Disclaimer: I don't own Hedwig or HP for that matter, but if I did…..

A story dedicated to Hedwig because of her untimely death in DH.

This is just Hedwig's POV as she hangs out in the owlery in Harry's first year. Hope you like!

I was eating bird seed minding my own business, awaiting my dear master Harry to come and give me a letter to deliver. It was a usual day, sun was shining, trees were blowing, teenagers making out below me.

YES! You heard right! It is time that the truth is exposed!

The owlery, my home! Is being exploited in all of its owlery goodness, for none other then a snogging spot for these hormone crazed teenagers!

Why here?! Why me?!

Am I not a good owl? Do I not deliver my messages well?

Cause I feel like I'm being misused here.

I am an extraordinary owl, many masters before my dear master Harry have treasured me as one of their prized possessions.

But nooo-ooo! I'm stuck in this stinking tower with these other stinking owls that don't know how to hold a decent conversation!

For example, the other day I asked Draco Malfoy's owl where I could take a bath, the damn bird just gave me a look of sheer confusion, I mean come on, birds need to bathe aswell!

UGH! Now look what they're doing, those stupid students, he's got that feral thing human call a tongue down her beak!

How gross is that!? And right in front of me!

No wonder the rest of these birds are completely mentally retarded, being exposed to this daily for most of their lives.

It's enough to make a bird sick!Bleh!

You know what!?

I'm going to go on strike! Refused to deliver any letters until I am taken out of this infernal place.

UGH! I think one of the other birds just crapped on me!

That's it! I'm out of here!

yeah, just thought that I would write something for poor Hedwig, I miss her. She shouldn't have died!

I know it's just drabble, but it's drabble for Hedwig!

I love you Hedwig!