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"I'm sorry I'm boring you Miss Colt. Please, enlighten me on how I can improve your day."

Devin winced. It wasn't just being caught daydreaming in class, on the first day no less, but hearing the family's alias. They'd lived in Livingston, New York for the last six years, but she still didn't like going by a name other than her own. Unfortunately it wasn't the best time to dwell on that. Mrs. Boswell had been her math teacher for the last two years, so Dev couldn't get away with the whole first day/ new teacher excuse. She was trying to come up with something good when the bell rang. Then she smiled sweetly and jetted out of the classroom.

Landon walked over, and seeing the room she had just left and the look on her face he put things together. "Jeez, Dev. It's only the first day."

"I know I know. But I hate math, and her class is horrible, no matter what she's teaching." Devin had hoped that she'd be able to get out of math this year, but no luck. Her grades insisted she needed more help. "Not all of us can be geniuses like Lyss."

"Did I hear my name?" Alyssa joined them as they all headed for Advanced American History. It was a new course this year that apparently went deeper than the basic class. "Jealous of my brains again, I take it."

Dev laughed and smacked her friend lightly. "Have you ever read the definition of narcissist?"

Lyss looked at her quite seriously. "Oh, I thought they were talking about you." Then she lost it and all of them cracked up. "Then again, you're technically the brawn of the group, so I guess Landon's supposed to be the beauty."

Both girls looked at him as they paused outside their classroom. Honestly, with his long blond hair and feminine air, as well as his wonderful fashion sense, he could pass as a flat-chested woman. Lyss and Dev nodded together. "Looks like we've got the three Bs," Lyss said as she walked into the classroom.

"Don't say it, Dev," Landon warned, knowing the way she thought, with her cute little nicknames for things.

"What?!" But she smiled, and hid her face as she took a seat behind Lyss. Then she took out a pad and pen, waiting for class to begin. History had always been one of her favorite courses. Part of it, she supposed, was Uncle Sam's influence. He was big on American history, and how much of it was flawed. She remembered nights as a child when he told her stories of generals and presidents and first ladies to get her to sleep. Some days she almost agreed with his idea of Dev becoming a history major in college. Almost.

Her thoughts were interrupted when their teacher, Mr. Carter, arrived. "Sorry I'm late. Ms. Martin was having computer troubles again." As the majority of the class was seniors, they all smiled. Ms. Martin was forever having computer troubles. "Welcome to Advanced American History. As this course is an elective, I expect all of you will be exceptional students." He stood behind his desk and looked out over all of them. His eyes narrowed in on Jesse Spence, who was smirking as usual. "Name?"

Jesse was still grinning as he said "Jesse Spence, sir." His voice was filled with mockery.

"Well Mr. Spence," he said, making a note as he spoke, "I'm glad you've chosen to broaden your knowledge of American history. But if you think this class is going to be a free ride, you might want to head down to Mr. Woodright's office now. This isn't Art 101." The class laughed quietly as Jesse sank into his chair.

Mr. Carter turned and began writing on the white board. "As you all know from your schedules, I'm Mr. Carter. I realize most of you have the same respect for teachers that I did when I went to school. So a simple Carter will be allowed, but only in this classroom." Finally Mr. Carter paused and smiled at them. "Now, let's get on to business, shall we? You'll all need a three ring binder, or a basic spiral notebook and folder. Your notebooks will be checked twice a quarter. Once just before progress reports, and once…

Devin zoned out. At first she'd gotten really excited listening to Mr. Carter. Then he started talking like any other teacher. Maybe she'd expected too much on the first day. She let out a silent sigh and looked around. Nothing particularly interesting. They were all the same kids she'd gone to school with for the last six years or so. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing… Then she saw him. He sat in the back corner by the windows. The light coming in shone brilliantly off of his golden blond hair. He was strikingly beautiful in a strangely masculine way. Though he was thin you could see from the way his t-shirt hugged him that he was muscular. Interest filled her. She couldn't help but wonder who this new boy was.

"Devin Colt?" She snapped out of her daze quickly, looking up to see that Mr. Carter had finally begun role call. Hoping he hadn't waited long, she said "Here." When he immediately went on to the next student she sagged with relief. Maybe she'd get through the rest of the day without any more enemies. Still, she chose not to let her thoughts wander again, wanting instead to find out the name of mystery boy.

"Ooo, does Miss Colt have a new crush?" Lyss asked, leaning toward her.

Devin glared at her. "Shut it Lyss." But she couldn't stop from squirming as Landon's eyes fell on her as well. She was absolutely horrible at ignoring them, but still she tried.

"Erik Smith?"

"Here." Devin perked up, seeing that sexy had answered. Hmm, Erik was a nice name. And it seemed to suit him. Smiling she looked away from him, only to find both Lyss and Landon grinning at her. She stuck her nose in the air. "There's no law against looking," she told them.

The sound Landon made was one of total agreement. "Maybe I'll get lucky for once and he'll play for my side."

"Yeah right," Lyss said. "Did you get a look at him? He's definitely Y positive." She let out a wistful sigh. "Of course, he looks like the type of guy who'll rule the populars inside a week."

Landon nodded. "But I bet our Devin could get his attention, even after he's joined the dark side."

"Ha-ha," she said, trying hard to control the blush creeping up her cheeks. It was probably the worst part of getting her mother's red hair. To distract herself from their taunting she looked at Erik again, only to find that this time he was looking back. She immediately lost the battle with her blush. As she turned her face away she caught his quick grin from the corner of her eye. Mentally she recited every curse she'd learned from her father and uncle, which were surprisingly few, considering her father's knowledge of such. But it calmed her enough that she felt the blush slip away.

She spent the rest of the class in silence, attempting to pay attention to Mr. Carter. Devin truly hoped the next class would be more informative. Otherwise she'd have yet another class to fail. When the bell finally rang she sprang from her seat and hurried out. Alyssa and Landon followed. "You okay?" Lyss asked her.

Devin nodded. "I'm fine. Just having a weird first day, that's all."

Landon caught her in a hug. "You know we were teasing, right?"

"Of course. It's the only reason I haven't hit you yet. Though I am beginning to think about it," she said as they headed along the English corridor.

Landon grinned. "There's my girl. Back to normal with her threats of bodily harm." Devin pushed him off and laughed. "Anyway, I have to go off to art. See you ladies at lunch." They both waved him off.

Alyssa went off to her class. Devin rolled her eyes. Lyss insisted on taking the maximum amount of Advanced Placement classes. Whereas Dev knew her limits, and had taken normal English. This meant she was stuck with all the lazy students who were only there because they had to be. She groaned and went to class.

The rest of the day passed alternating between painfully slow and annoyingly fast. Finally it came time for her last class, AP Latin. Lucky for her, in this class AP just meant she'd already gone through four years and this was the last stage. It wasn't any more intense. You were just skilled. Devin always loved how impressed her dad and uncle were at her knowledge of Latin. After all, how many hunters actually memorized the major exorcisms?

When she walked in she took her usual seat in the front row by the windows. According to Ms. Williams, there was only one other student taking it with her. As the classroom was empty, she took the time to ponder who that might be. The two students who'd taken fourth year Latin with her last year had graduated. Had a student from a lower class moved up?

A moment later she had her answer. Golden boy Erik walked in, staring at a piece of paper in his hand. Devin's stomach did a flip as she looked at him. But she quickly looked away when he lowered it and glanced around. "Is this it?" he asked, taking a seat in the desk next to hers.

Devin was about ready to faint. His voice was deep and strong, and it had just asked her a question. She was saved from answering by Ms. Williams, who walked in then, scatter-brained as usual.

"Devin!" she said happily, setting eyes on her star student. "I'm so glad you decided to take Latin again this year. And as you can see, you won't be alone. Erik's new here, so I hope you'll take care of him properly."

Swallowing her nerves Dev said, "You know I will Ms. Williams. Was there anything in particular you wanted us to work on today?"

As Ms. William's attention had already turned elsewhere it was a moment before she replied. "Hmm? Oh, just page through Ovid. We'll be working on translations to start off the year. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go talk to Madame Le Fleur." She hurried out without waiting.

Once again, Erik turned to Devin. "Isn't she going to teach us anything?" he asked confusion apparent on his face.

"Yeah. But she's head of the language department, so she tends to have to do a lot. Once you hit the upper levels she mostly does translating so that we can learn and she can get things done." Devin stood and went to the cabinet where Ms. Williams stored most of the books. She'd left her new copy of Ovid at home. She found one and turned, only to jump when she found Erik standing there. Her heart raced and she tried to figure out how he got behind her without her knowledge. Her hearing was better than that!

His eyes, she found, were such a dark blue as to almost be black. They studied her face intently as she worked at calming herself. After a brief pause at her lips, they finally rested on her own eyes. "I don't suppose there's another copy in there?" He smiled, which set her off again. It was a wonderful smile, easy and flirtatious. Not that she'd know.

"Uh," she said, trying to remember what he'd asked. She shook her head. "Yeah, there is. You can take this one. I'll grab another." She gave him the one she held, and he somehow found a way to brush his fingers over hers in the process of taking it.

"Thanks." Book in hand, he returned to his seat. Devin turned around, glad to have an excuse to hide in the cabinet. None of the other guys at school had ever had such an effect on her before. It almost scared her.

Not wanting to dawdle, Dev grabbed another copy and went to sit down. The rest of class passed in silence as they both flipped through pages full of ancient language. She was so intent on understanding the text that she was actually surprised when the bell rang. Blinking a bit, she came out of her haze and closed the book. She'd have to read more when she got home. Then she remembered Erik. She looked up to see him smiling at her in amusement. "How was it?"

"Fine." She grabbed her bag and put the book back. As she headed for the door Erik called out to her.

"Hey Devin. I guess I'll see you around." Something seemed to gleam in his eyes as he said it.

"Yeah, see ya." Devin walked out, berating herself the whole way.

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