Davenport Family Reunion


NOTE: This is a fictional view of Hazzard County and the Davenport Family as seen collectively by lukefan07, B.L. Davenport, Bethie88 and myself (Dixie Davenport) I offered to post this collective effort, but I can't and won't take credit for it because without all three of us it would click. This was originally posted on This story has nothing to do with the other one I'm working on(Welcome Back Lori) this is a cued one as well, for me, DixieDavenport and bethie88 (although, small details in this story are somewhat the same as the ones in Welcome back Lori,the looks and personality)


Davenport Family Reunion

Lori Davenport, the middle of her two Davenport cousins, Cooter and Dixie, was on her way back to Hazzard from Osage County where she stayed with some of her friends for a while. She came barreling into town in Midnight Rider the almost brother to the General Lee, a black 69' dodge charger. Lori was headed back from her summer vacation of racing and chasin, guys that is. Lori was a reinvented young lady now, she no longer looked as a young teenage girl, even though she wasn't, she was a mature in all aspects woman. All for one man, Luke Duke. now there's one problem, she had a thing for Luke for God knows how long, but so has her cousin Dixie. Lori was one that if a guy came between her and her cousin he wasn't worth it, whether Dixie wanted to believe the same thing or not...Lori shook her head, ya see Lori had never had a "fling" with Luke but Dixie had, Lori was so sure that Luke didn't even see Lori as that type of girl, just as Cooter's little cousin, that's how everyone saw her even though she was a grown woman.

Lori climbed out of her car in a strapless blue sun dress, with her long brunette hair whipping in the wind. Her white, open toed high heels clicked on the sidewalk as she made her way around the car to the entrance of Cooter's Garage there she saw Bo, Luke and Dixie all huddled around the General. Lori walked over to them and stood behind them and let out a rebel yell," YEEEEE-HAWWWW! Howdy ya'll, did ya miss me?" Her long, tan legs shining in the hot Hazzard sun as she stood there hands on her hips smiling. She looked at all of them and noticed how much Dixie had changed she knew that Dixie liked Luke, and she knew she didn't want him to come between them even though Lori felt he was worth it all. Lori giggled a little and walked over towards the General to see what they were doing...


NOTE: This story will have Dixie Davenport in it but has nothing to do with Going Home Again 3 or Danged Fool which is currently still a 'work in progress'.


Dixie Davenport looked up from the General Lee where she had been getting a part number to check prices of a replacement part. She had did this job at the garage (When in Hazzard) since she was fifteen. Dixie was the youngest of the three Davenport cousins. Actually she was the youngest of the whole bunch except for Coy Duke. She was four years younger than Luke Duke, a fact that had caused both them many problems in their younger years. She was also about four years younger than Lori, but she had always been more mature and settled than her rambunctious cousin. Maybe it was those points that had lead to Luke thinking she was eighteen when she had only been sixteen. She smiled at the better part of those memories; sneaking sips of Luke's drinks at the Boar's Nest or at the lake where the guys used to race. Yeah, Dixie may have changed over the past few years but it only made her more self assured. She had been away from Hazzard since she was sixteen up until last night. Cooter had called to say that all the long lost Davenports were coming in for the long Memorial Day weekend. He called her every year of two when these gathering were about to happen but Dixie had never returned to Hazzard, but this time she was determined to come back to see if her feelings for Luke were the same. She felt she either needed to move forward with him or finally get over him. Wouldn't you know it, Lori would also show up! They had competed against each other for Luke's attention since before they started elementary school. Lori had some advantages, Dixie had to admit. Though she was as wild as they came driving and racing around, Lori had always been a real 'good girl'. Dixie smiled, well, she had too until that changed one night up by the lake in the backseat of the General Lee when she had just turned sixteen. She also remembered Luke's reaction when she walked in the Boar's Nest last night. He almost chocked on his beer! They had stayed up until the rooster crowed this morning talking out a lot and she was right where she felt she ought to be, by his side helping with the General Lee. No she may not be in heels and a fancy dress but he seemed to appreciate her halter top and short shorts that showed off her very long legs. She didn't have to wonder what brought Lori back she knew and he was standing on her right side. As she replied to Lori's question she had to get a quick look at Luke's reaction, "Lori?"

On her right Luke kept his reaction neutral as he heard the familiar voice. As he looked up from the General Lee he saw the amused look Bo was giving him.


Lori smiled at Luke, she knew Dixie was the owner of his heart, she just knew it. "H...Howdy Luke, Long time no see seems like." Lori looked at Bo and smiled, "Howdy there Bo, how ya been?" Lori looked at Dixie and shook her head she knew Dixie had feelings for Luke, just like all the other guys that had their eyes on Dixie before(some she didn't know about) Luke would be no different. Lori walked over to the General pulling her hair back in a bun sos not to let it fall in her face. Ya see Lori quickly looked at Dixie and thought to herself, "Just get over him Lori, You expect him to pay the same amount of attention to you as he does to Dixie." Lori looked up and said, "Well I guess I'll head on to Cooter's farm and uh.. go change I guess." She gave a half smile and sighed. Lookin at Dixie and then to Luke. She said "Ya'll take care now." Lori knew that her wild side would get in the way sometimes, that was the best thing about Dixie she was so mature and calm, and collective. Lori knew that Luke liked to be serious and Lori just wasn't really all that much serious, she can be when it came down to her family but other than that she chased guys as much as Bo and Luke chased girls. She had stopped though after she really thought about what she was doing. Cooter caught her and told on her one too many times fer her liking. Lori shook her head and laughed. Other than that she went to church every Sunday morning and sang in choir, most people thought she didn't even know what the words "having fun" meant. but when someone challenged her to a beer drinking contest or a race she was up for it. She looked back at Dixie and smiled,"I guess I'll see ya around cousin."


Before Dixie could reply.

Luke had finally realized that everyone was looking at him for his reaction. He replied, "Lori, its been ages since you've came through these parts." He wiped the wrench he had in his hand off as she announced she was going to Cooter's to change. "Hey, don't be silly. There's the bathroom in the back and there's still Cooter's hide away upstairs, that is if you don't want to drive all the way out of town to change."

Bo added, "Sure, don't run off yet." Bo knew she liked Luke. He also knew Luke and Dixie's past history! It was going to be an interesting weekend!


Lori turned to look to Luke and Bo and Dixie, "Well I guess ya'lls right, I could change here," she said with a smile and went to the trunk. She pulled out her delicates and her face turned red she giggled a little and got embarrassed, Dixie rolling her eyes at her. Lori grabbed her jeans, with holes in the knees, her spaghetti strapped, white tank top, and her boots.. as she walked passed Bo and Luke she smiled really big at Luke and winked at him she was so happy to be back. Lori walked around back to the bathroom and changed she hit her elbow on the door and yelled out "D it! She walked out and everyone was laughing at her she put her hands on her hips and shook her head smiling.

Luke said with a smile,"Ya alright there?"

Lori said with a smile and said,"Ehhh, I just forgot how small that danged thing could be." Lori pulled her hair back in a clip and strutted over, chasing guys around all the time really got to her. She caught herself in the act and quickly changed her strut to a normal walk, noting the look on Dixie and Luke's face.

Luke looked at her and gave her that raised eyebrow look and smiled at her,"Well, were did that come from?"

Lori noticed that he was talking about how she walked over there to were they were standing, "UHH... well when you've chased guys as much as I have then yea, you kinda tend to walk like that around everyone." "I know if Cooter saw me he'd think I was up to something, he always did get me in trouble."

Luke laughed at Lori and asked her,"Well, what exactly did you do?"

Lori looked up her eyes widened she stammered and shuddered," ...UHH.. YA SEE... never mind..." Lori shook her head and dropped her head in doing so.

Luke looked at Dixie waiting for her to reply to the comment, but Dixie just stood there muttering something he couldn't understand what though.

Bo looked at all three of them and fell over laughing at them, he knew Lori liked Luke and Bo also knew that Dixie still had feelings for him Bo said with a smirk,"The Davenport girls of Hazzard County..."He didn't have anytime to finish what he was saying Dixie and Lori both shot him a look.

Lori looked up and said well, I guess I'll be headed off to the Boar's Nest, check out what's going on and probably raise me a ruckus while I'm at it." Lori looked up to Luke and winked at him and looked to Bo and giggled as Bo knew what that little wink meant. Dixie meanwhile watching all of this was getting highly upset as she...


Dixie meanwhile watching all of this was getting highly upset as she watched her cousin flirting away with the only man she'd ever loved.

Just in the knick of time, Beth Duke walked into the garage, a 7-year-old Bo Duke Jr. perched on her hip. "Hey, Daddy!" he said, wriggling loose from Beth's arms to run over to his father.

"Go on," Beth said to the little boy with his father's smile. "You're heavy."

Bo leaned down to lift his son into his arms, smiling back at his wife. "Hey, honey," he said. "You 'member Dixie and Lori?"

"DIXIE!" Beth exclaimed running to hug her old friend. "Honey, I've missed you so much!" she said, looking at Dixie like she'd just come back from the dead.

"Hey, Beth," Lori said.

Beth slowly turned around. "Oh, hey there, Lori!" she replied, trying to sound excited, but coming off sounding more worried. Which she was. She'd always loved all of the Davenports, but Lori and Dixie being together now was hardly the best thing Beth could think of.


Lori smiled and looked at Bo,"Wow Bo has it really been that long?" Lori laughed a little she could tell that Beth had just saved her from getting yelled at by Dixie... Lori shook her head and wondered if Dixie still felt the same way she did about Luke so long ago."How ya been Beth?" Lori asked smiling at her.

Beth looked at Lori and smiled back trying to keep her and Dixie from balling up and fighting,"I've been doing good, Lori seems like you've changed a lot!"

Lori giggled and said,"Yea well, racing around Tennessee and Osage and places like that, sure does changed a girl." Lori looked at the ground, she couldn't stand the thought of her and Dixie fighting over a guy. Lori had been hurt already by Dixie along time ago, when Dixie was 16. Lori thought about that and shook her head, she had a tear in her eye. "Well, uh i guess, I'll be going now."

Luke looked to Lori and frowned a bit looking to Dixie,"Why? you just got here Lori? Why in a hurry."

Lori looked at Luke and put on a weak smile,"Well I uh, guess it'd be better if I left and headed on out." Lori wasn't about to tell Luke how she felt, not after knowing Dixie still had feelings for him. Lori slowly turned around and hopped in Midnight Rider and sped off to Dry Creek, there was a rock there were she went to many of a night to cry over Luke and Dixie.

Luke looked at Dixie and Beth and asked in confusion,"Hey, guys what's wrong with Lori she seems, upset over something I don't know what though,"

Dixie looked to Luke and said, "It's me, I gotta go and talk to her, if not she'll do something stupid."

Luke looked at Bo and Beth who were exchanging glances,"Well, ok then, hey hows about afterwards we go to the Boar's Nest and have a beer or two," Luke asked with a smile no woman could resist.

Dixie smiled back to him not wanting to leave cause she knew it would result in her and Lori fighting over him. Dixie left and headed for Dry Creek, she knew exactly were her cousin went to at night all those times ago...When Dixie arrived she saw Lori setting on that same big rock and Dixie walked over to were she was at and said...


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