HI! OK here's my new story for Fruits Basket, I got this idea when I was reading the 17th book, so this takes place AFTER the 17th book. (duh) This is purely speculation, I know for a fact this does not happen because I know how the manga is going to end and this story is just like a what if. Another thing I would like to put out I am sorry if I don't refer to Akito as a she, if you like it that way just pretend he is written as she. Also the whole Kyou/Kyo thing came up in a few of my reviews for my last story, I read that it is originally written Kyou, but the source might not have been the best so it will be Kyo so I'm sorry if it really is Kyou.

Summary: Shigure decides to 'help' Kyo figure out a way to defeat Yuki, becuase he thinks it will break the curse if Kyo beats Yuki once and for all.

Disclaimer:I do not in any form or way own Fruits Basket, I'm too poor to buy it...

So here you go my latest Fruits Basket creation, and sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors. ENJOY


"I have been thinking," a man told his friend, "I think I found a new way to be free." "We can never be free," the man replied nonchalantly. "Honestly Hatori," the idealist laughed, "There are plenty of ways. Kureno is free and that was a mistake from what I've heard."

"He was special," Hatori reasoned, "besides not everyone of us is the same." "While that is true," the man started as he brought out his fan with the symbol 'dog', "I recall Akito went through a little bit of drama when he lost the bond with Kureno."

"Kyo was born," Hatori spoke silently more to himself than to the other. "Exactly," he replied chuckling, "the stress of the cat being born could have weakened the bond Akito had with us, and it just so happened that Kureno's was the one to break."

"What are you going to do this time?" Hatori questioned putting out his cigarette. "Just start a little fire," he replied pleased with himself. "Does Tohru have anything to do with this?" Hatori asked, reminiscing all the plans the other had made for her. "Surprisingly," the man started, than smiled to himself, "no."

"Good morning Kyo-kun!" a cheerful Tohru greeted the orange-haired boy as he returned from his morning jog. "Hey," he replied as he headed towards the bathroom, only to bump into a sleepwalking Yuki. "Damn rat!"

"Good Morning Sohma-kun" (can't remember if she calls Yuki by his name or not so sry), Tohru said happily as Yuki tiredly sat down to eat breakfast.

"Morning," he replied quietly in between bites, as Shigure finally made his presence known. "Hello everyone! What a nice beautiful day!" "I know, I will be able to do a lot of laundry today after school!" Tohru said just as cheerfully.

"Why is everyone so happy?" Kyo asked coming out of the bathroom, with his hair-dripping wet. "You know Kyo if you and Yuki made a competition about who could be the least cheerful I'm sure you would win," Shigure said slyly as he took a sip of his coffee.

This caused everyone in the room to stop and look at the author in confusion. Shigure casually glanced up, and upon seeing the reaction laughed, "What I should be able to cheer for both of my cousins, should I not?" "What are you up to?" Kyo asked confused by Shigure's change of heart.

"Nothing, I have just decided that since you are too stupid to play to your strengths that I should help you," Shigure replied innocently. "That is very nice of you Shigure-san," Tohru said finally breaking free of shock, "but wouldn't you be in trouble with Akito-san."

"Don't worry about that," Shigure replied to the confused girl, "besides he was the one to allow the bet to take place." "OK," Kyo started skeptically, "what do you think I should do?" "I think you should see who could make the most damage in school," Shigure replied off the top of his head, then praised himself as the events were falling into place.

"I am school president!" Yuki exclaimed (OK a little OC sry it'll work out though) out of character, "I am not supposed to get in trouble." "You're just scared that I might be able to replace you," Kyo taunted, "I bet you're afraid of seeing Akito when you lose."

"You are not going to win," Yuki told the cat confidently, "I will not let you join the zodiac, because you do not belong." "Oh so now you're confident," Kyo scoffed, "we begin at the start of school to the last bell." "Deal," Yuki replied and then gave a smiling Shigure a glare before he headed back to his room.

'OK all I have to do is do something that will get me into trouble.' Kyo thought as the three headed to school, 'That damned rat probably won't be stupid enough to cause any damage so I have the advantage. Shigure was right I do need to play to my strengths.'

'What was Shigure thinking?' Yuki asked himself, 'Akito will be very mad if he knew that Shigure was trying to help Kyo. This is weird though; none of this has anything to do with Tohru, so perhaps he has decided a new way to help the curse break. Then again how would Kyo getting in the zodiac be a good thing?'

'I wonder why Shigure-san is trying to help Kyo-kun,' Tohru thought worriedly. 'I hope both of them stay safe and don't get into too much trouble. Mom always said to not do anything bad in school otherwise you could get kicked out.'

"GOD THIS IS FRUSTRATING!" Kyo exclaimed as they were walking. "Shut-up," Yuki replied, "you still have as much chance at losing as you did every other challenge." "I don't care about that!" Kyo shot back. "I'm frustrated, because I have no idea what the hell he's thinking."

"He is trying to help himself, obviously," Yuki replied not caring. "Besides I think I will finally be pleased with beating you in this challenge. I mean getting in trouble more than you, that would be quite priceless." "Yeah, I'm sure Akito would love to hear how his favorite got expelled just to beat the cat," Kyo replied sarcastically.

"Actually," Yuki started, "I would probably be more favored if he heard the extent I went to make sure that you would not win." "May we please speak of something else?" Tohru asked not liking where the conversation was leading. "There's no need," Kyo told her, "we're here."

Kyo sat in class thinking to himself possible ways to cause trouble. 'Well Shigure didn't necessarily say I personally had to cause the damage, so maybe I could just make Haru turn 'black'. He could cause a lot of damage by himself, and maybe he and I could end up fighting. That way Haru, himself could destroy part of the school, and then we end it with a big fight. That rat won't know what hit him.'

Yuki was also thinking of ways to get himself in trouble, but was very unsuccessful. "Ryo could you please move," Yuki whispered. "Why can you not see oh wise Prince?" Ryo asked in a confused tone. "No I just need the teacher to see my phone out," Yuki replied to him.

"But you could get into big trouble I will not let you!' Ryo declared putting his hand over his heart. "I swear I will let no one allow Prince Yuki to get in trouble." "I need to get in trouble," Yuki told the boy annoyed. "No!" Ryo declared. "You mustn't become one of the bad students, it would make the whole school look bad! One day you'll thank me!"

'This will be harder than I thought,' Yuki thought as his first attempt failed miserably. 'I'm going to need help, maybe if I tell Manabe to text me and my phone goes off I'll get into trouble.' Hey Manabe text me about something I'm bored… 'Hopefully this will work.'

After a few minutes, Yuki's phone went off and all of the students surrounding Yuki started to cough to muffle the sound. A few students even went to the trouble of pulling out their own cell phones and make them start to ring.

The teacher was so caught off guard by the sudden disruption; she didn't even realize that Yuki had started it. To his dismay, his phone had stopped ringing a few seconds after the coughing fiasco began and was ignored in the punishment. 'This is proving to be difficult,' Yuki thought as he put his head in his hands as a sign of defeat.

Kyo was on the other side of the room laughing to himself. 'So this is the best he can do? It doesn't even look like I have to try; I could break sensei's flowerpot and still get in more trouble than him. Still I think I will still carry out my plan, in case he gets away from his 'security', I will have to thank Shigure for this idea.'

OK...so did you like it or hate it? I will hopefully have the next chapter up soon, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday if I'm lucky. Main goal to finish the story as a whole by next Sunday.