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Fairly Odd-Gi-Oh! – A Fairly OddParents/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover fan fiction story

There's a new craze in the town of Dimmsdale, California… Duel Monsters… and like everyone else, Timmy wants to be the number one duelist in the world. Can he beat the competition? And what relationships will form along the way?

Chapter 1 – The Craze Hits Dimmsdale

September 4th, 2002

The year is 2002 and the Earth along with its 6 billion population has entered the 21st century and the new millennium. With summer vacation coming to an end, times were soon gonna change as life would revolve with schoolwork, jobs to go through and various other surprises that would soon take place. However in the small town of Dimmsdale, California the lifestyle there was much different considering that at some times it would be dull and monotonus. But on this day, everything would soon change as an unexpected new craze would hit the American shores for the first time.

It all began on the morning of September 4th where it was still summer vacation but not for much longer. The sun rose over the Turner household and it struck the eyes of a young 11-year old preteen. He woke up without hesitation and knew that he had slept quite well but not before he looked around his room to see and think what he had to do.

((Now… what was I supposed to do again? Oh yeah… today's the day Duel Monsters is coming to Dimmsdale. This is gonna be awesome!)) the bucktoothed boy thought as he got himself ready to head out.

It was then that two magical creatures appeared out of Timmy's fishbowl and took the form of beings called fairies. Those two beings were given a purpose as they were assigned to watch over this young fellow as fairy godparents. One of them was a young male with green apple hair, green apple eyes and wore a white buttoned shirt with a black tie along with a pair of black pants complete with black shoes. The other was a young woman that had pink bubblegum hair, pink bubblegum eyes, a lemon yellow shirt, black pants and black shoes. Both fairies were husband and wife for almost 10 millennia and now they spend their hours watching over this boy and following every wish that he would make. The bucktoothed fellow caught the two fairies' floating in his room and a conversation would soon ensue.

"Good morning Cosmo, good morning Wanda. What brings you up the top of the hour?" the boy said as he was getting dressed.

"Good morning Timmy. What are you doing up today? School doesn't start until a few days from now." Wanda replied as Timmy explained his reasons why he was up and on his feet.

"Well today is the big day where Duel Monsters, a CCG that is popular in Japan is finally hitting the US. Plus, Dimmsdale is gonna have several card shops open throughout the city. I've saved up two months worth of allowance to get my hands on some good cards." Timmy spoke as he was excited and took out something from his drawer; a wallet containing 50 dollars.

"Uh Timmy… what is CCG? It kinds of reminds me of taking CPR when I was on beach duty." Cosmo replied as he then turned into a lifeguard carrying a small board and tried to do CPR on Wanda but it didn't fare out so well.

"CCG stands for a collectible card-game and Duel Monsters is considered to be one of the most popular card games in Japan. It's so awesome that its coming to Dimmsdale and the United States." Timmy spoke still filled with excitement.

"Is anyone else heading to this grand spectacle?" Wanda replied in wonder which leaves Timmy with an unexplained look.

"Yeah. It seems like it I even hear that Trixie and the populars plan to get their hands on the rare and powerful cards." Timmy said and knowing that he didn't want to waste any time, he began to put his clothes on at a rapid rate.

When he finished, he took up the outfit that he normally has every day for practically a long time; silly pink hat, pink shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. His godparents were pleased at seeing him in his usual looks and decided to accompany him in the form of familiar objects such as a wristwatch and ring. Without wasting time, Timmy ran downstairs passing through the door but not before he heard the voice of something very unexpected; his parents.

"Hey sport, where are you going in such a rush? Don't tell me you are heading to Dimmsdale Mall like everyone else." Timmy's father said in his usual yet active fashion.

"How oblivious you are… I got to go to the mall to get my hands on some Duel Monsters cards. I don't want to be late because all my friends are gonna be there." Timmy replied who somehow had this annoying attitude.

"I know that but why don't you sit down and we can have our usual father/son chat." Timmy's dad replied in which his son didn't want to do.

"Thanks but no thanks. I'll be seeing you anyway and besides, it's better than being stuck here anyway." Timmy spoke as he then rushed out of the house and began jogging toward Dimmsdale Mall passing by some of the many houses that were home to some of his friends.

Knowing that his friends would be there, he didn't hesitate to take any chances and keep jogging in the hopes of reaching his destination. After approximately 15 minutes, Timmy had arrived at Dimmsdale Mall which turned out to be a four floor building. When he got inside, he found that several card stores have already opened. But he soon discover that some of the stores were covered by huge lines filled with kids that seemed to have the same goal that Timmy has.

((Aw man… looks like I'm not the only one who is after these cards. What's worse is that the lines are packed and they fill up every card store. Huh?)) Timmy thought as he then saw his friends at a store nearby.

A little reunion occurred between Timmy and his friends and especially with the newest member of the posse, Tootie. A lot has changed in simple a year and between these four friends and they all have gained some numerous changes. Chester still lives in a trailer but that doesn't stop his father from getting a job and trying to support the home they live in. AJ was still the smartest in the group and he hopes to head to Princeton University and take up all the fields of science and technology. Tootie was the one that underwent the most serious of changes; before she turned 11, she had her braces removed and in its place she wore retrainers that were invisible and it let her sparkly white teeth be seen. As for her diva-style glasses, they were replaced with a new pair in the hopes that she wouldn't be geeky. But there was one thing that stopped her from having a permanent change; her squeaky voice… something that the three boys dislike a bit.

"So Timmy, why aren't you on line getting your hands on some Duel Monsters cards? Everyone is after them." Chester said as he showed Timmy all the lines that were happening at every card store but Timmy had a reason why not to waste his time.

"Why bother… there are so many lines there at these stores it's pointless to even wait there. Besides, there's another reason why I don't take lines like these. Take a look." Timmy said as the four of them saw four people coming in to the mall wearing attire in purple signaling signs of popularity.

Four individuals appeared and wore all things that were the signs of being rich, snobby and popular. Three of them actually wear things that are popular while the fourth doesn't as she has an outfit that was similar to a cheerleader. Two of the four individuals were boys that were similar in outfits but different in looks; one has white skin, yellow cornflower hair and teal blue eyes while the other was brown-skinned, has black hair and has black eyes. The other two were feminine and one wore a pink sweater that was long and covered the private portion of her waist. As for Veronica, she wore a white cheerleader's outfit with a letter "D" on it. The four of them saw determination in their eyes as they were looking forward to attaining their hands on Duel Monsters cards.

"Looks like today's the day we get our hands on some Duel Monsters cards. What should we do Trixie?" one of the boys said as he saw the many lines that were covering some of the stores.

"I don't know. My guess Tad is that we cleaned out those stores of every card there is." Trixie replied as she had a smile on her face seeing that she wanted to get her hands on every card there was.

"Uh don't you think that's a bit harsh Trixie? I mean taking every card is like being such snobs… which we are." One of the girls spoke as the others knew this as a kind of doubt.

"Veronica, what is wrong with you? What's the big deal of us getting our hands on the best cards around. Stop making things bad for yourself and join the fun." Trixie replied and knew that she only wanted nothing more than to have some enjoyment in becoming all-powerful.

"I think Veronica is starting to have the loss of popularity coming to her. What do you think Chad?" Tad spoke as the four of them were walking to a card shop that didn't have a line.

"I wouldn't worry… besides we are here for a reason and that's to get our hands on some Duel Monsters cards." Chad replied as the four of them went to a store passing through a line that was covering it in the process.

When they went inside, they check to see that there were Duel Monsters cards in the store. Seeing the opportunity, they went to find the owner of the store and did whatever they could to clean the store dry of its cards. Timmy and his friends went to check it out and discover that the populars have cleaned the store dry of its Duel Monsters cards.

"My god… those dang populars! It's always with their money that they get what they want." Chester spoke as the populars came out of the stores with four briefcases filled with Duel Monsters cards.

"It's just no surprise that they've gotten all the good cards… leaving us with nothing." Tootie replied in a soft tone seeing the populars head out of the mall with their goods.

"I wonder if there is a store that sells cards… my guess that since they showed up, the lines have dissipated." AJ spoke as the four of them checked the mall out looking for a store that hasn't been filled with any lines

Going through all four floors, Timmy along with his friends searched high and low to find a card shop but it seemed that they would be out of luck. When Timmy checked the first floor at the comic book store, he then saw a sign saying that Duel Monsters cards were there. He checked to see if the cards were there and fortunately, his intuition was right.

"Uh excuse me, do you have Duel Monsters cards? I heard that today would be the day that they would come to the United States." Timmy said as the owner had a stren look knowing that he has a disliking for certain people.

"Are any people that wear a light violet color with you? Kids that are like 'popular' or somewhat?" the owner replied and Timmy understood what he meant.

"Uh no. There aren't any popular kids with me. Besides, I ain't rich and neither are my friends. The only thing I want is to get my hands on some Duel Monsters cards so I can construct a powerful deck." Timmy spoke in which the owner knew he told the truth.

"Before anythng else, do you have a fascination with heroes?" The owner replied after seeing that Timmy has a fascination for the heroes that were in comic books and cartoons.

"Yes, I do. How do you know this by the way? I thought only my friends know that I love heroes like the Crimson Chin." Timmy spoke after confused and dumbfounded wondering that someone else knew his interests.

"Let's just say that you are a customer that I clearly recognize. When I found that Duel Mosnters was coming to the US, it would be a rush but it seemed that other stores have caught into it." The owner said afterwards as Timmy saw kids coming out of the other stores with Duel Monsters cards.

"Well, since you have Duel Monsters cards… what do you have?" Timmy replied as he looked around to wonder.

"Well, I don't have much since the other stores have all the good cards but I have something that would be nice for you." The owner said as he went to the back to see if he has it.

Timmy then decided to wait but not before one of Timmy's friends spot him in the comic book store and decided to check it out. It was then the others came by and knew that Timmy was going to get what he needed but from a very unexplained source.

"Chester, AJ, Tootie… what are you guys doing here?" Timmy said as his friends went inside the comic book store.

"We thought that you weren't gonna get your cards today. Why are you in the comic book store anyway?" Chester replied with a confused look.

"Let's just say that I just found the right place to get my Duel Monsters cards today." Timmy spoke as the owner of the comic book store returned with a small box on his hand.

"Ah, you have been patient. I see your friends have arrived to witness this moment." The owner said afterwards putting everyone in a state of confusion.

"What do you mean by 'witness this moment'? And what's in that box?" Timmy replied afterwards as the owner showed him the box.

"I never show this to anyone because there are those that have a disliking for these cards. Would you like to see what are inside?" the owner said as Timmy nodded in approval.

The box was opened and out came a deck of cards making Timmy wonder in confusion. But when Timmy tried to touch it, something unbelievable happened as the deck began to glow. It began to glow again as Timmy tried to touch it. Gathering up the courage, he touched it and the deck began to emanate a white light. The light blinded everyone as Timmy's friends discover that an owner to this mysterious deck was found. With the light continuing to brighten, Timmy then opened his eyes and looked around wondering what was happening. His godparents began to take form sensing the matter at hand.

"Cosmo, Wanda… what is going on? Where are we?" Timmy said as his godparents didn't have any idea.

"He who touched the deck of heroes… speak us of your name." a mysterious voice spoke out of the blue which caused Timmy to respond with rapid succession.

"My… my name is Timmy Turner. Who are you and where are you?" Timmy replied afterwards as he looked around trying to find out what was going on.

It was then a spirit appeared and took the form of what is called an Elemental Hero. The hero was green and packed a talon's claw on one of his arms. He looked human but had characteristics similar to comic book character Hawkman. Timmy looked and saw it took form but he had questions that clog his mind but he kept calm seeing that he was seeing something out of the ordinary.

"I am one of the many Elemental Heroes that reside in the realm of Hero World. They call me Avian… I hear that you have a strong belief in heroes." Hero Avian said as Timmy nodded in approval after what he said.

"Uh, what is going on here? Are you a fairy like me? I'm Cosmo, who are you?" Cosmo spoke in which he wondered what Avian was.

"For your information, my name is Elemental Hero Avian and no I am not a fairy. You may think I am a fairy but I'm not, I am from the realm of heroes called Hero World and I hear that a human has attained some of our power. I know that this being is you but the question is… do you have what it takes to wield that power?" Hero Avian replied as Timmy held a confident look in his eyes knowing that he had the potential.

"I have what it takes to wield your power. I have had a huge faith in heroes since the times I read comic books when I was a kid. I ask you… will you let me use the strength of heroes that reside in this card deck?" Timmy spoke in which he looked at Hero Avian with heart and soul.

"I have no problem with that but you are different from other people especially with mystical fairies. I see that we feel that your soul is pure-hearted but it seems that you must answer to all the others first." Hero Avian replied in which the other Elemental Heroes appeared and they all possessed different unique abilities.

"No way… are there more of you heroes? This is way too good to be true." Timmy spoke as more Elemental Heroes appeared.

Knowing what the tough decisions that would occur, all Timmy could do was wait as a final decision would soon be made about Timmy and his unique power of attaining the strength of the Elemental Heroes.

((I don't know what could happen but the only thing I could say is that this is getting real good.)) Timmy thought as the intensity made him real nervous much less reaching to a point that he couldn't take it.

Cosmo and Wanda had to watch as well as the Elemental Heroes have made their decision and it would eventually determine if Timmy would wield the power of the Elemental Heroes. Both sides looked stern but knowing for sure what will happen, anything would occur.

"Timmy Turner, we have come to a decision. Seeing for sure that you will use our power to help others… we feel that it is necessary to let you know… that our power… is your power." Hero Avian said as he smiled seeing that the decision was a positive one.

"I know for sure that my power will be used to help others and achieve victory against those that wish to hurt others. You can count on me Avian." Timmy replied as they both shook hands in gratitude.

As a result, the blinding light emerged and immediately out of nowhere… Timmy returned back to reality holding the box that the comic book owner had given him in his hand. All his friends look around wondering what was going on but he would soon provide all the answers.

"I see that the spirits of those in that deck spoke to you isn't it… it seems that they deem you worthy of their power. How impressive… I find that you've gotten what you need isn't it?" the store owner said with a smile on his face seeing that his job was done.

"Yes, thank you sir. I feel really honored to have this deck in my possession. I know for sure that with this deck, I will make it to the top." Timmy replied but not before something unexpected occurs and it had to do with the fact that they are in a store.

"Oh… one more thing. You may have my deck but I am not giving it to you for free. Did you realize that you are still in my store?" the store owner spoke in which Timmy knew that not everything is for free.

Timmy was able to take care of everything and soon enough, he got his hands on a mysterious yet strong deck. As they all went outside, they wondered what to do next considering with the fact that the day was from over.

"Hey guys, what do you want to do now? Want to head to the park?" Timmy spoke as he had a suggestion of what to do for the remainder of the day but his friends had other ideas.

"Sorry Timmy, I have to go home. My dad is gonna be heading home from work and besides, I have to finish up with the first issue of the new newsletter for the new semester." Chester said as he went off home.

"I can't go to the park with you, Timmy. I have to prepare my school supplies for the new semester and help Chester with the newsletter." AJ replied as Timmy knew that both he and Chester were part of the newsletter group.

AJ went off with Chester leaving Timmy and Tootie all by themselves. Timmy still has his way of thinking Tootie as a creppy girl but since her makeover, it was a different story.

"So, what do you want to do Tootie? Are you gonna be heading home too?" Timmy spoke but Tootie nodded negatively knowing she doesn't want to leave.

"Uh uh. I ain't leaving anywhere… besides, Vicky isn't heading home for quite a while. Uh… is it okay if I can… hug you?" Tootie replied in which she was nervous knowing that she would end up getting a negative response from her friend.

"Alright fine… but you know that I don't like being hugged tight. I guess we can just get it over with." Timmy said in which he knew that he didn't want to do it but didn't have a choice.

Both Timmy and Tootie immediately shared a hug together and between the both of them, it was passionate. It lasted for about half-a-minute before they let go. Knowing for sure that it was between the two of them, they went to the park together for who knows what they would do. It was then that Tootie held Timmy's hand and that made him blush a bit. But the both of them let go as they continued walking with the sun high above.

((I can't believe it. I finally got my hands on some Duel Monsters cards… but something strange is about these cards as they are not like other cards. I feel as if… something is connected to these cards. I don't know what it is but soon enough I'll find out.)) Timmy thought as he ran ahead to the park with Tootie close behind.

With the craze finally hitting Dimmsdale and the United States, Duel Monsters has reached a new high in the terms of sales. Even though Tad, Chad, Trixie and Veronica had gotten their hands on every card they could find Timmy was a different case due to the fact that he possessed a deck containing the spirits of heroes. What will happen as the new school year looms near? Will Duel Monsters reach the point to where competition would ensue? Only time will tell…