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Summary : What's this? Something is wrong with Yumi...and than Sachiko, something is quiet odd between them. Let's read and find out how the small mistake can mess every thing! Written by Korean fanfiction writer, [Ronya] and translated by Guardian Korea into English. The best Korean Marimite fanfiction ever I have read in many years

Ronya-sama's Fanfiction!

Rosa Chinensis Scandal


"Eh, The, therefore-"

They've known about Sachiko-sama's Hysterie, but not the scene where Rei-sama shows up as an angry person. Of course, it was most likely their first time in seeing Rei-sama gets angry. It was needless to say scarier than Sachiko-sama's Hysterie even though it was very rare to see her angry. It's like one in an year or something like that. All of sudden, they've felt the Rose Mansion was shrinking down due to the cold atmosphere. No, Sachiko-sama was listed as 'Queen of the grumbling' or, 'Lady Hysterie', Rei-sama was listed as 'Mr. Lillian''s anger. That's right. Not even the males could be so forceful. Well, if there was a problem.

"W, whaaa, R, Rei-chan, baka! What's with this yelling?! I'm frigthened!"

"Eh? A, Ano. Yoshino."

"I hate Rei-chan! Aaaaah!(crying)"

…Well, actually, the thing is, Rei-sama's anger was nothing compared to Yoshino-san's verge of tears of sorrow. Rei-sama would rather calm her younger sister down than stay and be angry at the sistuation only to leave Yoshino-san cry aloud. She just kept herself busy just for Yoshino-san by hugging and patting. Why not a flaring up until the end. As matter of fact, everyone thought the same thing, they all shrunk up to the point where they couldn't talk because of Rei-sama's intensity, However; this left them to say 'It's cool' in the mind. In this matter, aren't you going nowhere with this nonsense of anger? The question boils down to the point where everyone thinks over about Rei-sama being Yoshino-san donkey.

Shimako-san who was watching those two people, began to talk with the icy face after clearing her throat leaving herself to punch the table.

"Let's leave the fact that Yumi-san is pregnant. The fact is, a child is Yumi-san and Sachiko-sama's child what so ever!"

"What?! What are you talking about"

Was she sobbing a whlie ago? Yoshino-san stared at Shimako-san with the confused look as she left her onee-sama's haven . It was unusual for Shimako-san to say the preposterous things. Speaking of which, It wasn't just Yoshino-san who stared at her, but everyone as well. To see a noblelike figure, Shimako-san to act that way was just shock for them, but what is she talking about?

"Anyway, let's leave this case just for a while. I say that child must be Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san's. Then, there won't be any problem I babysit the child. But, if not...I don't want to even think about it."

"Shimako-senpai, what do you mean by that?"

"If it is indeed Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san's child, we now have to firmly befriends their child. Well, we are their friends besides we are the staff of the Yamayurikai. Besides, that chlid is automatically becomes our nephew. For the child, I can firmly befriends them. There's nothing else is needed. For njow, don't we need to act a bit daringly if we care to get attention by thinknig about the conclusion? Since it's like this, we should decide hardheartedly."

"It's so. Sachiko-sama and onee-sama's child. I'm sure my nephew's going to be very cute."

"Hold on, Touko-chan. Even if it's like that."

"Rei-sama, you do not like to have a grandchild?"

"Well, that's not what I was saying."

"If the baby is indead belong to Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san, Ogasawara Family will surely protect at all cost. Besides, Sachiko-sama is going to graduate soon, there won't be any problem with the baby nursing. The university's school hours are short and free compared to the hight school. Also, Yumi-sama's age is enough to marry legally.."

"Stop, shouldn't we take this as seriously?"

"Wow! Rei-chan! If this continues, let's do the job for the maid of honor. Rei-chan will be the godfather, and I become the godmother when the baby's born. Hmm, as for the bouquet, I'll just concede that for Eriko-sama. She'll come for sure. I bet she'll be love this?"

…It's okay with the godmother, isn't the godfather supposed to be the man's job?

"Yoshino, not you too…."

"Finally, Touko's onee-sama and Sachiko-sama are going to be the married couple, Ah, ah. We, the three Chinensis sisters become the real sisters.."

Is it possible to liste the same sex in the family register? Meaning she'll become Ogasawara Yumi? For real?

"Wow, now that you mention it, Do I have to envy you?"

"Rei-chan, let's give hat and wrapping clothes as the gifts! I'll help too! The baby needs the love from her aunts."

Well, let's leave the hat to the aside but you sounds like you are going to make the wrapping clothes by yourself. considering you will make from a cotton, you need a sewing machine. Yoshino, it's not that easy job.

"Ara. Then, should I become the nun after I graduate so that I can baptize the baby?"

We all know the baptism is done by a priest.(-1)

"That's it! And, when the child is grown to the age of point where she enetering this Lillian Private Girls' Acadmey, Shimako-san will be the one who will give the love as her aunt!"

Um, how are you going to come to Lillian in the first place. Is this mean that she will study to become a teacher? She won't think of anything like guard for sure.

"I'm sure she will be very cute and lovable girl if she has the spitting image of Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san. Plus, she is straight worker and the cheerful character."

What would happen if the child has only the mothers' demerits? To think the girl is arrogant, below the average. Plus, the hysterie. Hmm, anyone can see the what she's thinking, and seen nothing of life. That is really for the immature young lady.

"…Look, everyone."

The only one who was keeping her mind straight was Sei-sama and she was trying her best to solve the situation, but... it seems it's been too late. All the girls' mind were flown to the far far Rosette nebula away. Perhaps, they might see Maria-sama?

"Yumi-san, it'll be hard for to treat herself right."

"We must help her. It may be difficulty in the fall festival and school festival. Yoshino-san, it's possible that you will have the petite sœur?"

"Yep. I guess I have to accept Nana-chan. She'll do the great job when she gets used to it."

"Me and Noriko will choose ours as well. I bet, onee-sama will be fine. Right?"

"Ah, we need the data about all the students coming to Lillian Private Girls' Acadmey from the secondary division. Why don't we be ready to choose one of them when it's time? Plus, I know she's not the sfaff but I will ask Kanako to help. I bet she will do it for onee-sama."

"Indeed, Kanako likes onee-sama. That's good, this is going to be relief."

"When they graduate, are they going to live together?"

"Shuoldn't they suppose to live in the Ogasawara main family house for a while?"

"No, recent information say that the young marrieds choose the seperate way as soon as they get married. It's their job to find one place where they can live peacefully."

"What place would that be?"

"Well, Yumi-san's father owns the Design Office, it won't be hard for him to build a house just for his daughter."

"For the baby's future, the house must be near the Lillian."

"Why not close to our home? It only takes 10 minutes to walk to school. Besides, it will be much easier to take care Yumi-san when Sachiko-sama's not at home."

"Rei-sama is Sachiko-sama's dependable friend."

"How should we help them if it's the family quarrel matter?"

"By the way, what if Sachiko-sama is a mouse and Yumi-san the opposite?"

"Now that mentions me, Sachiko-sama has a soft spot for Yumi-san."

"Let's not forget who we are talking about."

"Due to the background, they will be well fed, clad and housed."

"That could be nice if all of us come to see them seometimes."

"Ahah! We are just happy just to think about it."

The conversation's issue was supposed to be the serious one, but why are they all happy and interested about it. No doubt they've read too much novel. Then again, nobody would think like that unless we are talking aboutRei-sama, the Late-teen novel mania.

"…Is it only me or other who thinks it does fit too well? Hahaha."

On the other hand, Rei-sama didn't lose reason to be stay calmly and be ladylike. Just for now, she was feeling the same thing as the girls were unable to grasp the meaning of this situation. Not to mention it's hard to keep the girls out of the fantasy. If the case is like this, it would be the terror itself. They might even conquer the world if they choose the wrong path. Maria-sama, don't just sit and watch them but please do something.

. . .

. . .

Compare to the news that Yoshino-san brought, the Yamayurikai staff had to close the their urgent meeting. Hold on, it's a wonder to doubt that it was to be called the meeting. Let's just leave this as 'The adolescent ladies chatter time to avoid the fantasy express.'. Anyway, with their last day off, again the next day. There's no way to beat the rumor spreading widely, bad news travels fast. The big case such as Yumi's pregnancy turned to a widely known rumor to the talkative students. Not just that, but the partner was not to mention Yumi's grande sœur also the graduating student, Rosa Chinensis, namely Ogasawara Sachiko-sama! Every students except for the Yamayurikai staff had some sort of feeling of adoration towards Sachiko-sama, accepted - pregrancy with the child by two females - about this unrealistic news without the doubt. Well, think about it. It's not anyone but it invovles 'the' Rosa Chinensis, Ogasawara Sachiko-sama. You never could doubt it, do you? having a preconceived idea is this much frightful. The populace who already fallen into a puffery, just accepted the fact by themselves leaving some changes as well.

And finally, More serious matter popped up as if the rumor was proved to be the truth.

Ding Dong Dang Dong-

≪Third Year, Pine Class, Ogasawara Sachiko-san and Second Year, Pine Class, Fukuzawa Yumi-san Please report immediately to the Student Guidance Office. To repeat-≫

"A call?!"

"It's Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san!"

Yamayurikai Staffs were standing by just in case there was a call just for two friends. When there was a call, they all ran up to the Student Guidance Office as if they already promised to be there. The truth is, Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san wasn't their issue for them. Of course, they worried. However, they needed to save the situation...of the surging students.

As might have been expected, some students, who listened the call were lounging around the Student Guidance Office, but who are the Yamayurikai Staffs? They persuaded the students not to interfere.

"Right now, this is the important period for two of them. This would impose a heavy burden on them if you all pay excessive interest too much!"

"Rosa Chinensis, and next Rosa Chinensis, people! Aren't you not believing in them? Shouldn't we show them how we care and believe?"

"think it over. How you behave might help them. Please don't be in hurry, let's not misjudge the situation."

To tell the truth, There were plenty of punch in their actions, which you could know it compared to the election time. Doing what they can do to let the studnets understand about the situation, it was mostly done by the next two Rose-samas and their two petite sœurs. Of course, it was worth it. All of them slowly turned around and returned to their classes waiting for the behind the story. As they turned away the students, the four of them rewarded each other for the labor, and hid to the place where Yumi-san and Sahciko-sama wouldn't see them. Then again, knowing this would be very odd that nobody is here, Touko-chan, the member of the Rosa Chinensis Family waited at the hall.

Did we wait about five minutes? Sachiko-sama appeared with helping Yumi who was pale as ever.

"Onee-sama! Sachiko-sama!"

"Ah, Touko-chan."


Touko-chan let them know, which all of the Yamaurikai staff believe on them by handshaking.

"It's okay. I believe in you all. I'm sure, there won't be anything bad."


"Touko, I'll do my best to help your onee-sama, Yumi."

Sachiko-sama nodding her head towards Touko-chan, opened the Student Guidance Office's door.

In the office, There were Headmaster Uemura, the principal of the high and middle divisions and two homeroom teachers from the Second and Third Year of the Pine Classes. Aside from Headmaster Uemura, the last three people had the faces of uncomfortable atmosphere. More likely, they were stuned and shocked of what they heard so far. It was needless to say that their heart would be hurt to see the face of pale Yumi. The principal usherred Yumi to a seat, Sachiko-sama looking at Yumi ready to defend, just stood up next to her.

"Sachiko-san, Yumi-san. Do both of you know why we called you?"

"The truth is, I have no idea. But, if I have to speak, I know that there's nothing wrong with Yumi."

As Sachiko-sama began to talk in a firm attitude, Yumi muttered like 'Onee-sama….' feebly and grabbed the ends of Sachiko-sama's skirt.

"sit and wait, Yumi. It is me who should say here."


"Sachiko-san. I understand what you are doing, however; would you give full particulars."

"whole circumstances doesn't matter, Headmaster. It was all because I was too excited about it. Yumi was harmed beacuse of me. It was my bad.."

Almost obstinately heavy-handed attitude from Sachiko harden the teachers' faces again. Can it be this lady, who we know as the example of all the students, Ogasawara Sachiko? Then agian, it was understandable. The onee-sama's heart to protect her yonuger sister. Lillian Private Girls' Acadmey's sœur system holds on to the circle of senpai(senior) and Kohai(junior)'s tightly and in an absolute form.

"It was my fault I made Yumi to stay over in my house. Although, Yumi rejected it first, but I was very happy that Yumi came over. I was unduly stubborn over Yumi when I thought that I wouldn't have enough time to with her. That was all I did but...I didn't expect things to turned like this."

"Stop it, onee-sama. certainly, I am also responsible. Besides, I should have rejected the offer at the first place. But, I couldn't do that."


"It's not fair that you hold the responsiblity. I wish to share the responsibility. Isn't it the fair way to do so?"

Headmaster Uemura sighed deeply as she listened to the two sisters' talk. Was it two and half years ago, Rosa Gigantea, Satō Sei was called here because of Kubo Shiori Case. Of course, this one is much worse than that case. In its way, it was end in the 'attempt', but this is a serious large case. Not only that, but we are talking about two people who are the most famous around the school..

"It's all my fault! I was bad, I was! I should have resisted in the first place…!"

"That's not it. I was happy that you knew what I like. Didn't you do what I wanted? I was happy. That was why I…."

"Ah, ah. Yumi. You don't blame me even though things turned up like this. This is why I love you.."

"For the heart of love, I love you, too.."

"ahem, Hmm! U-Hmm!"

Even if you were not the nun, anyone would have felt difficult and clear one´s throat loudly with the unbearable face. Well, just as Headmaster Uemura here. She let them do what they wanted in the first place wondering what they would do, however; they didn't even care where were they and were spreading the aurora of pink color. It was rude for the student to fall in the fantasy in front of the teacher, but how they should react at this situation.

"Sachiko-san, Yumi-san. We didn't call you to offer the place to talk."

"I am sorry, Headmaster. But, I have nothing to be feel shy over anyone except Yumi. If I was the game here, I beg your pardon. And, if I have to do it, then it would be Yumi."

Sachiko-sama took out something from the pocket and gave it to the Headmaster Uemura.

"What's this, Sachiko-san?"

"Yumi's medical records. We went to the hospital yesterday."

"W, what?"

Even for the headmaster, it was a shocking news. She was very surprised about this and stood up from the seat with the shocked face. Good God, medical records from the hospital! You wouldn't want to imagin how the other teachers would react if the mighty headmaster was shocked. Yumi's homeroom teacher was about to faint, Sachiko-sama's homeroom teacher was quiverring as muttering 'What have you done before the graduation….', and the principal was praying to Maria-sama.

"I, I'll look at this.…."

Headmaster Uemura read the medical records slowly with the trembling eyes. Later, Headmaster Uemura's face was out of shape, nobody would guess if she was lost, surprised, or couldn't believe. However, this might be the day that she showed her complex sentiment ever since she became the nun.

"Sachiko-san, is medical records…the true?"

"There's no error in it, headmaster. I was next to Yumi watching the process. If you want to, you may call the hospital."

"…Alright, it is the truth, I have no choice but to pay you some sort of the respects. For your younger sister, you did everyhing you could. You are really the example of the model for the student."


"What are you talking about!"

"Don´t get so excited about it, look at the chart."

The medical records was taken over to the principal, Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san's homeroom teachers in the order from Headmaster Uemura. After they've read, it was needless to say that their face turned up just like the headmaster.

"Well, really…I have nothing to say."

"I agree on Headmaster's idea. We just discovered that we might have done hurt them mentally with our short thinking.."

"As a teacher, I am ashamed of myself that I have not trusted our students."

"Headmaster, is that mean…."

The headmaster nodded her head softly with the smile as Sachiko-sama asked the headmaster in a delightful face.

"That's right, Sachiko-san. I'll leave this call in a blank. Well. On the contrary, I wish to bless both of your future. Onee-sama who's protective over her younger sister and the sister who wants to be with her onee-sama. Although Sachiko-san's going to graduate, there won't be any problem between you too. I must say, this was to test both of your affection each other. How about the other teachers, agreed?"

"Sachiko-san, of all the students I've taught, she's the one who's excellent and prudent. Also, she was the example of what a man ought to be for the class. I'm sure this is going to be okay."

"Yumi-san, too. I now understand how you hold a excellent popularity between the students from the first and second years. Their eyes are correct. I must say that the title of the Rosa Chinensis isn't just for anybody."

"Ah, Th, thank you. everyone."

"I am sorry to have occasioned you so much anxiety. Me and Yumi, there's no problem. We will be together even we graduate."

"To my certain knowledge, Sachiko-san is to proceed to Lillian University."

The headmaster wore a smile, Ho ho. as she listened to Sachiko-sama's homeroom teacher's explain.

"Sachiko-san, you have done the wonderful decision. I know it's a bit late but Congratulations. the high school graduate students seems to be cutting of the connection with the junior students when they go on with their life or into the university. As for me, I didn't consider it as desirable thing. I understand it may be for considering juniors, the person should be frank about their emotion. If it is Sachiko-san, I'm sure you know how to do by yourself."

"I, I will do my best for Yumi even if it cost a lot. Before I considerate of others´ feelings, I will share with Yumi as a sister."

"Wonderful. Rosa Chinensis, it sure is a beautiful flower. Well, for now. you may all leave. Sachiko-san, I hope the happy ending. Take care of yourself, Yumi-san."

"thank you, Headmaster."

The principal told them softly when Sachiko-sama walked out of the room with Yumi on next

"Feel free to ask me for the help when you need one. Especially, Yumi-san should be careful with your body for now. If you don't feel good, let me know. I'll let nurse-teacher know about it so that you can use the school infirmary freely."

"Th, thank you. principal."

Headmaster Uemura and three other teachers smiled and looked at two students's back as they walked off from the Student Guidance Office.

-1) This part is just to let you guys laugh at. The writer including me have no idea how the Catholic's baptism ceremony progresses. Well, the writer mentions of godfather joining with people when it is progressing. Well, me? I have no idea at all unless it is about the Christianity.

Author's note :

Hmm, If you insist about the reversal of the situation. (Although it has been already posted very long ago in Korean Fanfiction site meaning there won't be any changes what so ever.) Is that going to turn like that? I have no idea

Hmm, that makes Sachiko and Yumi the official couple in the school...Hey? For real?

I have no idea about the others, but. if it comes to be the truth that aunts are like Shimako, Yoshino and Noriko...it could be the happiness or full of the misery for the baby - Who knows, don't you think that the baby could be tossed about in the storms of life- One of the two...It is like so if it is to be guessed. If there's even a little problem, they will have to deal with Sachiko-sama. I bet, they will take care of their nephew very well.

Come to think of it, if the baby borns between Sachiko and Yumi - let's just assume that the baby as the girl since it's the story - there's higher chance of the baby becoming a monster(Hmm, don't look at me for the host here. - Translator...). fencing, cook, housework and magic(?) from Yoshino and Rei. Needless to say, Yumi's cutey and Sachiko's arrogance. Touko's acting skill adding Shimako's traditional dancing and Noriko's decisiveness and tenacity...Hmm, mother's friend's daughter might come only to cry here.

(Translator : mother's friend's daughter, here...If you wondering why Ronya-sama had written it, you have to know that this is a popular character from the Internet cartoonist. Well, it supposed to be the son...but, I'm a bit slow at the popular thing. Well, who knows there is something that I have no idea about but people already knows about it. As for that, you may ignore what I've written here)

Transltor's note :

Hmm, sorry for the questions that I've not answered...I had no idea how I was supposed to answer that. The whole story is all about this going on, and telling you the answer would tell you guys how the story is going to be like.

Anyway, there's only one chapter left. The next Story will be the Young Lamb's Reunion...Who knows, I might have to change the title again. However, it sure is about the reunion...Hmm, you will be expecting the new characters and Yumi... Well, I won't say more...You must wait...unitl when? Until, I finish the last chapter.

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