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Smoke Rings in the Dark

He'd had it. This time he had definitely had it. That woman drove him absolutely crazy, and he still had no idea exactly how or why. Just something about her... She looked at him and his heart melted; she spoke and he was her willing slave. But a man could take only so much- he needed something in return. He needed to know that she felt the same thing, or at least something like it. Something! But even as she melted him she froze herself, and she hid everything away in some secret place that no one could ever touch.

well I won't make you tell me
what I've come to understand
you're a certain kind of woman
I'm a different kind of man

Untouchable. Yeah, that was his Rogue. He wanted so badly to show her how he could love her in ways that didn't require contact, touch her in ways that knew nothing of the physical world. But she always pushed him away. She had lived the doctrine of "untouchable" for so long that she believed it with more truth than anything else. It was a mantra she chanted daily; something as much a part of her as waking up in the morning.

I tried to make you love me
you tried to find the spark
of the flame that burned
that somehow turned
to smoke rings in the dark

There had been love- wild, uncontrolled passion and soft, quiet moments. Sometimes he wondered where it went, that passion, when they fought. Oh, how he loved her! But the words that fell from his lips were more often mocking and scornful than the soft words of love his heart urged him to speak. It was easier to be sarcastic and distant. In his own way he was untouchable, too.

the loneliness within me
takes a heavy toll
'cause it burns as slow as whiskey
through an empty, aching soul

He wanted so badly to change that, to finally get close to someone and love her with his whole being. If only she would let him. She danced just out of his reach, taunting him- when he came close she tossed him away, and when he left she cried out for him to return. He always came back, and her eyes always melted his resolve that this would be the last time she used him like that, he was really leaving and not ever coming back...

and the night is like a dagger
long and cold and sharp
as I sit here on the front steps
blowing smoke rings in the dark

He never went far. Maybe his body got as far as his home in Louisiana, but his heart sat in the next room waiting for her to whisper his name and he would come running back and take her in his arms. Sometimes this was as far as he could bear- feeling the cool stone of the steps against his back, staring at his motorcycle through the smoke that twined up and into infinite darkness from the cigarette in his hand.

I know I must be going
'cause love's already gone
and all I'm taking with me
are the pieces of my heart
and all I'll leave
are smoke rings in the dark

It all came down to him- to whether or not he would leave. She never left him, but she never came after him either. She just sat there- everything locked away inside- waiting, knowing that he'd be back. Well, it was time. Time to scrape his heart up off the floor. Time to end it once and for all.

the rain falls where it wants to
the wind blows where it will
everything on earth goes somewhere
but I swear we're standing still

Their relationship was caught in an endless bitter cycle. Well, remove a piece of the cycle and it couldn't continue. He extinguished his cigarette under his boot and rose from his seat. He went straight to her room- the way was burned into his mind. Nothing opposed him, the mansion was still as death, and he knew that he was right and this was the way it had to be. Looking down at her face as she lay sleeping, he saw there were tears dried on her cheeks. He prayed only that she didn't open those beautiful eyes before he'd finished his last good-byes. He sat softly beside her, and slipped off his gloves.

so I'm not gonna wake you
I'll go easy on your heart
I'll just touch your face and drift away
like smoke rings in the dark

One arm slid under her shoulders and held her to him, the other stroked her hair. Bending down he brushed her lips with his. She stirred and he leaned into the kiss, bringing his hand up to stroke her cheek. À bientôt Chère, he thought. See you soon... Soon he'd be gone forever. Soon he'd be coming home for good.

I know I must be going
'cause love's already gone
and all I'm taking with me
are the pieces of my heart
and all I'll leave
are smoke rings in the dark

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