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Chapter 16 – The Fire of Aries Part 2

On our last chapter, a whole lot of things have happened and things have taken a turn for the unexpected. It all occurred on New Year's Eve and on the outskirts of space, meteorites have crashed on the planet in various points around the world. To make things more freaky, Timmy has been challenged by a mysterious individual who goes by the name of Bernard. The duel had begun and both of them were evenly matched until he brought out a card that Timmy had never seen before. It was known as a mystical being whose powers were mysterious as well as powerful. It was known as Belias, the Gigas. Timmy succeeded in defeating it but it was only the beginning as he would soon experience its power again. Now, due to the effect of Cyber Jar both players brought out monsters to the field so the question is what will happen next? Will Bernard unleash the fury of the fiery esper? Will Timmy strike back with his arsenal of monsters? The duel continues…

Timmy's Standing in this Duel

Timmy's lifepoints: 1900, cards in his hand: 0, cards face-down: 1

Jack's Knight (ATK: 1900/DEF: 1000), Queen's Knight (ATK: 1500/DEF: 1600), King's Knight (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1400) and Dark Blade (ATK: 1800/DEF: 1500) are all in attack mode

Big Shield Guardna (ATK: 100/DEF: 2600) in defense mode

Bernard's Standing in this Duel

Bernard's lifepoints: 1800, cards in his hand: 2, cards face-down: 2

Solar Flare Dragon (ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000), Volcanic Slicer (ATK: 1800/DEF: 1200) and Darkfire Soldier #2 (ATK: 1750/DEF: 1100) are all in attack mode

"You thought that you would see the last of the Gigas Belias right? You are wrong for I reveal my first face-down card Jar of Greed (Trap Card). This trap card allows me to automatically draw one card from my deck and you already know what I put at the top of my deck… right?" Bernard said as he drew a card from his deck (Hand: 3) giving Timmy some very bad signs.

((Not good at all. He just really pulled off a good combo with that move. Using A Feather of the Phoenix to take Belias and add it to the top of his deck and then using Jar of Greed to draw it. Knowing the situation I'm in right now, I got a bad feeling about this.)) Timmy thought as Bernard continued with his turn.

"But I'm not finished for I reveal my second face-down and it's a continuous trap! I activate my Backfire (Trap Card) trap card! Whenever a FIRE-attribute monster is sent to the graveyard, you take 500 points of damage. With only 1900 lifepoints, I'd say that you will not last long. Now I sacrifice my Solar Flare Dragon in order to bring back… Belias the Gigas (ATK: 2200/DEF: 1600)." Bernard spoke (Hand: 2) as Solar Flare Dragon was offered to summon a monster that his opponent had already defeated.

Carrying a large staff, the monster let out a roar that unleashed powerful flames created from the ground. Timmy could only look as he was about to witness the power of this Esper up close and personal… for the second time. If that wasn't enough, Backfire activated causing Timmy to suffer a lifepoint decrease; approximately 500 points to be exact. (Timmy's lifepoints: 1400)

"Remember my monster's effect for that it gets stronger for every FIRE monster on the field. Since I have three, it gains an additional 600 attack points plus a 500 point boost thanks to my field spell. Now my Belias (ATK: 3300) attack his Queen's Knight now! Firaja Hellfire!" Bernard shouted as Belias jumped into the air and was ready to hit the ground but Timmy was prepared for what was in store and so he activated a little trap.

"I'm not giving up that easily because I activate my Draining Shield (Trap Card) trap card. This absorbs your attack and then my lifepoints increase to your monster's attack points. In other words, I get approximately 3300 lifepoints!" Timmy shouted back as his trap absorbed Belias' attack giving him a huge lead but knowing him, the lead wasn't going to last that long. (Timmy's lifepoints: 4700)

"You got lucky ya know that but that luck will not run out. Volcanic Slicer (ATK: 2300) attack his Queen's Knight. Volcanic Shot!" Bernard spoke as Volcanic Slicer fired a fireball from its mouth taking out Queen's Knight as well as a small chunk of Timmy's lifepoints but it wasn't over yet. (Timmy's lifepoints: 3900)

"I'm not finished because my Darkfire Soldier (ATK: 2250) attacks your King's Knight. Inferno Blade!" Bernard shouted again as his other monster took out King's Knight as well as another chunk of his lifepoints. (Timmy's lifepoints: 3250)

"Is that all? Because you just wasted time taking out two of my monsters. It won't do you much good since I now have the advantage." Timmy replied but Bernard began to chuckle knowing that it would soon change.

"That can be true but it will not last for long. I will now end my turn and knowing that I have my all-powerful Belias on the field, I can never lose. Now go! Go and entertain me with your next move. I wonder if you have what it takes… to satisfy me." Bernard said as he chuckled some more with an evil look that had an expression similar to Kefka.

"So you want me at my best? Fine! I play my Card of Demise (Spell Card) in which I get to draw five cards from my deck but if I have any cards remaining after my 5th Standby Phase, I must send any and all cards to the graveyard." Timmy replied as he drew his five cards (Hand: 5) but the clock was ticking and there was only an hour and a half till midnight… time wasn't on his side.

"You think that drawing cards can prolong the offering that my master requests? You are such a sap. I might as well enjoy this because it is all the more enjoyable… when I defeat you and take your precious soul." Bernard replied as Timmy kept a stern and serious look in his eyes. If that remark won't put Timmy down, nothing will.

"Why don't we find out? I activate my Bond of Fruition (Spell Card) and here's how it works. If I have a monster I have on the field, I can sacrifice it to draw one card from my deck. If the card I draw happens to be a monster, I can summon it… as long as it has an attack power that is equal or less than the monster I offer. So I sacrifice my Jack's Knight to draw 1 card... here goes!" Timmy shouted as he drew one card from his deck and putting all his heart and soul into what he just played, he had to make it count.

((Interesting… he tries to prolong the inevitable by trying to summon a monster. How surprising for it will not matter to me one bit! No matter what he draws, my Belias will send it to the pits of the underworld. So go ahead… show me your full potential.)) Bernard thought as Timmy took a look at the card he just drew seeing that it would turn the tide of the battle.

"Well now… looks like I have what I need so I bring out my Elemental Hero Wildheart (ATK: 1500/DEF: 1600) but first things first. I activate my Retrieve to Receive (Spell Card) so once I discard a card from my hand; I can take a card from my graveyard and add it to my hand. So I discard my Elemental Hero Necroshade (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1800) to bring back this… Polymerization (Spell Card)! Now I use Polymerization to fuse Wildheart that is on the field with my Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (ATK: 1200/DEF: 800) that's in my hand." Timmy (Hand: 1) spoke as he activated the spell card merging both creatures together.

What came out was something no one would expect; a creature that had a human muscular physique appeared but it was female like an Amazon. It had red marks all over its body and its looks were a combination of Burstinatrix's eyes and Wildheart's hair but the hair was longer and had red streaks. It was as if Timmy had created a monster no one had ever seen before but it was fortunate that the time to take that risk was now.

"I've combined the flames of Burstinatrix with the wild fury of Wildheart to create… the Elemental Hero Wildfire (ATK: 2400/DEF: 1600)!" Timmy shouted as the monster roared loudly making its grand appearance and even all the guests that were watching this were surprised in seeing something like this occur.

"Elemental Hero Wildfire!? This is absurd… there's no such card fool. You made that up just so you can gain the upper hand against me. I will not accept it ONE BIT!" Bernard shouted as he was angry that Timmy created a move like this.

"True but this card… IS real! You may wonder what I'm going to do with it but not to worry because all will be revealed in time. I activate my Fifth Hope (Spell Card) in which Lady Luck is going strong. First I take five Elemental Heroes from my graveyard and add them to my deck so I take my Elemental Heroes Sparkman, Clayman, Mudballman, Wildheart and Bladedge." Timmy replied as he took those five cards and added them to his deck.

((He just did that fusion just to add more Hero cards to his graveyard. Even though he may have brought forth a Fusion monster but it's a FIRE-attribute and it makes my Belias stronger (ATK: 3500) not to mention that my field spell gives his monster a boost as well." Bernard spoke as Wildfire (ATK: 2900) gained a boost due to the field spell taking effect.

"If you think that I'm going to take advantage of that field spell you still have on the field, you are wrong. The next effect of my Fifth Hope is that after the five Heroes are in my deck, the deck is then shuffled. After shuffling, I then draw two cards from my deck. If I had nothing on the field nor in my hand, I can draw three but oh well…" Timmy said as he drew 2 cards from his deck and seeing what he had gotten, luck was certainly on his side.

"What do you mean by that? You know that my Belias now has 3500 attack points and your Wildfire is 600 attack points short. Don't tell me that Luck gave you another trick to use against me because it will not work. Remember, whenever a FIRE-attribute monster goes to the graveyard my Backfire trap will take 500 lifepoints from you so you better watch out." Bernard replied as Timmy kept his composure knowing what the risks are but basically… he wouldn't care.

"I wouldn't care because I'm gonna ditch this field for something a little more… busy. I activate the field spell card Skyscraper (Spell Card) and since a new Field Spell is taking effect that means your Zodiac Seal – Aries (Spell Card) is sent to the graveyard." Timmy (Hand: 1) shouted as the seal of Aries began to crack and then it shattered.

In its place brought forth buildings of a grand scale and the environment changed into a busy city where the heroes take their stand and defeat evil. As a result of a new field spell taking effect, power decreases began to occur throughout the whole field (Belias' ATK: 3000, Volcanic Slicer's ATK: 1800, Darkfire Soldier's ATK: 1750, Hero Wildfire's ATK: 2400). Bernard was completely surprised to see that the entire duel takes a turn for the unexpected but with Timmy gaining the upper hand; it was only a matter of time before victory would be given upon.

"Now then, I have the honor to say that this duel is sadly going to end. My Skyscraper has a unique effect and it goes like this; whenever an Elemental Hero monster battles an opponent that has a higher ATK strength, they gain a 1000 point power boost. You may have your all-powerful Belias the Gigas on the field but that's not the target I'm after because when you activated Cyber Jar, that was the mistake. Now I'm here to rectify it and put you in your place… final attack! Elemental Hero Wildfire (ATK: 3400) attack his Darkfire Soldier now and end this duel!" Timmy shouted as his monster clenched its fists and jumped high into the air.

"You can't. Your monster doesn't even have enough attack points to wipe me out! Is this some kind of a joke?" Bernard shouted as he looked on in worry but that wouldn't matter as Timmy had one last surprise up his sleeves.

"If you think that's a joke, maybe this is why I played one final card. I activate my Final Offense (Spell Card) quick-play spell. With this card, my monster gains 100 attack points for the number of stars that my card has and since my Wildfire is a 6-star monster, it gains 600 attack points. Now… what were you saying?" Timmy said (Hand: 0) as Wildfire's strength increased further (ATK: 4000) and then taking out Bernard's Darkfire Soldier which caused his lifepoints to hit all the way down to 0. (Bernard's lifepoints: 0)

Bernard began to feel utter humiliation for the defeat but that wasn't gonna last long as he look dazed as if something was happening. If that wasn't enough he then began to feel possessed as if he was under someone's control. Trying to contain it, he shouted and that made Timmy wonder what was going on. By then it stopped and then he looked at Timmy with a solemn and soulless look and that made the situation even freaky. It didn't matter because he wanted answers and he was going to get them not to mention acquire Bernard's end of the bargain.

"So… Bernard has failed us eh? Figured as much since he was the weakest out of all of us… so you must be the one who defeated him… Timmy Turner, I presume." A strange voice spoke as it was controlling Bernard's lifeless body.

"That's me alright. Is there a reason why you have this interest in me? Your friend says that you do." Timmy replied as the voice chuckled seeing that it had.

"Well, I see that you have a reason to know so why not… what you see here is the alias of this fellow. He is in fact, a mystical Esper from the mysterious realms of Ivalice. Did you notice that he played a card that resembles a sign of the Zodiac?" the voice spoke in which that sparked something in Timmy's mind.

((Why is that so obvious? He brought forth that monster and it had a similarity to the sign "Aries"… Belias the Gigas!)) Timmy thought as he knew exactly what he was up against… but still, he had many more questions that needed answers.

"I can tell from your thinking that you know but that won't matter. You see, I am after something of great importance and it has to relate to a prophecy." The voice said in which what he said caught Timmy's and everyone's attention.

"What do you mean by 'prophecy'? I want an explanation and I demand that you tell me right now." Timmy replied in which everyone listened in and knowing what the risks are… he didn't have much of a choice.

"You do not need to be hasty for all will be revealed in time… but you should know that you have to deal with several others including myself. Remember, we will be watching you so… don't disappoint us. We shall meet again… human." The voice spoke in which Bernard vanished leaving behind a stone and his rare card.

Timmy picked them up and knew that they would hold some meaning but since he didn't have much knowledge of it decided to keep it. After all the excitement that took place, only one thing was left and that was to ring in the New Year… and they did it with style. Although 2003 had already begun, it began with a bang. Timmy has now gotten himself involved with yet another situation and he knew that soon enough, he would have to do something. The Year of the Zodiac has begun and the battles are going to get crazy. Time to get this game going on!

Next Time: Winter has hit Dimmsdale hard and it's no flurry matter. Sure with no school and everything, Timmy would have fun right? Wrong! He has to deal with the next member of the mysterious Zodiacs... Marcus or should I say Mateus, the Corrupt! But wait, Timmy's not alone for his rival has joined the battle and now it has become a 2-on-1 duel. Will Timmy along with his rival be able to send Marcus to the cooler or will his fury put the world in a silent white demise. Find out in the next exciting chapter, Pisces Flurry. Be wary... for things are about to take a serious chill.