Hello, everyone! I think it's about time for another What If chapter! I'm having writer's block on the other one I was going to put up, so I'll give you this one instead. The what if in this chapter is, "What if Ashita died?" I know, she already died in, "I Hate Everything About You" but this is different. 'Cause this one has the children in it! You may already know Sasurai from "Family Matters." He's Sasuke and Ashita's oldest son. In this fic, he'll be sixteen. Sasuki might be new to you. She's Ashita and Sasuke's adopted daughter and she's twelve in this chapter. Then there's Tashino, Sasurai and Sasuki's little brother. He's a newborn here. So, that's just to let you know who they are. This will be in Sasurai's semi-POV, FYI. On to the fic!

Why Her?

She was dead. The kindest, most loving person Sasurai had ever known, his own mother, was dead. And she had died saving him from the attacking Sound Village ninja. Now he, his sister, Sasuki, and his father were all kneeling around Ashita's broken and bloody form. Sasuki was sobbing her eyes out, while Sasurai and Sasuke were just staring blankly at Ashita's body. Sasurai fought back his tears, though he wanted to cry with all his heart. The unspoken "rules" of being an Uchiha wouldn't permit it. He looked at his sister. Sasuki was one of the strongest people he knew, yet she was bawling like a baby.

Sasurai glanced over at his father, who also seemed to be fighting back tears. "Fuck it." Sasurai muttered. "Dad, I don't care what the rules say. When someone like Mom dies, there is no excuse to not cry." With that, he squeezed his eyes shut and let his tears fall.

He cried for his sister. She had always shared and extremely close bond with their mother. He cried for his little brother, Tashino, who would grow up without knowing his mother. He cried for all his aunts and uncles who had yet to find out that they had lost one of their dearest friends. He cried for himself, because he knew that if he'd never been born, his mother would still be alive right now. But, mostly, he cried for his father. Sasuke had plunged himself into darkness and revenge when Itachi had killed the clan. Ashita had brought him back from all that, but now that she was dead, Sasurai feared that he would lose his father forever.

Why couldn't he have died instead? Why would fate chose to deal such a cruel blow to the Leaf Village? Why had death chosen Ashita over her son?

Funerals…Sasurai hated funerals. The whole village had turned out, all garbed in black, just like at the funeral of the Third. Sasurai's heart clenched when he spotted his uncle. Ashita and Naruto had been the best of friends since they were eight. And now their friendship was over because Ashita was dead. Everyone had something to say about her, but the speech that stuck in Sasurai's heart the most, was the one his father gave.

"No one loved Ashita more than I did." Sasuke began. His body was shaking, like he was trying hard not to cry. "She brought me back and taught me how to feel again. I didn't know what to do with myself after I'd killed Itachi. My life had no meaning anymore. But Ashita gave that meaning back to me." He glanced at Sasurai, then at Sasuki, who was holding Tashino. "And I will never forget her because of that." He finished. He turned and gazed mournfully at Ashita's gravestone, and Sasurai could tell by the look in his eyes that he was very far away.

Sasurai read the words on the gravestone for what must have been the tenth time that day. "Ashita Uchiha: Beloved mother, wife, and friend." Somehow, the words didn't seem to do her justice. Sasurai looked up at the sky as it began to rain. Even the heavens were weeping for Ashita's lost life. "Mom," Sasurai said quietly. "I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, then stay close to Dad. He needs you."

For a moment, he thought he heard his mother's voice singing him his favorite lullaby from when he was little. Then it was gone, lost in the sound of the pouring rain…


Well, I hope you liked this one. It's a favorite of mine. And I just wrote it today. I'm proud of myself for that. I hope to put another What If up soon. And another chapter of A Lost Love. I have to get working on that. I'm sorry for procrastinating! This has been Cami. See you soon!