for the students who were about to graduate

"Both of Sachiko-sama and Yumi-sama're acting a bit strange lately."

"What do you mean, strange?"

"I know how they were before, but weren't they more like happy going couple? Of course, Yumi-sama is busy with the work in Yamayurikai. As well as Sachiko-sama, she's quiet busy for the preparation for the enterance of the university. But...Now that I mention it, their...position has been changed."


"I might have saw the wrong thing, it's like Sachiko-sama is trying to calm down her everyday...And, one-sama isn't the same in front of her. It's like she's angry at her."

"Perhaps. Did Sachiko-sama had done something, which she shouldn't have."

"If it is like that, it would properly end by an apology. The problem's here. What did she do, which made One-sama totally mad?"

"Well, well. I can't think of any conclusion."

Thud! With this much of sound, the door was opened by Yoshino, who seemed to be in hurry for some reason.

"Guys, problem!"

"What's going on, Yoshino-san?"

"It's something you should know!"

"Now, now. Calm down, Yoshino-san. Then, tell us about it."

All of them had to yell aloud as if the building that they were in was about to be destoryed when Yoshino said within her mouth.


Ever since Yumi began to attend this school, it was to be the first, the biggest, and the most troublesome case. Not even for the Yamayurikai, but for the school itself. It may be become the worst problem for Yumi if this is true.

This case was too impractical to be believed even for the Journal Division. Still, this case was treated as No. 1, the best scope in Lillian ever recognized by the Journal members.

People who know them or people who were working here call it, Rosa Chinensis Scanes. This may be the biggest scope, but it had happened in one day of Spring just before the graduation. It surely upset the school but for the most of part, it was Yamayurikai.

. . .

. . .

Well, it happened two days ago.

Yamayurikai's staffs were enjoying their tea time after finishing the papers for the graduation. In fact, Sachiko-sama and Rei-sama shouldn't give hand to us for the help, it was just after they have chosen what university they were going to attend, Those third grade students were having too much free time, which they even have no idea how to use it. For those two girls, they were just helping their juniors for doing some of minor work.

"Ah, ah. It's a rare thing for us to treated by Rose-samas to have tea"

Outspoken always, with Noriko-chan said, which to be appreciation, Rei-sama had to turn her face as if she was loney. Of course, more than usual.

"Well, there will be no chance of doing this if not today."

"…I didn't mean that. Sorry."

"No, no. No matter how they try, it doesn't change a fact who is leaving. Don't worry about that. Our relationship isn't just over just because of the graduation."

Rei-sama has some free time ever since the Valentine Day. It seems like that she has chosen what university she is going to attned. Plus, Yoshino is going to make a petite sœur. There were many things happened lately, but everything was under control, to say.

"Sachiko, where's Yumi?"

"Hmm, Yumi?"

All of sudden, Sachiko-sama was shocked to even answer. That was her appearance for right now.

"What, it's not like I asked you, which I shouldn't Why? Something happened between you too?"

"No, that's not it... W, well. I was thinking about something else."

"That's new. Sachiko's out of mind.."

Rei-sama wasn't thinking when she was saying something as she leaned her back onto the wall with the cup of tea.

"Ah, She's here. Hmm, I don't know why but she seems to be tired.?"

"Yumi's here?"

As soon as Sachiko-sama heard that, she became nervous and it was easy to see her emotion at the moment. Plus, standing up from the chair, she was strolling aimlesslyin the room. Why does she doing that? I have never seen as Sachiko-sama acting as this weird. Working with me, Shimako-san, Noriko-chan, Touko-chan were having some what surprised looks. As a matter of fact, Yoshino-san was showing what she was thinking about.

"Good Day."

"Ah, Yumi-san. You are la-"

"Yumi! How are you? Feel okay? Nothing's hurt, are you?"

"I'm okay. Onee-sama. It is just nothing. I will be fine with some rest."

"Have you been eat?"

"Well, I wasn't able to. Only half way through. Well, it was usless, though"

"Of, of course…. How about the other things?"

"There's no problem, you don't have to worry."

"Yumi, Drink this. As you like, I put some of sugar and milk."

The tea was given to Yumi by Re-sama. As usual, The tea was spreading the fragment of the sweat taste, which Yumi loved the most. Yumi without thinking just let the hand grabbed the cup.

"Thank you, Rei-sama."

Like she always did, Yumi placed the cup into her mouth. At that moment, Yumi's nose was alarming badly. That's a milk. Was it like against me all the time. Feels the fragment is quiet the different. Or is it only me?


"What's wrong, Yumi?!"

"It, it's just...!"

"To the restroom. Hurry up, I will help you!"

"I'm sorry, Rei-sama…."

"I'm fine, just go. Your face tells me you are not well."

"Well, then…."

WIth one hand right at her mouth, Yumi was totterring for a while. Sachiko-sama was helping by holding her. Then, she left this small building with her.

"…Say, what just happened?"

"Don't look at me. It's not like Yumi's usual face. Along with Sachiko, she's out of mind. Perhaps, she had an anemia when the spring came?"

"Say, nausea?"


R, right now. The words, which can not be described was spoken…. Those words were just hard to be used by them right to Yumi.

"I guess, she is just sick. Of course, we have no idea why."

Shimako-san saw the door was opening by someon as she was worrying about her friend while hiding her expression.

"For real, it doesn't get worse."

. . .

. . .

Sachiko-sama's eccentricity was even done after school as well. The third grade would just leave the school and return home. That's about what they do. However, Sachiko-sama and Rei-sama were the different stories. They were staying in the Rose Mansion. Why? She would just step in the bus as usual. However, this was different for today. When the Yamayurikai staffs left the Mansion, they saw Ogasawara clan's deluxe car.

"Yumi, I'll ride you to home. Get in."

"Ano, Onee-sama. You don't have to worry."

"What are you talking about, it is my fault that you became like this. I will do what I can do as your older sister. So, please don't be so stubborn. Okay?"

"But, it's not only your fault, it's mine as well."

"It's okay. Hurry up!"

Grabbing hesitating Yumi's hand so she could lead Yumi into the car, Sachiko-sama farewelled the others. It was then when the car began to drive in hurry.

"It gets worse and all. Um, meaning it's mystery."

Yoshino's face was grimaced by the result of today's situation. Of course, she was walking with the Rei-sama. Shimako-san and Noriko-chan? They already left as well as Touko-chan.

"What do you mean?"

"It's not a usual one for our Sachiko-sama. Who would imagined that she would bring her car just to take care of sick Yumi-san in the Rose Mansion. Not to mention, it was overdoing, though."

"It's obvious."

"Not only that, what was the topic they were talking about. I'm responsible for this? Then again, Yumi say this isn't only yours as well.?"

"Well, they probably done something wrong."

Yoshino-san yelled aloud as Rei-sama was playing with her by doing some retort.

"Rei-chan, baka! Here I am seriously thinking, but what are you? Why are you retorting and not thinknig!?"

"Hey, cut it out. My ears hurt. Yoshino. Be a good girl since you are the Rosa Foetida now. Who would yell in the middle of the residence?"

"Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway. Rei-chan. Bakabakabaka!"

"Well, well…. Say even if they have some problem, that's their problem to solve? if they truely need our help, Sachiko or Yumi will talk to us. Plus, they looked like they didn't fight but shaped as a good mode. Acting as we think will be rude for them."

"I'm sure there is something. I'm sure. We have something we didn't see there. I'm pretty sure about my sense. I can feel it."

"…Again with her own fantasy."

When does she going to learn. Well, well. Rei-sama rested her hand on the forehead as she sighed deeply.

Sachiko-sama's eccentricity has been continued since yesterday. She even came to the class to see Yumi at a lunchtime.

"Ah, Onee-sama. How come?"

"Well, I couldn't sit and eat. Could I? Look at you, You don't look good."


"Don't ever so excessive. Okay? That's right, is there something you want to eat? Onee-sama will buy just for you."

"If you say so…. Not yet. Besides, there will be Yoshino-san and Tsutako-san if something ever happens."

"Well, If you say so. I'm glad."

"Good day, Sachiko-sama."

"Good day, Yoshino. What a coincidence. Please tell me when something happens to Yumi without delay. Okay?"

"Ha? Yes. Of course."

"Well, then. Yumi. See you later."

"Yes, Onee-sama."

Fixing the tie that wasn't even scattered for Yumi, Sachiko-sama just left to her class.

"Spill it out, Yumi. How did you go far with Sachiko-sama?"

"W, what are you talking about. There's nothing to know. I'm just not good. That's it."

"For real?"

"Yes, for real. Think about it. Do you think I would do such thing that might worry you, Yoshino-san."

"Well, if you say so…."

Yoshino-san was watching Yumi in Half worrying and half doubting. It was Tsutako-san who saved from her.

"Yumi-san. Your requested picture."

"Ah, Tsutako-san. How was it?"

"Have you forgotten, I am the ace of the Photography Club. See, do you like it?"

"What is it, Yumi-san"

"Hmm, was it maybe one month ago? I was alone in the school with Sachiko-sama? I met Tsutako-san there and we asked her to take our picture, in front of Maria-sama."

"Oh, that's why. The atmosphere was quiet a different, that was the reason you guys were so."

"Yumi-san. Didn't you attend school with her the next day?"

"Yeah. To tell the truth, I kinda slept with her in Sachiko-sama's house. Hehehe."

"Of course."

Hold on, Meaning she slept with Sachiko-sama about month ago. There's something…. Yoshino's head was spinning fast. Damn it, I can't remember what the word is from yesterday. Maybe...Is it beacuse something other than this would happen if I remember? Damn it. I can't think!

"Tsutako-san. How about I buy you a drink in the milk hall."

"Ha? No, that's fine."

"That's not fine for me. C'mon."

"Well, okay. If Rosa Chinensis says so. It would be rude to I don't agree with you on there."

"How about you, Yoshino-san?"

"Ara, Yumi-san. Are you going to pay?"

"Yep. You think I'm only going to buy for Tsutako-san?"

"Well, thank but no thanks. For today. I will pay my drink myself."

"I have no problem about it, though."

"Hey, hey. Let's just leave the topic about money problem to later. Let's go"

Those three girls bought the drinks on their likes as they were in the milk hall. Yoshino-san was cafe au lait. Tsutako-san was oolong (tea). For Yumi...It was different from usual-

"Lemon juice?"

"Eh? Why?"

"Um, I mean. Yumi-san. You love sweat things. you have hardly tasted the sour drink such as that."

"W, well. I feel like I wanted to tasted it since I'm not well.

"…Is that so?"

How strange. Yumi had always drink a milk. Either the ice-tea or strawberry juice. Yesterday, she just ran away because of Rei-chan's milk-tea saying she was having a nausea.

Hold on, I think I just got it.

A pale face without the color.

A nausea.

A light anemia.

Sachiko-sama's entreat about not overdo.

Once again, the sour drink she is enjoying beacuse of the sudden change in taste.

'W, wait-?!'

Yumi who was enjoying a lemon juice not thinking something else. At that time, Yoshino-san was just looking at her very shocked as if she was going to fall into the endless hall.

Author : Well, I was going to relax after writing zealously. I was reading the translated storys about Marimite fanfictions. I can say that I was just like Yoshino over there shocked. I'm saying I felt like her-;; Hmm, I have to say, I have never been stressed and shocked ever since I have finished reading Yumi X Touko.

...Like I say, after the reading. I have found out the contents and development of the storys were just not the same. Therefore, I decided to update this story.

I did the best as I can. As I suspected, it isn't just fun but not the way I would laugh at. Likewise, the comedy is too hard for me. It would take the characters' role in to the mess if I have to do that way...

Well, anyway. I have no conception about destorying them. Hmm, Maybe I should destory...Rosa Gigantea's family. What I mean is that...Sei, Shimako and Noriko. Eh, eh. It's not cute at all! Well. If I have to say, Yumi's the best.

Have a good night!

Translated by Guardian Korea : Everyhing what this author said was just what he said to Korean readers. If you do not undersatand...Maybe, I should not translate this part. [Yumi X Touko. As you can see. It's Japanese fanfiction that's been translated to Korean fanfiction recently. In this story, Yumi is an angel here and Shimako and Sachiko are the only witches. Of course, Some two girsl acting like they are gods. Or do they...However, Touko is just only a human who happens to know Yumi is an angel. Well, I won't say the detail...But I guess I did.

Say, This author named Ronya. I have no idea who is this author. This person might be a male or female. However, I have read this fanfiction...Well, the best one ever I read in Korean fanfiction site. If you do not like this one. Well, it is my problem facing the difficulty of translating then. This is the story that Ronya-sama wrote.

Rosa Chinensis' scandal is this story. This is the first one I think.

1. Rosa Chinensis' scandal ⇒ 2. Young lambs' reunion... ⇒ ...

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