The cold September wind buffeted the boys as they entered Spencer Academy. It was Wednesday night and the two were just coming in from Nicky's.

" Man is it cold or what?" complained Tyler, the youngest of the two.

" Ya think Ty?" Reid shot back, bundling his jacket up closer for warmth.

Tyler just shook his head. Reid could be so sarcastic…all the time now that Tyler thought about it. He zipped up his jacket, which had been blowing open from the wind. Damn it was cold! Lucky for Caleb and Pogue…they got to go to their homes while him and Reid had to go back to the school.

They entered the school and went upstairs to their dorm.

" Man I'm heading down to the shower room. I smell like smoke…" Tyler rapped a towel around his waist, gathered up his shower supplies and headed for the door.

Reid laughed and shoved Tyler, who went thudding into the door. " What the fuck man?" he yelled, rubbing his arm that had collided with the hard wood.

" Dunno. Just felt like laughing at you baby boy."

" Whatever man." With that Tyler headed down the hall towards the showers. Man, did he need this shower. There seemed to be more smokers at Nicky's today then usual and unfortunately they had wanted to play pool with him and Reid. Tyler had been trying to stifle his coughing so as not to insult them. Tyler walked to the shower and was about to turn it on when he felt something…not physical, more…he wasn't sure what it was. He felt like he was being watched. Tyler turned around, only to find himself looking at nothing. He shrugged it off. It was still too soon after the Chase incident. He still felt like he was still around, but of course he wasn't. Caleb had killed him. They had nothing to worry about.

" Whatever." He turned on the shower and got in.

" Mr. Garwin? Mr. Garwin!"

" Wha…?" Reid lifted his head off his desk. He wiped some drool off his chin and looked around. The class was staring at him, giggling.

Tyler whipped him on the shoulder.

" Dude! What was that for?" he yelled, only to create a louder uproar from the students and a larger scowl to form on Mr. Bennett's face.

" Reid, how are you ever going to learn anything if all you do is sleep?" hissed Tyler.

" I dunno…Copy your homework?" Reid guessed, laughing.

" Mr. Garwin, please see me after class," sighed Mr. Bennett, going back to the board.

Reid sighed. " Again? Shit man you'd think he has a crush on me or something…"he whispered to Tyler.

Tyler shook his head, going back to his notebook. Maybe Reid didn't care about his schoolwork and future, but he sure did! Tyler continued to write down notes as the familiar sound of Reid's snoring drifted up again. Jeez, he thought. Does this guy do nothing but sleep? He looked around at Caleb and Pogue, who were doing their work as well. Pogue caught Tyler's eye and shook his head, thinking the same thing as Tyler was. Tyler smiled and turned back to his book, but not before he got a familiar feeling…the same feeling he had when he was in the shower. It felt like something (or someone) was watching him…but as he looked around again he saw no one in the class doing so. And it couldn't be Chase. It just couldn't be.

As class ended Tyler caught up with Caleb in the halls. " Hey Caleb? Can I have a word?"

Caleb continued walking. " Sure Tyler. What is it?"

Tyler kept pace with him until they got to the bathroom. He pulled Caleb in and, after making sure that no one else was in there, faced Caleb. " Caleb, are you sure that you killed Chase?"

Caleb's eyes widened. " Of course I'm sure. I haven't been getting any of the weird feeling I got when he was around." He paused, searching Tyler's face. " Why do you want to know?"

Tyler swallowed, unsure of what to say. Just spit it out! He told himself. He took a breath, then spilled. " It's just that, well I've been getting weird feelings lately…like someone was watching me."

Caleb scratched his head, thinking. " Does it feel like it did when Chase was here?"

Tyler shook his head, unsure. " I don't know…no I guess not. It's different…at first I thought it was like someone was watching me, but then it felt different…I can't explain it."

The other boy nodded. " Is it like you've got the jitters, like you can feel something coming?" he asked.

The younger Covenant brother nodded, amazed. " Yeah. That's exactly how it feels!"

Caleb laughed. " Don't sweat it man. It's the feeling you get when you're ascending soon. And it's really soon; I mean, your birthday is like what? Two, three weeks from now?"

Tyler gulped. He hadn't thought about that! His birthday was coming up soon… " It's two weeks and three days."

" My, aren't we precise?" Caleb laughed, punching Tyler on the shoulder. " Chill Ty. It's nothing to worry about! We've all gone through it and we survived! And you should be safe; I mean, Reid was the only one at risk of Addiction and he lived so you'll be fine." Just then the bell rang. " There's the bell. Come on or we'll be late!" With that Caleb was gone.

Tyler stood there a few seconds longer. Caleb was right. He'd be fine. But he was still a bit worried about his upcoming birthday…

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