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Sakura was waking up. She yawned, and growled at the thing that was making noise. Which happened to be her alarm clock.

She grabbed it, and threw it against the wall. The crash that met her ears was satisfying and welcomed.

But then she heard it.

The screech that meant that Ino had been so rudely awoken by said crash. Ino's shriek woke up the rest of the household. Six women all were awake, but not because they wanted to be.

Ugh. Temari hated mornings. Why was anyone awake right now? It should be illegal. It was six-fucking-thirty-in-the-morning. She was going to kill Sakura when she got the chance. AFTER she had some coffee.

Stupid chick kept destroying her alarm clocks. Damn. Was it her turn to make coffee? She couldn't remember. Temari grudgingly got up, and began to make her way to the kitchen.

Ino hated life at the moment. The crash that was Sakura's alarm clock woke her up. She should be used to it by now, but she wasn't.

'Third one this week. Why does she even try?!'

was all that Ino could grumble to herself. It didn't matter anyway, the needed to be up this early. Excitement hit her hard in the chest. She yawned and stood up.

"Time to get to work... GIRLIES! WE HAVE WORK TO DO!"

One very important thing anyone should know about Ino. If she wanted you to listen, you would listen, whether you liked it or not.

Hinata woke suddenly, a little time before the morning screaming commenced. She mentally shrugged, knowing there was nothing she could do about it. The young researcher normally woke earlier then the sun, which was strange, because she went to bed so late.

It was required, in their line of work.

She grabbed her favorite house coat and leisurely began to walk downstairs when the morning began. A smile touched her lips as she began to make the morning coffee.

Karin laughed as she woke up to screeching. Yet another good morning's sleep ruined by Sakura's tendency to destroy her alarm clocks. It had never bothered her before, and she wasn't going to let it start bothering her now.

She forced herself to get out of bed. She stretched, yawned, pulled her slippers on, and then she stumbled down the stairs. She was sure Hinata had already started making breakfast, she could already smell it.

Anko, the oldest of the girls, really had to wonder why she put up with this, usually four times a week. Oh, ya, it paid better then almost any other job on the planet. A smirk crossed her lips as she reached for her hair band. She quickly put her hair up, grabbed her slippers, and rushed down the stairs. There was dango waiting downstairs in the kitchen, so what was she still doing up here?

Ten Ten groaned. She loved her housemates, she really did, but mornings were not the best part of the day in their little family. And with Ino shrieking the way she was, they would never get anything done. Ten Ten got up, muttering all the way. As she trudged downstairs, she caught a bit of the excitement that had Ino all worked up. She couldn't really blame the girl; this was going to be one of the best days in any of their lives.

Sakura was still in bed. It was as simple as that. But she could hear the rest of her family going downstairs to the kitchen, so she decided to leave her comfy bed in favor of them. Then she realized that Temari and, more then likely, Ten Ten, would be after her ass for breaking yet another alarm clock. Meh, who cared, really? It's not like they would ever actually hurt each other. They would just buy another one when they went out later.

As she walked down the stairs, she caught the smells of bacon, pancakes, and, more importantly, coffee.

She rushed the last few steps, to find a plate of food waiting for her. She smiled gratefully at everyone in the room. They all glared for a moment or two, with the exception of Hinata, who really could have cared less, before grinning and letting her sit down. And with that, the clatter of knives and forks began once again. Small talk was made, and then Ino decided to announce the reason she was so excited.

"Ladies. Today is important. Can you believe that we've been at doing this for five years already? Five years to the day that we all found each other. We were a bunch of vagabonds then, weren't we?"

Temari and Karin hooted at this, as Ten Ten put in diplomatically "We're STILL a bunch of vagabonds, hun!"

All six of them laughed, and then Ino continued.

"Very true. But at least we're rich vagabonds. And that's what matters, isn't it?"

They all laughed again.

Anko was thinking to herself.

"Hey, Tema, what have you been scoping out lately? There are quite a few things we could 'check out'."

The eldest woman of the group made over-exaggerated quotation marks in the air. Every person in the room suddenly got, evil, identical grins on their lips. Temari could only grin at them widely.

"I was thinking something big. Y'know, 'cuz it's our anniversary. We might as well have some fun, right?"

The women continued to grin.

"I was thinking something along the lines of that ornamental fan and those pair of katana's that Ten Ten likes so much, at the Museum of Iwagakure. What say you, girls? Sound like fun?"

Sakura smirked.

"Fun? Temari, that's beyond perfect. I can pick up that awesome necklace I saw there last time!"

The girls continued to smile, smirk, and grin according to their natures. Ino nodded.

"Right then, I ought to get to work on that bullet proof suit I was working on. We are doing this tonight, right?"

Temari answered her right away

"Of course, why wouldn't we? You're almost done that as it is. Panda, you got everything we need?"

The girl in question looked scandalized.

"When am I NOT armed to the teeth? Puh-lease. Saku, you're the best thief we have, no offense Anko, and I know you like to work with a pair of small handguns. I need you to try out these new pair I just got in, k?"

The purple-haired woman laughed.

"None taken chicklet."

Sakura nodded to Ten Ten's last comment.

"Right. You take such good care of me. I love you all. I'm going to go take a shower. And, seriously Anko, I'm amazed at you. How is it you keep them off our tracks?"

The 23-year old laughed again.

"Well, it's not like you guys leave much evidence anyway. And that's only if the other side is very, VERY lucky. And that's why I make a better cover story. You kids play nice now. I'm off for a long soak in the bath."

All the females in the room began to drift off to do what they needed to do, so that they could get ready for the evening of fun and games they had set up for themselves. Calls of "Breakfast was awesome Hinata, loved it!" followed after every exit. Hinata just smiled serenely, and finished cleaning up.

The youngest female of the group (only by a little bit! Ten Ten was a week and a half older… Dammit…) stood up and followed the rest of her comrades out of the kitchen. She turned and nodded to Karin. Sakura's body double was still sipping her hot chocolate. She waved her hand and murmured quietly with a grin on her lips to Hinata.

"You shoo. I know you want to work on whatever it is you're working on. The dishes can wait, I'll do them." There was a research lab calling Hinata's name, and she intended to comply with that call.

Sakura was getting ready. Physically and mentally. She knew that if she wasn't prepared (that's a laugh and a half, she had always been prepared, for every job they've ever even THOUGHT of working on) she'd be dead.

Temari would short-circuit everything, and giver her about three minutes to get in and out. Ino would have that bullet-proof body suit finished, finally, and with any luck, it would go off without a hitch. The only thing she was worried about, however, were their rivals, Sharingan. What if they were doing this job too?

She mentally berated herself.

'Best not to think about that now. Think about getting ready. Think about how much fun this is going to be!'

She grinned at the small compensation, but she could not help but worry, and hope to God that nothing bad would happen. She was getting tired, pounding away as she was at the punching bag. It didn't really deserve this, did it? But that didn't matter; this would get rid of the worry. It always did.

The constant pounding –bam bam bam bam- made her feel much better.

At the same time, in the lab with Hinata

"Dammit, why does this keep happening? This chemical reaction shouldn't be happening until later, when I add the silver iodide, so why is it happening NOW?"

The indigo-haired girl could barely believe it. This was NOT supposed to be happening. At least it wasn't blowing up, unlike last time. Anko had nearly murdered her for that one. She snorted as she thought of the look on Anko's face when she had pulled that trick.

However, it had led her to the invention of a very useful smoke bomb, which would knock out anyone who hadn't taken the antidote. She had also figured that out. All she had to do there was reverse the polarity in the capsule, and there you go, you have your antidote.

Another memory floated to the surface. She had tried the smoke bomb on an unsuspecting Ten Ten, to hilarious results. The poor girl had been out for hours. After she had woken up, she had screamed at Hinata for an hour and a half about etiquette.

At least she knew it worked. Hinata grinned evilly. Ten Ten had tried to kill her for that little stunt. Hmm. How come her friends tended to try and kill her? She had no clue.

She couldn't wait for Sakura to try out her little smoke bomb on someone. Hinata had designed the smoke bomb so that if you hadn't taken the antidote and hour prior at the very least, you would be knocked out cold.

She could only grin and hope that some random guard got a whiff of the stuff. The owners of the place would wonder what had happened, because she (Hinata) had given Sakura a fake necklace (and every other thing else she would be lifting that night) to replace the one they were going to be stealing.

They fakes were exactly the same as the real version. Weight, looks, sheen on the gold, everything. It might as well be the same necklace, except for one small detail. It was a fake. A very clever fake, but a fake none-the-less. Only a very experienced jeweler would be able to tell the difference between the two.

Once Sakura had infiltrated the museum, Hinata knew they would be alright. Her only worry was their rivals, Sharingan. Hinata pursed her cherry red lips as she thought of those… boys. She had no idea how, but one time, those stupid little boys had figured out what they were after and got there first.

Ever since that happened, they all agreed that they needed a spy in that ring. Everyone needs a spy. Ten Ten just happened to be theirs. She had worked her way up through Sharingan's ranks 'til she was right at the top.

Sharingan thought Ten Ten was working for them.

Ten Ten thought otherwise.

She, at the very least, was loyal to the bone.

But nothing would go wrong tonight. Ten Ten had confirmed that Sharingan thought that tonight was like any other night. And Hinata and all the other girls were immensely thankful that Ten Ten was so loyal.

Considering her position in Sharingan, she could be much richer. She loved her friends, and she wasn't going to betray them any time soon.

In the swimming pool with Ten Ten and Temari

The second youngest and the second eldest were reminiscing about that day five years ago, before they had found their… talents.

Ten Ten had been working in a factory, but mostly she had been jacking everything she could lay her hands on. She had only just turned 16, and she finally got tired of it. She called Sakura from a pay phone, and told her that she was done with work and that she needed a place to stay for a while. Sakura had simply mumbled a quiet affirmation, before hanging up.

Temari's story was very much the same. She had known Ino from years prior, and when her father's abuse had become too much, she had simply left. She knew her younger brothers would be fine, as her father had never laid a finger on either of them.

She still had regular interaction with them. Once she had explained to Gaara and Kankuro why she had left, they would not begrudge her a home where she felt safe. She found out two days later that Gaara arranged her evil father's death.

It hadn't fazed her in the slightest. Kankuro was of age, and so he was taking care of Gaara now. She smiled as she thought of what was left of her family. It didn't help that she missed her mother. That had always made her sad, so she tried not to think about it too much.

After she finally got out of her hometown, and to the little city where they were now, Temari had found Ino's number and called her. Ino's older cousin who had been living with Ino at the time came to get Temari.

She never did thank Anko for saving her ass that night. Anko drove her to Sakura's and that was when their little gang started. Anko had just turned legally old enough to have guardianship, so suddenly; she had five teenaged girls on her hands. The woman had never really minded, because they were all like sisters to her.

As Temari thought on it, Hinata's reason for leaving was the exact same as hers.

Hinata's father had abused both Hinata and her younger sister, Hanabi. Even though Hinata had gotten through it with a lot of help from a psychiatrist, she still worried about Hanabi, who had never quiet recovered from their father's abuse.

Hinata still went to visit the girl, who resided in an asylum for the clinically insane. Temari knew that Hinata would never forgive her father for what he had done to her and Hanabi, and she did not blame her. The man was a psychopath.

Karin's reason for being there was very different. She was an orphan that Anko had mistaken for Sakura one night when she was driving.

After Karin had explained to Anko why she was out at three in the morning, the older girl had simply decided that she wasn't going to leave her out in the snow. Anko knew what it felt like to have no parents, so she took her back to Ino's place and pretty much adopted her.

The more Temari thought on the subject, the more she wondered, so she voiced her speculations to Ten Ten.

"Hey Ten Ten, have you ever wondered if all men are like the assholes we used to know? Or is it just us?"

The younger girl pondered for a minute.

"Nah, I think some of them can be okay, although we do seem to have had a lot of bad luck in the "men's" department, haven't we?"

Ten Ten and Temari could only smirk at the stupidity of that thought.

That wasn't true at all. Every single person in this building at the moment had been forced to sleep with certain bastards for the sake of the job.

And nothing, NOTHING got in the way of a job.

It simply didn't happen. It was too important, too much fun to let anything happen to stop a job. Even falling in love.

Temari couldn't help it, thinking of love made her think of Shikamaru and thinking of Shikamaru made her heart hurt.

And she hated feeling that loss of control over her emotions. God, she hated loving him. But it did her no good now. She hadn't heard from him in months. She knew it was for the best, but it still hurt a little to think of him. She had been so sure that he loved her.

But then again, the group had moved only a little after that, and she had never taken it upon herself to find out what had happened to him.

A minute or so later the door into the pool room opened. Karin came in, wearing her favorite dark pink bikini.

"Hey chicklets. I'm going to go relax in the hot tub. Come with?"

The brunette and the blonde nodded with a smile twitching each of their lips. They slid into the hot tub next to the pink haired girl.

Both Ten Ten and Temari looked at Karin. She and Sakura could have been twins, except when Karin wore her glasses. As it was, most people thought they were sisters. They almost were, so they did not care to dispute it.

"It's so weird… I never really thought about it, but you don't really have a last name, do you Karin? You're just like me, in that respect."

Ten Ten hated not having a last name. It annoyed her to no end. Karin nodded at her comment.

"That's true. Sakura wanted me to adopt her last name, and so did Anko, but I prefer to just remain 'Karin'. I can't be anyone else. Annoys me to no end though, because getting through borders takes FOREVER…"

The girl sighed in annoyance. And yet she knew that it had never really stopped her before, she simply jumped it. And, for some strange reason, no one ever really cared. Every time this happened, she simply raised an eyebrow and she let it go.

A call through the pool area made all three women snap their head's to attention.

"What the HELL Ino?!"

Temari yelled "We don't have to be ANYWHERE for at least three- and-a-half hours! WHY ARE YOU SCREECHING AT US?!"

Ino's voice was calm as she looked at them, deadpanned.

"You idiots, we only have three-and-a-half hours! This is a dangerous night for us to be out, so we have to be ready!"

Ten Ten, Temari and Karin all glared at her, slightly angry that she was ruining their perfectly wonderful relaxation time.

All three of them heaved themselves out of the hot tub, and they went to get dried off.

Ten Ten's long brown hair was loose from her normal double buns, but it wasn't wet, as she had put it up in a single messy bun to keep it dry. Karin's cerise hair had never held water well, so it was drying quickly. Temari, however, could only sigh at the state of the rat's nest she called hair.

There was a reason she kept it the way she did, and it was because it was too troublesome to do anything else with it. Dammit, she was even starting to think like him. And she didn't even want to go there.

Temari sighed again as she told the others that she was off to take a shower. As she waltzed off to take said shower, both Karin and Ten Ten shook their heads.

They KNEW Temari wasn't over Shikamaru, they KNEW it. This was simply extra proof. What neither of them understood however, was why she didn't go find out where he was.

By Temari's reckoning, they didn't understand that it wasn't that she didn't want to find him; it was that she couldn't stand facing him. She was more afraid of what he would say to her then anything else at all, in the entire world.

And so she would do nothing about it until she could absolutely do nothing to avoid it. She hoped that that confrontation would never happen. And she knew she was deluding herself, because it would happen sooner or later whether she liked it or not.

Sakura had finished pounding that poor punching bag into nothing-ness, had taken a shower, and was now relaxing in her room. She quickly grabbed a certain Fallout Boy CD, and shoved it into her stereo. 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me' blasted through her room.

She opened the window to let some of the sound out and a breeze in. The wind whipped her pink, slightly-less-then-shoulder-length hair around her face. She could hardly believe that it had been five years. It had been so long, too long, since she had last had some true adrenaline running through her veins.

Maybe it was nothing more then a rush of hormones to the brain, but that didn't mean that she wasn't allowed to love that rush. It made her feel alive like nothing else in the entire world.

The door to her room slammed as Ino came huffing into the room.

"Hey Pig, what's up?" Sakura spoke before Ino could say anything at all, and she chuckled at her use of the other girl's old nickname.

"Not much, Forehead. Just a little excited for tonight. Have fun. But be careful, y'know? I don't want to have to come and save your ass."

Sakura could sense the underlying concern in her best friend's words. Ino had never been good at expressing care or worry for anyone, so this small warning warmed Sakura's heart.

She smirked at Ino.

"Don't worry. When have you ever had to come and -as you so delicately put it- 'save my ass?' I don't need saving, sweets. I can save myself."

Ino smile was small but satisfied.

"Good. I got important stuff to do tonight. After you get back, we're all going out to drink ourselves into a stupor. You gonna come with?"

Sakura nodded.

It was quiet for now, save for Fall Out Boy blasting in the background. Ino got up and walked out of the room, leaving Sakura to ponder her evening in peace. She shook out her hair as she lay down to take a nap before the evening's foolery commenced.

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