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Chapter One - Book Abuse

Godric's Hollow was once a small community of wizards and witches who had kept to themselves over the years. However, as time had passed, a steady stream of Muggles had begun to take up residence within the tiny village, and soon the small community that was once 'Godric's Hollow' had become a very large and bustling town. It wasn't hard for the wizards and witches of the old community to adapt to their new identity, and in fact they found that blending in with the everyday Muggles wasn't that hard.

The Potters, one of the older and more prestigious families in Godric's Hollow, had become the leaders and protectors of the wizarding community within Godric's Hollow. Known by everyone as a family of 'good people with good intentions' the Potters were somewhat of an institution in Godric's Hollow. However, this ideal of the Potters came to an abrupt end when a certain young Potter was born...

"James Michael Potter! Front and center, NOW!" yelled a middle-aged woman who's raven black hair had a few streamers of silver that got caught in the wind as she came outside. She was brandishing a soup spoon like it was a cudgel, while her eyes expressed both anger and exhaustion, as she looked around the front yard.

"Don't make me call your name again!" the woman roared as she sunk her hand into a pocket of her flowery apron and pulled out a light-colored piece of wood. The woman waited for ten seconds and sighed audibly when nothing happened. Whipping the piece of wood about in her hand about she yelled, "ACCIO MARAUDERS!"

Suddenly, four yells of surprise echoed in unison. A small, pudgy boy with dirty blonde hair came rolling out of an empty barrel as an invisible force pulled him to the clearly upset woman.

Just then a crack sounded , followed by a curse, as a light brown haired teen sailed from the tree in the front yard to the woman. He stared angrily at the broken branch in his hands as if it had betrayed him.

"Argh, she's got me!" yelled a ruggedly attractive young man with black long hair as he held fast to old well pipes. His body was parallel to the ground as the force steadily increased. "Capn' I dina' think I can hold on much longer!" yelled the teen in a thick, and very bad Scottish accent, while his hands began to slip.

The other two were yelling encouragement as another young man with messy black hair appeared in the air above the house riding what seemed to look like a broomstick. Speaking by emphasizing every break, he was slowly being drawn in, "Scotty... the tractor beam... too strong...and my ship is a piece of..."

Before he could even finish his sentence the other teen had let go and shot towards the others with a, "Yahoo!".

The messy haired teen seeing this screamed, "Traitor! Now she gonna..." he was cut off again as the woman now focused all her attention on him and his broom started to float down to the ground faster than before.

Defeated he sagged on his broom drifting towards what he felt was his doom, and sure enough as soon as he got within arms reach she grabbed him by the collar and said "You!" then changing her mind "All of you! Come with me!" A chorus of groans met her as they all went inside.

"Homework now!" said the woman with an air of finality, as she lead them into a very large study. "And no more pranking old Mrs. Thornsdale. She almost had a heart attack when you charmed her rose garden to sing 'tip-toe through the tulips'."

"Aww, but mum that was some pretty basic charms that we learned in fourth year. That was nothing too serious, right Sirius?" said the messy haired teen.

"James, I'll have no backtalk from you today! Seeing that you will be grounded for a week for that little stunt you pulled on my cooking!"

"A week! Blimey mum but we only have two week's left of summer."

"A week, of no outside activities. And no backtalk unless you want it to be more than that!" James' mouth shut quickly as he knew that his mother never lied or went back on her promises.

James' mum closed the study doors saying, "Homework. Now!"

When the doors closed the boy named Sirius came over to James and said, "Well Prongs old chap, we now know not to cross you mother."

"Stuff it Padfoot! A week, what am I going to do for a week?"

The slight teen who had taken a seat and started to read looked up and asked "Prongs? What did you do to make your mother so mad?"

Ginning evilly, as if he enjoyed retelling his mischief, James hopped over to the slight teen and gracefully pulled out a chair. Sitting down in it, he said,"Well, you see Moony, me and Padfoot found some un-distilled Fairy Dust in one of his families many 'well hidden' caches. So I decide to liven up mum's stew with a pinch of it."

Moony's eyes went wide and his mouth might have as well went through the floor, "Tell me you didn't?!"

But James and Sirius were already smiling identical grins at the memory. "We did" they both said with the same tones of happiness etched into their voices.

"Moony? What's wrong with un-distilled Fairy Dust? I mean, I thought all it did was make things levitate." said the pudgy boy to Moony's right.

Recovering from his shock he turned to the other boy and said, "No Wormtail, that's distilled and purified Fairy Dust, but natural Fairy Dust that has been un-distilled can have several effects; like causing actual flight, shrinking of the user, or even the reverting of a persons mind to a childhood-like state."

"Darn!" James pouted, "Unfortunately all that happened was that mum started to fly about the kitchen for a couple of minutes screaming my name, which was very entertaining to see!" he remembered, his eyes closed, a smile on his face as he was relived the scene.

"Well, I guess we should do our homework." said Wormtail as he pulled out his books and laid them on the table.

Sirius' nose wrinkled as he looked at the books, "Peter, you would want to do homework!"

Peter looked up at Sirius as if he was missing something, "What do you mean? Remus..I mean Moony is doing his homework."

"That's because when he grows up, the man is going to marry a bloody library and live happily ever after!" at that moment a book came soaring through the air and made contact with Sirius face.

Quick as a cat Sirius looked at Remus who was engrossed with his studies, "Okay, who threw the book?" asked Sirius as he pulled back his hair in a ponytail. Out of the corner of his eye he saw James trying to keep a snicker in.

"Right, if no one wants to fess up then..." Sirius took two steps back and brandished his wand and smiling while saying, "Librarius Adsulto!"

Instantly several books from different shelves of the study started to pelt the four boys. Sirius stood above them grinning from ear to ear until several book managed to smack his head. Remus ran under the table that Sirius was hiding under after taking several body shots from some heavy encyclopedias, "Padfoot, I hope you know how to stop this?!"

Sirius put his hand in the air and said, "Well actually...I learned the spell, but I just never got around to learning the counter spell."

Remus rolled both his body and his eyes as a very large dictionary flew under the table nearly scalping them both, "Argh! Who needs twelve copies of a dictionary that big!"

Then as suddenly as it started the books stopped moving. Reluctantly, Remus and Sirius looked above the table and saw James wand and arm sticking out from a man sized pile off books.

Peter was trying to help James out as the two came over and lent a hand. When they freed their friend he went over to the door casting a Sealing Charm. "We have to put back all these books or I will not live to see another day!" James uttered in a tone that meant that he was dead serious.

Taking the better part of two hours the boys finally managed to place all but two books back into their respectable place. When Peter squeaked, "Hey what about those?" the Marauders turned to see the two books lying by a opened floor board.

James went over and inspected the board where the two brown paper bound books laid. He pulled up the board and sunk his hand into the crevice only to find five more books hidden deep within. Pulling out all the books he brought them to the table as Remus asked, "Are these your Dad's?"

"No." answered James, "Dad would have placed the books on the shelves, and if they were dangerous he would have put them in the 'restricted case'." James answered Remus second unspoken question when they locked eyes.

"So?" Asked Sirius, "What are you waiting for? An invitation? Tear of that brown cover off and let's see what kind of book it is!"

James picked up the largest of the books and tried to tear the cover off but he found that it would come off no matter how had he tried. "Stand back!" he warned as he said "FiniteIncantatum!" However, nothing happened as the other young men tried their hands at taking the covers off.

Peter tried to rip open one of the other large books, and a look of disappointment fell across his face as he found that the cover would rip.

"What?" both James and Sirius barked out as they opened the other books that they had in their hand. Sure enough the book's pages were blank and something seemed very out of place.

Remus grabbed the smallest book and looked it over before he tried to rip the cover off. When the cover gave and began ripping the other Marauders came to stand next to him, each vying for a look at the book. Finally, Remus tore the cover off and threw it to the ground as he stared at the book's title his mouth dropped.

"WHAT?" all three chorused as they waited for Remus to regain composure.

"Here, see for yourself!" his voice trembled as the book exchanged hands.

Sirius let out a low whistled, "Man! And I though that I was egotistical. James here has a whole book about him!"

"I am not egotistical, I do not have a book about me because I didn't even know that they were here!" James shouted at the top of his lungs.

"The person on the front of the cover does kinda resemble you." Peter added, receiving a glare from James that could have frozen lava. Stuttering at James' glare Peter suggested, "Maybe we should see if there's writing in the book"

Checking the inside sure enough the book was filled with writing.

"I say we should read it, and find out what it's about." said Sirius as Remus nodded his head in agreement. Peter started to hop around like a little kid about to be read a bedtime story.

Going to the table Remus was handed the book by James, "I say we let Remus read since he has a better chance of reading anything the right way."

Remus opened the cover and flipped through a few pages, but before he could even read the first sentence the study door blew open as Mrs. Potter came in looking around as if something was about to happen, "What has been going on in here?" she asked as her eyes settled on each of the young men.

"Nothing much Mrs. P." Sirius said as he casually lounged in his chair. "Just some book abuse." he pointed to the brown paper cover that littered the floor.