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Jibril cursed for the seventh time as he walked down the hall of the small LOGOS facility. Everything had been going so well until the fiasco in Berlin. Now he was being hunted and his own personal commander was missing. He was also down to one active Extended.

He was on his way to Heavens Base when he remembered HER and decided to make a stopover at the facility in Quebec. It had been a Blue Cosmos research lab since its construction by Azreal and was the birthplace of the Extended. It also housed a very dark secret that was now about to be unleashed.

"Are you absolutely sure about this Sir?" asked Colonel Michael Winters of the Atlantic Federation. He had been Commander of the base since its completion and knew all of its dark secrets.

"Yes I am sure; Durandal needs to be crushed" replied Jibril angrily. He had underestimated the PLANT leader and now he was suffering for it.

"But to unleash HER? This is a very big mistake" said the Colonel, fear creeping in his voice.

"I am well aware of what I am dealing with and have made the preparations to control her" said the LOGOS leader, becoming annoyed at the officer.

"That is what Director Azreal and Doctor Hibiki said and look what happened. The Director was the only one able to escape the room alive. She did not just kill everyone else, she did things that still give me nightmares" said Colonel Winters, shivering slightly.

"I heard about the incident from Azreal. You do not need to remind me" said Lord Jibril.

"With all due respect Sir; it is one thing to hear about the incident, it is another to witness it on the security tapes. Hibiki's creation is a monster in every sense of the word. I still don't understand why the Director let that Coordinator swine conduct his research here. The man should have been left for dead at Mendel" stated the military officer in a firm voice.

The two men reached a sealed door and the Colonel swiped his security card through the scanner and provided a retinal scan on the console beside the door. The doors opened up and Jibril noted the thickness of the doors. The Base Commander saw this.

"Since the incident, we have had to provide additional security. We have gun turrets located in the ceiling in case she escapes. We also escort any person who ventures into her chamber and keep them armed at all times" said the Colonel.

"Why the escort if she is sealed behind the security glass?" asked Jibril curiously.

"We had an episode about a year ago. One of our new personnel went to feed her and ventured inside her containment area because she was curious about HER dolls. By the time security arrived, SHE had already opened up the woman's back and was attempting to stick doll threads inside her and attach them to the spine. It was quite horrible and the poor woman is now in a mental institute" answered Winters, shivering again. Jibril raised an eyebrow at this.

The next door they approached was well guarded with two very visible gun turrets as well as a large group of heavily armed marines. They were all dressed in riot gear and were armed with heavy auto assault rifles. Colonel Winters nodded at the men and one stepped aside to open the door. When it was open, Winters and Jibril made their way inside and found even more guards. In front of them was a glass window which was one way and could see into the next chamber.

The chamber looked like a child's room; there was a bed and dresser as well as a desk with a computer on it. The walls were painted red and there were shelves all around the walls with what looked like home-made dolls. They were grotesque looking with limbs located in the wrong places as well as twisted expressions on their faces. There were so many of them that Jibril could not count them all.

"It is one of her hobbies" said the Colonel before Jibril could ask. The LOGOS leader was disgusted by them.

Sitting on the bed was a girl whose age appeared to be at thirteen. She had long dark hair which covered some of her face. The girl was tall for her age and her brown eyes had a gold color to them. The girl was dressed in a red sundress which matched the walls.

"I thought she was only six?" asked Jibril, confused at what he saw.

"She is; before he was killed, Doctor Hibiki accelerated her growth so she can be useful for Director Azreal's plans. She just now stopped aging rapidly and will continue to age normally. Some of the medical personnel thick that is one of the reasons why she is so mentally unstable, besides her much enhanced genes" replied the Base Commander in a serious manner.

The girl looked up suddenly and stared at the spot where Winters and Jibril stood. Winters did not seem surprised while Jibril was clearly alarmed.

"She knows we are here; I do not know how but it might be because of what she is" said the Colonel.

"Why don't you know?" asked Jibril. All the information about the girl is from what he could tell to be edited material that he had received from Azreal. Though the former Blue Cosmos leader was dead, Azreal's actions were still causing headaches for LOGOS.

"Most of Hibiki's data was destroyed by the man. Any data that survived is still not making sense to our own scientists" answered Winters with a frown.

"What do you know about her?" asked Jibril with a frustrated sigh.

"That she is the next generation of the Ultimate Coordinator project. Her Genes are beyond anything we have seen before and her reflexes are almost supernatural. Did you see who her parents were in the data that Director Azreal sent you?" asked the Colonel with an eyebrow raised.

"I reviewed it on my way here; disgusting. I don't want to know how or why Hibiki pulled that off" replied Jibril.

"I agree; we think it is another reason why she is the way she is" said Winters, nodding.

"Does she know who her parents are?" asked the LOGOS leader.

"I believe she does though she never mentions them. It is assumed that is what set her off four years ago" answered the military officer. He then activated the speaker on the wall.

"Hello Eve" greeted Colonel Winters in a monotone voice. The girl on the other side smiled.

"Hello Colonel; how is Ms. Dorothy?" asked the girl in a sweet voice. Winters frowned.

"She is doing better; the doctors think she will be well soon" answered the man, keeping his voice steady.

"Maybe she will come back and play with me" said Eve, still smiling. Her demeanor was so sweet and innocent that Jibril was starting get lost in it. Winters laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't be fooled. This is how she gets in your head and makes you drop your guard" said the Colonel. Jibril nodded.

"I have a visitor for you today Eve; he is here to present you with an offer" said Winters in a business like manner.

"Hello Lord Jibril; its nice to finally meet you" said Eve in response to the Colonel's words. Jibril was shocked while Colonel Winters looked grim.

"How does she…?" asked Jibril before he was cut off by Winters.

"One of her gifts" said the Colonel. Jibril nodded and bean to talk.

"I have need of you and your talents. I am offering you an opportunity to leave the confinement of this place to fight in our war with the PLANTs" said Jibril. He nearly said wretched Coordinators but held his tongue.

"You are losing and you need my help" stated Eve in a new tone of voice, dropping the sweet innocent manner. Jibril had to fight the urge to lash out at the girl.

"Yes; you will be given a new Gundam model that has been recently built and required to carry out missions for us" said Jibril.

"I have no doubt that Colonel Winters has warned you that I cannot be controlled. How will you rectify that and what's stopping me from stabbing you in the back?" asked Eve, smiling again.

"Attached to you will be an explosive. Betray us in any way and we will detonate it" stated the LOGOS leader flatly. Eve smiled even more.

"Very well, I accept" said Eve.

As Jibril began to make arraignments with Colonel Winters, Eve sat on her bed and closed her eyes.

'Soon I will meet mommy and daddy'

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