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Adrian's POV

I burst out laughing, "Right? And I'm the Queen of England! Seriously, Jacob, What is it?"

"This is what I mean. You don't believe me, but seriously, I'm a werewolf." He said, looking very serious.

By the look on his face, I could tell he was being serious. This wasn't a joke nor was it a lie. How could he be a werewolf? I thought they were honestly a myth, not true. This was hard to be believed, just a little weird. I felt a nudge on my shoulder and suddenly came back to reality. "Oh, you're serious? That wasn't a joke? I don't know what to say." I said trying to catch my breath and stay focused.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you any of this. It was a big mistake. I'm leaving." said Jacob, walking towards the door.

"No! Wait," I said getting up as fast as I could to catch him before he left, "what's the matter? I don't know what to say or how to deal with this?"

"Don't worry, you won't have to anymore. You're just like her and it's not something I really want to get into again. I'm out of here. Bye." said Jacob, leaving without any other word.

Once the door shut, I dropped to my knees and just burst into tears. How could I do that to him? He trusted me with telling me and I just blew it! What am I going to do with school tomorrow? I'm so terrible. I broke his heart and its breaking mine as well.

I got up off my knees and walked over to my phone on the couch. I dialed his number but he didn't answer. I figured he wouldn't. I wouldn't want to either. Finally, after I tried one more time, I ran upstairs and jumped on my bed and just started crying again. I was a terrible person. I slowly cried myself to sleep and ended up waking up around 6:00 in the evening.

I felt really useless like I was sick with being that rude to Jacob and he didn't deserve that at all. I don't know why I acted that way to him either. It's not like I meant to it was a surprise and it just was unbelievable. He wouldn't even look or listen to me explain anything. I just want to apologize but he doesn't obviously want to talk to me anymore so I give up.

I decided that I should do my homework to try to get my mind off of him. After I finished, I thought that I should be getting ready for bed since it was getting late and I still had to take a shower and stuff. Also, I needed to sleep off today because I was worn out from crying and I just needed to escape everything.

As I was getting ready to get into the shower, I could hear a howl through my window like it was right outside of it. My heart started to beat fast and as I looked out the window I noticed no one or nothing was there. I sighed and just got into the shower.

I got dressed and I went downstairs and made sure all the doors and windows were locked. I felt like a ghost that couldn't find the light. I was just in a haze. I looked at the clock on the microwave and it read 9:30 p.m. I decided that I should be going to bed. I let my computer play all soft songs because they helped me sleep. I laid down in the comfortable bed and couldn't stop thinking about Jacob and everything that happened today. Also I couldn't stop thinking of why there was a wolf howl outside my window? I wonder if it really was him. Would Jacob hurt me if he really was a werewolf? Would I be safe with him? How could I simply make him talk to me just to hear what I had to say? Oh, it is just so useless, I turned out the late and lay towards my window and through the blinds I could see the full moon. I finally drifted into a deep sleep.


I awoke to the sound of my really annoying alarm buzzing right in my ear. I didn't feel like going to school today, but I had to go. I really hate missing school and making up everything I missed. Besides, if I was going to apologize to Jacob, I had to. I got ready kind of in a slow manner. I changed into my hole-ripped jeans with a black zip jacket, with a cute white shirt underneath. Once I finished getting dressed, I brushed my teeth and did my hair and grabbed my keys, granola bar, and my bag, then raced off to school.

As I pulled into the school parking lot, I noticed Jacob and all of his friends standing by either a girl or their motorcycles. They were all laughing and seemed like they were all having a good time. I really wanted to just talk to him, alone, with only him. I decided that I would when he was alone.

As I started walking up to the school, I noticed the laughter from the group all stopped. I looked over and instead of all smiles and happy faces, everyone was glaring at me, and plus Jacob was looking the other way. That was weird, really weird. Now I was really nervous. I didn't mean to hurt him at all, he never let me finish what I wanted to say or explain myself. I turned and walked into school, trying to fight the tears. As I approached my locker, I noticed Scarlet standing there.

"Hey Adrian!" yelled Scarlet, when I was only like 5 feet away from here.

"Well hello there, Scarlet!" I replied, with a trouble of smile.

"What's the matter," she asked and then I watched her face get furious," I'm going to hurt that boy!"

"No, Scarlet! It's not him; I'm just having a horrible day." I said, trying to calm her down, which was hard.

"Adrian, I'm a …," shows me her necklace, "Remember? I can read your mind. I'm going to hurt him for hurting you like this!"

"Scarlet, No! I can handle this on my own. I made the problem so I can fix it, please. I will talk to you at lunch." I said grabbing my English book, shutting my locker and leaving sadly with a furious Scarlet still at my locker.

Once I got to English class, I seemed to be really early because usually I talked to Jacob outside the classroom, but of course not today. I sat down and took out a book and began to read.

As the class bell rang, I heard everyone, including Jacob, walk in. Since he sat right next to me, I could hear everything him and his friends were talking about.

"She is so rude, Jack, If I were you I would just find someone else who likes you for you and believes you when your telling the true." said Quil.

"Yeah, that's not right. Quit wasting your time dwelling over her." added Embry.

"I know, I wasted my time with her anyways, I can't. I thought she was the one for me." Jacob replied.

As I heard this conversation, I tried so hard not to cry in front of everyone but it was coming and I was I beginning to barely control it.

"Gosh, you should have gotten rid of her when you had the perfect chance. You should have stuck to that Victoria girl." said Quil and finally with that I lost it! I got up and sprinted out the door. The teacher was yelling something at me down the hallway but that didn't stop me, nothing could.

I got as far as the garden area on the school grounds. This place usually was for students who wanted to study during lunch. I found a table and just let it all out. I knew what I did was wrong and horrible but honestly they didn't have to talk about me and make me feel worse than I already am. I sat down at the table and just cried with my head down. I really just wanted to run away. I remembered that I kept my keys in my pocket and so I decided to leave school. I got up and started walking towards the parking lot because the garden area was close to it. I decided to get in my car and drive towards the beach.

I got out of my car and took a deep breath of the fresh air. I walked slowly down the beach and found a calm place to sit. I just laid down and stared up at the sky. It was gray of course today. I started to feel raindrops and ran under a small tree and sat there getting wet. Today just wasn't my day. I cried for the third time today. I hate being like this. I then heard a motorcycle in the distant and just knew who it was. I looked over and saw a figure in the distant running towards me. Jacob. I just stared out in the ocean and he stood right in front of me, blocking my vision.

"What do you want? Are you here to make me feel even worse? Well, how about I just jump into this wonderful ocean and drown so you won't have to waste anymore time with me." I said, getting up and walking towards the water.

"You would really kill yourself? Why did you act the way you did? Didn't you know I was being honest and telling the truth? I trusted you with that." he said calling out to me.

"You didn't let me explain anything or you wouldn't talk to me about it. You just compared me to her and assumed I was just like her. I did care about you and I knew you were telling the truth you just didn't listen. Like everyone else I meet, no one ever listens." I yelled running into the water.

"ADRIAN!" yelled Jacob, the last thing I heard before a huge wave came just then, and pulled me under.

Jacob's POV

I ran after Adrian. I didn't want her to die. I honestly loved her and I didn't want anything to happen to her. I jumped in the water and dived down and found her. I dragged her above water and carried her to shore. She wasn't breathing and I was getting scared that I was to late. I performed CPR when she coughed up a whole bunch of water.

She looked up and said, "You actually do care for me enough to save me. I guess you love wasting your time with me." She chuckled and fell unconscious. I carried her to her car and found the keys in the ignition. I drove it back to my house because no one would be home and I don't want to risk her dad seeing her like this.

Once I got back to my house, I carried her inside and put her on the couch. I didn't want to be like a pervert but I stripped off her clothes since she was all cold and soaking wet and put a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt of mine on her. I also put her in a blanket and cuddled with her on the couch. I didn't mean to talk about her in class. I feel bad for that and also for making her do that. She was right I should have listened to her but I was foolish and only cared for myself. I hope she is okay. She is everything to me and when she wakes up I want her to know that. And with that, he kissed her on the forehead, and waited patiently for her to wake up.

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