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The Temptation of the Shikon Jewel

I feel its darkness, the pull in my blood

I stop, mesmerized by this power, this drug

Even if this force is blind

My desires, my nightmares, in moments it finds

It binds me to pain, beauty and bloodshed

Never known such passion,

never felt such dread

Floods my thoughts, my heart, my all

Behind its shining violet wall

I see many things as its held in my hand

I'm the daring queen of the Western land

I'm free to leave, not kneel but stand

It fills me with whispers of greed and want

No need, it says, for reason or thought

This small little gem, so desperately sought

All for one thing- a simple wish

Perhaps for flour, wheat or fish

Perhaps like all the other men

They 'l the world to worship them

I need my mind, my calm, clear head

But amongst this presence, it is dead

Tearing through the dark cold waters, it's a heavy block of lead

I am lost within the swirling sea

Of a priestess, her struggle, her misery

A Battle inside, its strong, its raging

Nature of the wish picks who's worth saving

For Evil or Good, which side's worth taking?

Endless possibilities, unimaginable strength-within this jewel of Four Souls

Incomprehensible evil it also holds, and a miko who's story is rarely told, in a cave somewhere, too far away, her solidified body with a gaping hole...

And he waits for me to pass it to him-

How quickly my resolve has run so thin... It's calling out to me again. It's drawing on my selfishness, no one can take me from this mess. It says,

Come to me Kagura, I mean you well. You are the wind I'll let you go,

Say the words- that curse-that spell, open the scorching gates of hell until rapaciousness and pride are all you know

He looks at me, Sesshomaru, question in thick golden hue

My hesitation rode on the wind that blew

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, fangs peeking through

He knew.

Repeating my name I find his eyes and remember the jewel is full of lies

That even the smartest woman will buy

And I know, I'm not the one to set her free

As much as I would like to be

The wish is not left up to me

I hold his stare, I'm coming back

Into that place where all is still

And no one speaks their dreams or will

For fear that they won't be fulfilled

A pause, a hand, he holds it up, then places it in a silk pouch

He nods for me to follow him towards the village it once was in

I trail behind, thoughts wandering, bathed in moonlight and the playful song of the crickets that crouch in the grass so long

And it will go to someone else

Fate will chose itself

Who carries the burden of the ancient war

In her pocket, in his store

All I want is happiness

My love will get my heart, my flesh

This thing already owns the rest

The sacred jewel at its best...

This is based on the last chapter of Always where Kagura holds the completed jewel in her hands before passing it to Sesshomaru. I was trying to take a closer look at her moment of hesitation, trying to put the temptation of the Shikon no Tama into words.