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To see the first video in the three-part series, look up Sasuke and Sakura - Show Me Love.

Summary: An alternative story, in which the story of Sakura and Sasuke is told. The ragic tale that could have been...

Part One Summary: Sasuke and Sakura got married only a year ago, but Sakura is beginning to think he only married her to revive his clan.

She calls up Ino, and tries to tell her about the way she feels, but ends up remembering her moments with Sasuke.

Part One:

This Was An Accident

It was a cold, gray, rainy day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Not many people walked outside on the streets, snd yet a young, pink-haired kunoichi sat in her house. Sakura had been sitting on her couch in the Uchiha estate, having moved in with Sasuke, but couldn't push the blunt problem that sat on her mind. It had bothered her more and more every single day she spent alone.

She had been bothered by something ever since she married her first love, Sasuke Uchiha. It all seemed so perfect at first, nutil he ditanced himself from her again.

The medic nin shook her head to push that thought away, and began to think of happier thoughts. Her lips grew into a soft smile when she remembered the night he proposed to her. The timing was so perfect in so many ways.

One Year Ago:

The crescent moon casted a dull light upon the two beings that sat underneath a Sakura tree. It had been a long awkward silence between the two, especially since they were sitting on opposite sides of the tree.

Uchiha Sasuke cleared his throat, as his eyes were casted to the grass below. The teenage Sakura plucked at the blades, and kept shifting her positions. They both were silent, and it was nerve-wrecking.

Finally, Sakura decided to speak up, having not one ounce of patience left in her very soul. Inner Sakura kept rambling on about the possible romantic things she could say to Sasuke, and possibly be able to kiss him too.

"This is nice and relaxing. I wish I could spend every night under the stars…" Her voice trailed. Instead of saying any more, she looked up at the stars, and then glanced over her shoulder. The lump-that-was-Sasuke shifted, as he to glanced over his shoulder to look at Sakura.

"…Hn." His usual reply slipped out of his mouth, and he expected the kunoichi to scold him for his lack of vocabulary.

Sadly, Sakura just looked at the sky and thought of their past years. This annoyed Sasuke to no end, since he was trying to plan what he could say to the girl.

"We could spend every night like this…"

Sakura turned around completely, her eyes narrowed and mouth agape. "Sasuke-kun, what do you mean…?" Her tone was both quizzical and trying to piece his words together.

"I mean, we could possibly live with each other." The back of his neck heated up, and was probably turning a bright red. In the back of his mind, he silently thanked Kami for the darkness of the night.

"Wouldn't that seem odd to may of the villagers. I mean, they may suspect-" She was cut off by his cool voice again.

"Then, we'll just have to marry, won't we?" The tone may have been annoyed, but Sakura couldn't imagine the words said any other way.

What happened? Where did she go wrong? She couldn't hold back these thoughts anymore, and decided to tell her best friend. Her hand swiftly picked up the phone, and she dialed the familiar number into the keypad. She fought back the sorrow in her voice, as the phone began to ring.


Her fingers played with the spiraled cord, wrapping it around a slender finger. Then, unwrapping it to repeat the process.


She pulled the phone closer to her ear, and began to chew on her lip nervously.

Three times.

Her emerald eyes shifted to the window, in which rain streamed atop of the glass.

Finally, she hears a female voice on the other end. And Sakura let's out of small sigh of relief. If she didn't tell anyone, her heart was sure to explode into a million shards.


As she tried to gather her thoughts together, there was a slight pause. Finally, she managed to push out some words.

"Hey, Ino."

There was another moment of silence, as if Ino was trying to figure something out.

"What's wrong, Sakura?"

The medic nin held back a gasp. How could Ino have guessed she was in need of help? Her voice must have sounded desperate for the girl to concur that. She tried to sound a bit more cheerful, for the sake of Ino not coming over to her house to worry over her.


It slipped out of her mouth quickly, but she hadn't meant to lie. It was just so hard to put in words how she was feeling.

"Tell me what happened."

The command sounded gentle from Ino, but Sakura still couldn't find the words. Her lips were parted, but no sound came out.

"It's nothing…"

She had lied again. Of course it was something, or was it just her?

"Did he hurt you?"

The question took Sakura aback. Sasuke never meant to harm Sakura, and he never physically harmed her. She just felt…

"No, that's not it…"

"Then, what did he do this time?"

Sakura had to think deeply about this, yet she seemed to already know the answer to Ino's question.

"..I don't think he loves me anymore…"

She quickly hung up the phone before her friend could reply to her statement. It was true…Sasuke didn't love her.

He only had two goals in life. To kill his elder brother Itachi Uchiha, and to resurrect his clan.

Where did that leave her? Just a person to be used, and then forgotten. He didn't really need her, except to bear some sons and daughters.

Sakura once again began to recount the memories she had with Sasuke. The first time she gave her heart to him, was the day they began to fall apart.

This was an accident,

Not the kind where sirens sound.

Never even noticed,

We're suddenly crumbling.

The day at the hospital, when Lady Tsunade healed her beloved, she noticed how distant they really were between each other. He never once looked up at her while she offered food. Sakura still tried to cheer him up with soothing words, and happy thoughts. He must've thought of her as an idiot.

Tell me how you've never felt;

Delicate or innocent?

Do you still have doubts

That us having faith makes an sense?

He just stared at his sheets, ignoring her gestures. Couldn't he see that all she wanted was to help? Instead, he disregarded her love, for his obsession with power. Sakura seemed to be the only one who knew his hate would never make him happy, but she still managed to mask her feeling with a smile

Tell me nothing ever counts;

Lashing out or breaking down.

Still somebody loses,

'Cause there's no way to turn around.

He glared at the slice of apple she offered. Finally, after a moment of silence, he slapped her hand away and stormed out of the room. She noted on how he was acting…but couldn't really do anything to stop it. It was just like that time during the chunin exams, when his curse mark took over his body.

Staring at your photograph,

Everything now in the past.

Never felt so lonely.

I wish that you could show me love.

She had decided to take a walk around the village to shake her thoughts away, but had an ominous feeling something was going to happen. She decided to ignored it, and focused on the memories that crowded her thoughts.

Little did she know, Sasuke hand put all desires of killing Itachi before him. He could feel the power he had. It was strong, and his hate was even stronger. The elder Uchiha would die very soon. He walked the village streets with a small sack, and he was fully aware that he would leave tonight.

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