School was quite boring the next day. Classes, lunch, classes, swim practice. Typical. But during the day some of the best things happened. During class he got to bug Reid whenever he fell asleep; in between classes he got to hang with the guys and Taylor, whom he kissed regularly now; at lunch they goofed off and made fun of Aaron and his followers.

Things were getting back to normal. They were all on guard for Chase, but there had been no sign of him since yesterday. Tyler had gone back to the hospital, much to his annoyance. Luckily the cuts on his hands and face caused by the shattering stone weren't deep enough to require stitches, but he did have a bandaged cheek and hands now.

His friends and family kept pestering him about what had happened while he was gone, but he just kept telling them that it wasn't important. He didn't want the information to ruin what they had; he didn't know that it would for sure but it might. And he didn't want that. That information had nearly ruined his relationship with his brothers, though he was working on putting it out of his mind.

Chase had almost won. He had almost gotten what he had wanted; to break up the Covenant. But Tyler hadn't let him ruin their friendship. Tyler knew now that nothing would. Not even when Reid brought a girl back to their dorm without telling him. Okay yes he'd be pissed and have to go stay with Pogue in his apartment like he always did. But he'd forgive him the next day; he always did.

The boys had headed over to Nicky's after school without Tyler. He had a lot of catching up to do at school and was sitting on his bed at the dorm right now, working on his math. He'd finished his history, science, and English. Math was a pain, but he was almost done. Unlike his alternate self, he was good in school.

Yawning, he put his math away and got under the covers, falling asleep with a smile on his face.

Chase looked in at Tyler through the window, rage blazing in his blue eyes. God he hated them. Right now he was very close to hating the youngest more then Caleb, which he hadn't thought could happen. He had been so sure that his plan would have destroyed Tyler's faith in their friendship, then crush them all one by one, taking their power for himself. Of course he'd have to wait a few more days until Tyler Ascended. But it was only a few more days; he'd get it, and the rest too. Taking one last loathing glare at the youngest, he disappeared, his destination unknown.